The Benefits of Online Dating Sites


Some people still say things like ‘why do you need to use online dating when there are so many women all around you?’ The simple answer is because it is a far better use of your time.

The world has become so much more efficient over the past 100 years. Just imagine how hard it would have been to travel the 1800’s. Now you hop on a plane and you land in your destination soon.

Why do people use washing machines instead of hand washing their clothes? Or any other technology for that matter? To make things quicker, easier, and all around more efficient.

Meet So Many Girls In No Time At All

How often do you really have the chance to approach a woman in the real world? Even if you are an absolute approaching machine that doesn’t have any regard for anything else you are going to max out at 5-10 a day.

If you are trying that often then the majority of them will be completely forced in awkward spots that have little to no chance of success. To start up a conversation with a strange woman in the real world you need some legit reason why.

Well online dating gives you that reason. She has signed up to the site because she wants to meet men and that is all the reason you need to give it a shot. Every girl on there has shown some interest just by signing up.

Now all you have to do is go through page after page of available women and message the ones you like. You can send out 100 messages in an hour! Most guys won’t approach 100 women in the real world all year!


No Fear Of Rejection

Who cares if she doesn’t message you back cuz you never even knew her to begin with. Sure you would prefer if she did, but if she doesn’t all you lose out on was the 5 seconds it took to send her a message.

In the real world no matter how many times you have done it you still have to work up quite a bit of courage to approach a woman you don’t know. A face to face rejection is far more awkward and a much bigger let down then never having your online message replied to.

You probably will completely forget that you even messaged the girl unless she is a rare stand out. Many guys struggle with fear of rejection and it really holds them back. Without having to worry about it when dating online you can raise your chances of success dramatically.

Do It In Your Boxers


Once you take the 10 minutes it takes to set up your dating site profile you don’t need to worry about impressing them anymore. If you are going to go approach a girl in real life you need to be presentable, when behind a keyboard that doesn’t matter.

Do you really want to get dressed up and sit in bars all the time waiting for those rare opportunities? Or do you want to fire up your laptop for 5 minutes and send out more first messages then you ever would have tried in a full night at a bar?

Dating Is Always A Numbers Game


At the end of the day no matter how good looking you are or how great of game you have one simple fact remains. The more girls you try with the more you will succeed with.

Granted you will probably have a lower ‘batting average’ online because you never know how many are taking things seriously there. But that really doesn’t matter due to the sheer volume of messages you can send out.

Lets say you end up sleeping with 30% of the girls you approach in a bar or any real life setting. Now lets drop that number to 6% online. In one month you may approach 20 girls in real life and sleep with 6.

Clearly not many guys are actually pulling that off but lets slant all the odds in the real life situations favor. Now lets change it to one month of online attempts. You can easily message 300 girls in a month online, that is only 10 a day and won’t take much time at all.


If you close on 6% (or 1/5th as many as in a real life environment) you are still getting with 18 girls or 3x as many. Again this is with everything slanted towards the real life approaches and the numbers still crush for online.

Then add in that when doing it online you may even have a better chance because you know those girls are either single or at the least looking for guys. When you approach a girl ‘in the wild’ she may be happily married with two kids (and faithful hehe.)

Give online dating a shot and put in some good volume. Talk to as many girls as you can and work on your ‘skills.’ You will notice what is working and what isn’t and if something work sticks with it.

There are lots more free online dating tips around this site, as well as a comprehensive online dating eBook to take your game to that next level.  It is written specifically for Asian girls but will work for most women.  If you are in certain areas of the world you may need to do some more ‘manly’ messaging than it suggests, but outside of that it is spot on.


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