Best Travel Safety Products For Digital Nomads


If you are going to be doing a lot of traveling then you need to make sure that you are keeping a close eye on your valuables. There are many scammers and thieves hanging out in tourist areas and you are their prime target.

Even at somewhere like an airport there will be people trying to lift your wallet or something out of your bag. Bad guys know that tourists will have extra cash and electronics like nice phones and cameras on them.

They also know that you will be a bit out of your element and may be a bit more susceptible to not noticing something because you have so much on your plate.

For this reason you should consider buying some of these travel safety products that will make you be a much harder target, if not am impossible one.

Depending on what you are traveling with you may or may not think some of these are necessary. They are all the most highly rated products on and all the links take you directly to that site. is the worlds biggest online marketplace so you know you are safe when buying with them. And with so many people buying and rating these products you can assume they will be worth the money if they have a high rating.

Best Travel Locks


Locking up your bag is one of the easiest ways to make yourself less of a target. How is a potential thief going to get inside when everything is fully secure.

Here is a wide range of different types of locks ranging from a small master locks all the way up to heavy duty bags and elaborate wraps to keep everything safe. People get things stolen out of their hotel rooms all the time in poor countries, with these products that will not be possible.

Here are some of the top rated ones you can buy online, or you can shop for yourself here.






Best Passport Protectors For Travelers

As an international traveler you really need to make sure you keep track of your passport and keep it in pristine condition. This is the last thing you want to lose when you are in a foreign country.

These passport protectors are all pretty cheap and the small investment now may save you a lot of time and money in the future.

Best Travel Wallets and Money Belts For Digital Nomads

When you travel you will probably need to carry some more cash on you then you generally do. Using credit cards or debit cards in 3rd world countries is not always wise.

Pick pockets certainly know this and that is why there are so many in touristy areas. Also on public transportation where quarters can get tight they will be waiting for an opportunity.

Well buy one of these safe travel wallets or money belts on and their job will be a whole lot harder. Here are the top rated ones that should keep your money the safest, or click here to browse for yourself.




With so many guys using crypto currency these days you might need to keep your phone in your travel wallet.

Things Every Digital Nomad Should Travel With

If you want to travel the world you need to be prepared for many things that might come up. The better the tools you have at your disposal the better off you will be able to handle things.

You really never know when the need for something may arise, and with certain tools you can have everything you might ever need all in one small handy package.

This way you can carry them around with you without taking up much space but still know they are there. They can come in very handy for small things and may even be life saving if you find yourself in drastic circumstances.

Not all countries are as user friendly as where you might be from and you may need certain things to help you out.

They are all small and compact to make for easy travel. They are also the top rated products on Amazon so you know many others have bought them and liked what they got out of them.

Best Swiss Army Knives on


You never want to be caught in the middle of nowhere without a good blade. Now that may sound a bit overdramatic but life can take you in mysterious ways and you never know when the need might arise.

Even if you never plan on getting stranded like on some survival tv show a great pocket knife can come in handy in many others ways. Heck the way they package some things these days you can’t even get into a product you buy without needing to cut it open.

Well Amazon has a huge collection of great pocket knives and here are the ones that consumers like you have rated most highly.  If you want to shop around for yourself click here.



Don’t forget to get a nice pouch to keep your knife dry and protected. You can buy them together as a bundle to save some money also if you look halfway down the page.

Best Pocket Multi-Tools on

Some guys want even more then a Swiss Army knife. If you want an all around pocket tool that you can use for even more things then here are the best ones on Amazon for you.  Or click here to shop around.





Look for the bundles with cases as well in the middle of the page, or buy one of these cases to keep it protected.

Other Products To Buy For Safe Travels

You never know when you may find yourself in a bad spot. Something as simple as a flashlight or a way to start a fire may be what makes all the difference for you.





Good Luck On Your Travels As A Digital Nomad

A lot of these things might seem unnecessary and hopefully they will be. However spending a few bucks now could really make things a whole lot easier in the future.

This eBook guide breaks down some of the best places in Latin America for a single guy to travel.


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