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You can read all of the dating tips in the world, nothing will improve your chances with women more than buying home gym equipment online and working out. Next you will get laid.

Sure, you can get by with a charming personality, or better yet with lots of money, but a sexy body will always open up more doors (and legs) for you.

So how do you get that sexy body that will make girls want to ride you? Well, you are going to have to work for it. Getting in shape and building a toned, sexy body is all about working your ass off to get it.

Nothing in life comes easy, it is up to you to decide if this is something that is worthwhile to you. We will post some pics of ridiculously hot girls on this page just to try and motivate you that much more.

Be A Better and Healthier You By Working Out At Home

Sadly the prospects of being a better and healthier you just isn’t enough is it? If it was then you already would be in shape so that you could feel better about yourself.

But like many things in life you need some added motivation to finally do what you need to do. What motivates guys more than anything else? The thought of hot girls getting naked in bed with them of course.

Most guys don’t really care about driving a nice car or wearing nice clothes. We only do that shit because girls want to be with guys that have the money to afford them.

Otherwise a Honda Accord can get you to point B just fine, unfortunately that sexy girl in the parking lot won’t want to be approached by you if you get out of it. On the other hand pull up in a lambo and she will be back at your place later that night screaming your name.

Working out is the same way for many guys. We don’t care about our appearance, if it were up to us we would pull a Costanza and just wear sweatpants every day while never shaving and looking like a mess. Good luck doing that if you ever want to get laid.

Losing Weight Is the First Step To Getting Laid

When you are a baby you need to walk before you run, well before you get ripped you need to lose your fat. Losing fat and gaining muscle are two completely different goals that require two completely different diets.

Your first step needs to be to start working out and using those muscles you have been neglecting for far too long. Hop on an exercise bike, go for a run, use an elliptical, just get your heart rate elevated for 20-30 minutes a day 5 or 6 days a week.

Start doing some sit ups and push ups, and maybe begin lifting weights but definitely start out light. You need time to let your muscles build back up before you go for the real gains.

Just as importantly quit eating like a fat slob. You know what you need to stop eating, so stop already. No more ice cream, no more candy bars, no more empty calories. For meals stop with the fatty cheese filled meals and cut out the fried foods.

Fruits, veggies, grilled chicken instead of fried, this isn’t rocket science. If you want to go party drink hard liquor not 10 calorie filled beers.

Do your cardio and eat better and the weight is bound to come off. Life is all about confidence, when you walk into a room walk with a purpose and you were meant to be there.

What will give you more confidence right now then losing weight? Think about it, how many things would give you more confidence than knowing that you finally accomplished this once and for all?

Maybe getting a sexy girl in your bed would give you that same confidence, but again you gotta walk before you run. Another reason we advise to lose the weight before you start to lift is so that you can hop on the scale and see your progress.

If you work your ass off for a month and lose no weight because you put on muscle that you can’t see maybe you will give up. But if you hop on the scale after a month and have lost 5-10 pounds you will stay motivated.

Lifting Weights and Making Gains To Get Laid

Once the weight comes off you can decide if you want to start weight lifting and get a toned sexy body, or be happy that you are now skinny. If you want to lift weights and make gains once again start slow.

Don’t head to the gym with no plan and just start randomly lifting weights without knowing what you are doing. Watch some Youtube videos to make sure that you have the proper technique on the core lifts that will do the most for you.

Lift 3 days a week on non consecutive days and slowly build up over time. This isn’t going to be a fast process here, you are going to have to put in a lot of time and a lot of work to make it happen. But is it worth it if you will be able to have bodies like this one riding you?


We think it is, and you probably do also. Now your diet needs to change. You don’t want a low calorie diet anymore, instead you need a lot of calories and more importantly a lot of protein.

Meat, chicken, fish, pork, cottage cheese, yogurt, nuts, and protein powder. When trying to lose weight you should be eating those in moderation, when trying to gain muscle you need to be eating as much as you can.

Protein powders are a great way to bulk up quick. Here are the top rated ones on, all the pics and links on this page are clickable and will take you directly to the Amazon product page.  Some guys prefer protein bars to the powders and you can find those here.  A reader suggests these.





Also don’t forget to buy some weightlifting gloves so your hands don’t get a bunch of callouses on them, and if you are going to be lifting serious weight a weightlifting belt wouldn’t be a bad idea either.



Go To The Gym Or Workout At Home?

This is one of those questions that there is no ‘correct’ answer too, everyone is different. Some people can’t motivate themselves to work out at home so have to go to the gym, sort of like how some people can’t be self employed and make money online because they can’t motivate themselves without a boss yelling at ’em.

Heck, some guys even need to pay for a personal trainer, but really that is a waste of money for most people. The gym can be too, it is like when you get a car. Do you want to lease, or do you want to buy? Clearly there is more value in buying.

If you want to avoid paying those gym memberships just buy the equipment yourself. You can get some great deals on all sorts of stuff on and once again we will link you to many of them here.

We have gone through and picked out the highest rated ones by other Amazon customers, but you can shop around on the site as well.

They have lots of cardio equipment like exercise bikes, treadmills and elliptical machines.









You can buy your own workout bench and free weights.





You can get a heart monitor to make sure you are getting your heart rate up during cardio time.



They have all sorts of accessories and if you click here you can pick out the ones that are right for you.

Work Out and Get Your Ass In Shape

Don’t put it off anymore, you only get one life and now is the time for you to start maximizing it. People that are in better shape earn more money on average over their life, they have more confidence, and they get more pussy.

Losing weight will help you do all of the above, and with the added confidence the sky is the limit. If you want some more tips on getting your ass to the gym to lose weight and make gains check out this Noob’s Guide to Getting in Shape eBook with many more tips to help you out.

Then go ahead and buy some home gym products, work out, and get laid.


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