Buying Travel Electronics For Digital Nomads Online


Lets face it while we all love being on vacation the actual travel part can kind of suck. The better your gadgets are the more tolerable those long flights or car rides will be, so here is some help for buying travel electronics for digital nomads online.

Of course these won’t only help you then, they will be yours to play with forever and ever. Many of these will not only be for fun and games though. They will help you be able to be productive while you travel.

Maybe when you take that trip somewhere you decide you will want to stay a little longer. If you have the right type of travel laptop you might be able to figure out a way to work remotely and won’t have to head home to that boring 9 to 5 just yet.

All of these pictures and links will take you directly to’s product page. That means you are buying directly from them and we have nothing to do with it. All of your information and money will be in their hands and never ours, and their warranties are as good as it gets. is the worlds largest online retailer. The products that are suggested here are the most highly rated they’ve got. That means hundreds, if not thousands of people have bought them and given them good reviews.

Best Travel Laptops For Digital Nomads

When you are traveling you really want to keep things light. The less weight you have to lug around the easier it all will be. That means all of the new ‘air’ laptops are great for travel.

The price ranges can very widely but I am sure you can find one in your budget out of this list. If you want to search through their laptops yourself click here, or just click on one of these below to buy now or read more about them.





While on the pages be sure to check out all of the cases to keep them protected. You can often get a good deal if you buy them in a bundle. When traveling things often get damaged so give your investment some added protection.

Here is the link to the page for extra battery power for any laptop. Buying an extra battery or two will make your flight across the country a lot more tolerable.

Your Phone Can Entertain You on Your Travels


Have you been debating getting a new smart phone for awhile? Well you might as well get it before the long flight so that it can entertain you along the way. A 12 hour flight will go a whole lot faster when you have movies or music on your phone.

Another advantage of buying a smartphone is that you will be able to buy mobile data and set up a hot spot for your laptop. This will save you money on those hotels that charge you for Wifi and will allow you to access the internet anywhere.

Below we have picked out the ones we think are good smartphones for traveling, but you can pick one out for yourself here.

Here Are The Best Smartphones For Digital Nomads




Remember to look at the bundles for cases on phones also. There are many available accessories that will help you to protect this big investment. Speaking of big investments you can store all your Bitcoin on your phone’s wallet as well.

Best Travel MP3 Players For Digital Nomads

Maybe you just want to kick back and listen to some music and don’t feel like bringing expensive electronics with you. That is totally understandable and here is a link to some great MP3 players that will help get you through the flight.

Best Headphones on

Don’t forget to get a good pair of headphones. Depending on where you are sitting there may be lots of noise around you and if your earbuds can’t cancel it out that long flight could seem a whole lot longer.

We picked out the top rated on Amazon so you can click below and check them out. Or you can click here and be taken right to their headphone page and look around.






Best Selfie Sticks

Lets face it, these days we travel more to show off our awesome lives on Facebook then to actually enjoy ourselves. Well if you want to take the best possible selfies on your trip then you need to buy one of these selfie sticks.



Have a Great Trip


The better prepared you are for your trip the smoother it will go. If you really want to make it as a digital nomad here are some great books that can help you out when looking for ways to make money online.

We live in a special time, buy the best travel electronics for digital nomads and head out while you still can. This eBook breaks down some great places in Latin America for single guys to visit.



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