Buying Weed Paraphernalia Online


Lets face it, most of us stoners can be pretty lazy right? That is what is so great about buying weed paraphernalia online, you can do it from the comfort of your own home in between bowls and funny Youtube videos.

You don’t have to put on pants, drive to the head shop, and interact with other people. You can just stay in your own little stoned bubble, click some buttons and have an awesome bong get dropped off at your door. How glorious!

There are many different types of paraphernalia available on and we have gone through to pick out the best of each type to make things easier for you. Want a new bong, well you can find one on this page.

Want to buy a bubbler online? There are plenty here to choose from. Can you buy a joint roller online? The answer is yes and you will find one right here.

All of the important things any stoner needs can be found on this page. All of the products will be shipped to you by In fact all of the pictures and links here will take you directly to their site so you know they are trustworthy.

They do millions of dollars of business every day as the worlds top online retailer. Your personal info is 100% safe with them and they give great money back guarantees in case your new glass pipe gets broken during shipment.

Go ahead and do a little shopping for any paraphernalia you may be interested in and if you find something you like order it now. Be sure to check out the other products that Amazon recommends with your purchase because you can sometimes combine two items and get great deals that way.

Buying Bongs Online

If you want to get as high as you can possibly get then you need to take as big of a hit as you can. Nothing can help you take a huge rip like a good bong.

Using a waterpipe softens the smoke and makes it a whole lot more tolerable for you. Load up the chamber and you can get as much THC in your system off one bong rip as you can from 5 hits off a pipe.

This is also a much healthier way for you as the water purifies the smoke and takes out a lot of the gunk you don’t want in your throat and lungs.

Here are some bongs available on Amazon, and you can click here to check out their full waterpipe selection.



Buying A Hookah Online

Whether you are looking to smoke some shisha or some greenery with your friends these hookahs will be a great way to chill out with your buds. There is just something awesome about everyone hitting off the same bowl at the same time.

Whether you are looking for an cool all glass hookah, a 4 person hookah, or a mini hookah for 1 person you can find them all on If you are the one that has your friends over often you kind of owe it to them to have one of these.

Click here to shop around and find a hookah yourself, or try one of these below.





Some people like to always smoke through water but you can’t bring a 3 foot bong with you everywhere you go. These bubblers will give you that pure smoke and those big rips you want, but in a much more portable fashion.

There are many different styles and designs here, and everything from triple bubblers, double bubblers, and traditional bubblers. They are all made with some nice and thick glass so you know they will be durable.

And don’t forget that Amazon will send you another if there is any damage during shipment. But don’t worry they are very good at packaging and your new baby will be safe with them.

Amazon gets new shipments of bubblers in all of the time.  You should probably click here to shop around and then bookmark the waterpipe page so that you can check back for new arrivals later.

Buying Glass Pipes Online

If you are looking for something even smaller and easier to conceal you can go ahead and buy one of these glass pipes or chillums. You can easily hide one of these in your pocket and no one will ever know.

Need to take a puff at work to get through that boring 9 to 5? Have a boring family affair and want to ‘take a walk’ outside to clear your head?

Want something you can sneak into a concert or club? These should do the trick, or shop for yourself here.

If you would prefer to buy an acrylic bong online instead click here and shop around.

The Best Weed Vaporizers On The Market

While a bong is a safer way to smoke weed the safest way of all is probably vaping, and if you want to vape you should really vape. Here are a couple of the best vaporizers you can find online.

You can also click here and bookmark the Amazon vaporizers page and check back weekly to see if any new cool ones came out.

Smoking Accessories

Need a new place to store your daily stash when you head out? Or a more efficient way to break your buds up? They will collect the keef underneath so you can smoke that on a special occasion.  Check these out.



Do your buds keep getting sucked through the bowl after you break them up in your new grinder? Well buy one of these glass screens and it won’t be a problem anymore.


Want to show off to your friends that you can roll the best joints in your group? Well buy this joint roller online and you will certainly have the best, thanks to a little assistance.

These are also the best papers on the market today.


If you are going to invest in a nice glass pipe then you need to be able to keep it clean and stylish right? Well if you want to do that then you need the proper supplies.

This cool pipe cleaner tool has different sizes to clean out any sized hole. Use it after your piece has soaked in some Formula 420 or Orange Chronic and your piece will look brand new after you clean it.



Buying A Beer Bong Online

Want to really take a party to the next level? Pull out the beer bong and see how wild things get. Frank the Tank may still hold the record for most pulls on one but maybe you and your friends can try to break it.

Best Drinking Games

Sometimes you need to spice up a small get together and get people to loosen up a bit. Pull out one of these fun drinking games and the mood will be set in no time.

There are many different types to choose from. Whether you like drinking board games or drinking card games you will surely find some that you like here. Your next dinner party will be a lot more fun when you pull one of these out after the meal.

Check out all of the awesome drinking games they have to buy.  We were actually just writing about something like this was a great way to achieve your first threesome!

Buy These Discreetly Online

When Amazon ships you these products they will all come in a normal brown box with no identifying marks on them. They will not say ‘CAREFUL TWO FOOT GLASS BONG INSIDE’ so don’t worry, no one else will know.

You neighbors, mailman, roommates or parents will just think you got your new shipment of books in for your summer reading list. The two foot glass bong is your little secret. Hope you found something you liked and gave buying weed paraphernalia online a chance.


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