The Truth About Dating Indonesian Girls

This post will try to tell you the truth about dating Indonesian girls. With that said there are many variables at play so your experiences may vary.

There will be lots of generalizing about what dating Indonesian girls is like, but that would be the case when talking about women from any country in the world. Some girls may fit a certain profile, but there are always going to be many outliers.

A lot of guys won’t even visit because it is a ‘Muslim country’ and that scares them off. Sure, it has a very high Muslim population but that won’t affect you in any major way.

You will hear the call to prayer a few times a day, no biggie. Many of the women will walk around in hijab’s which makes them harder to check out, but at the same time lets you know your chances of scoring with them are low to begin with.

Overall the women also dress much more conservatively. Don’t expect to see short skirts and tank tops around town. Another difference from most third world countries is that there are no dogs roaming the streets which is a good thing.

Oh ya, and no pork. Outside of that the fact that it is a Muslim country won’t be noticed at all. It is just as safe as anywhere else in the region.

But this post isn’t about the country, it is about what you should expect when dating Indonesian girls.

Not All Indonesian Girls Are Muslim

A high percentage of them will be, but not all. There are also many Christians, Catholics, and ones that aren’t religious at all.

It doesn’t really matter what religion someone is, if they are very religious as an adult they are probably going to be pretty sexually conservative whether Muslim, Christian, or anything.

So the fact that many of the Indonesian girls are Muslim and very religious is helpful in a way. The hijab lets you know that your chances of scoring with her are lower than a girl who isn’t wearing one.

If you are in a spot with two sexy girls, one wearing a hijab and one not go with the one without. It isn’t being anti-Muslim, it is targeting the easier pickings.

Not All Muslims Are Virgins

Generally speaking the Muslim girls in Indonesia are going to be harder to hook up with then the ones that aren’t. But it is not a 100% thing.

If you see a girl in a hijab on the street or when using Indonesian dating sites who is really hot you can still try. Your chances of getting her into bed quickly are definitely lower, but there is still a shot.

You probably should just use a tighter range when dealing with them. If you usually try to chat up any 6 or better that you see maybe only go for girls in hijabs who you think are a 7 or an 8.

When it comes to dating time is your biggest resource and you need to spend the majority of it on the more likely targets. Only take on a speculative venture when the reward is very great.

What Type Of Dating Do You Want?

You need to be honest with yourself and know what you want out of dating. Are you just looking to play the field and have as much casual sex as possible?

Are you trying to play the field, have some fun, but try and meet the right girl at the same time? Or are you looking for a serious wife or girlfriend?

Any of the above options is very possible when it comes to Indonesian girls. If you are a foreigner traveling through you will be at the top of the dating food chain and things will come pretty easy for you.

If you want a wife or girlfriend you can play the slow game and take many of the girls out. If you want to play the field your options will definitely be more limited, but there will still be enough.


Dating Many Indonesian Girls

We always assume that most guys reading this site are looking to have as much casual sex as possible. Some are probably curious about how easy it is to have casual sex with Indonesian girls.

Well, that just depends on the girl. The truth is the vast majority of them will not have any interest at all. They are going to want you to prove that you are looking for something serious before they give it up.

There is far less nightlife here than many Southeast Asian countries, or at least the ones that most foreigners frequent. And alcohol is not consumed nearly as often.

That means going out to a club or bar to pick up chicks isn’t going to be easy. There just aren’t that many places you can go for this.

Day game is also quite hard. The women dress conservatively so it can be hard to know who is even worth approaching, and it is not a great country for cold approaching.

If you see an 8 or a 9 by all means go for it, but don’t expect a high success rate. You are looking for a very small percentage of the female population, but if you find the right girls it will be all worth it.

While most Indonesian girls are extremely sexually conservative the outliers are the complete opposite. They are very curious about spending time with foreigners and are often quick to hop into bed.

They are quite similar to Filipina girls, but there are some key differences. In the Philippines the percentage of sluts is much higher. On the other hand they are a lot more flaky and play more games.

So you end up getting a lot more numbers and probably having sex with more girls, but you end up banging a lower percentage of your potential leads. With Indonesian girls you will get far fewer leads, but when you get them there are less games and higher conversion rates.

Dating Is A Numbers Game

It doesn’t matter where you live dating is always a numbers game. Whether you are in a sex prison of a first world country or in the most advantageous dating position around one thing will always hold true: the more girls you contact the more you will lay.

Here you are in kind of a unique environment. You are looking for a very small percent of the population, but once you find it you are pretty much guaranteed to be in.

If there aren’t many clubs to go for one night stands and day game isn’t very profitable where do you turn? Meeting girls on Indonesian Cupid will give you the best chance to find these diamonds in the rough.

This isn’t the type of country where you message 3 girls, get a number, and start counting your chickens. You need to take a mass volume approach and contact as many as you possibly can.

Most of them won’t speak English all that well so copy and paste a simple ‘Hello, I am in your city want to meet sometime?’ message and send it to as many as you can.

Some of the good girls and virgins will think you are ‘too fast’ and won’t reply. That is fine, you probably aren’t after them anyways.

But you will definitely get a lot of replies, and the girls that do reply have a solid percentage of being DTF. You should be able to figure out who is and who isn’t pretty easily.

We suggest getting a room off AirBnb and inviting them straight to your place to ‘watch a movie’ if all you are after is fun and nothing serious. Renting a condo is much better than a hotel, girls always feel worse about going to a hotel then to a guys home.

Again, many of the girls you invite over are going to think it is ‘too fast’ but that is a good thing. It is a screening process.

You might send out 100 opening messages and only end up with 4 who are willing to come straight to your place. From the beginning it was said that you are targeting a small percent, but you just found them.

Of course if you are looking for a serious relationship don’t start off like this. Invite them out to dinner like a gentleman and take it from there.

Either way, there is no quicker or easier way to try and meet girls than Indonesian Cupid.

Good Luck On Your Dates

You can find whatever you are looking for here, but without online dating it is going to be a very slow process. If you are living there you can put in the lengthy legwork, but even then you would be better off moving quicker.

If you are only on a short trip then you really only have one option. Fire up Indonesian Cupid 10 days before you head into any new city and start to pipeline. Have some dates ready and waiting and things should go well.

The truth about dating Indonesian girls is that it is similar to most other places in the world. Many girls aren’t interested in casual sex, but if you contact enough of them you can still find plenty who are.



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