Digital Nomad Tips: Take The Road Less Traveled


There is a major pattern that happens when it comes to single guys traveling for nightlife and girls. First one lucky guy stumbles upon an amazing place. He goes back and tells his friends about it and a few more come.

Over time more and more guys find out about this place and it is amazing. As more tourists start to come so do more girls and then other people trying to make money off the tourists. For many years things remain great and everyone is happy.

Then the place goes from being a great place with wonderful prices to a tourist trap. Now all of a sudden the prices have risen so much because the demand has equaled the supply. If that one guy had just kept his mouth shut he could have lived in paradise forever.

Real Life Example

Read this classic book about what life was like in Phnom Penh in the late 90’s.  While the majority of the ‘sex tourists’ were off in Thailand ruining the place there were a select few that were getting great rewards in Phnom Penh.

Drinking .50 cent beers at the bar while enjoying an under the table blowjob for a few dollars. Bring a girl home for the night for $5 or $10. The girls were happy, the guys were happy, everyone was happy.

Fast forward 15 years and now Phnom Penh is catching up to Thailand prices. You can still find some freelancers in the $20-$30 price range, but many of the bar girls are asking for $50 if not more.  Times have changed and that is because the secret got out and so many more guys started going.

The long time Phnom Penh expats that were living a dream life for many years suddenly are getting priced out of the market. They become the bitter grumpy old men you see at the bars bitching about how things were back in the day.

This Is How Places Become Tourist Traps

When most people talk about a tourist trap they aren’t referring to prices of hookers. Anywhere that people want to go the prices will end up rising. Just look at how expensive a trip to Disney World is.

As the demand rises and rises so will the prices. Then you get more and more people from the country hearing about how much tourists are paying for things and many more locals move their to make bigger profits.

Suddenly that amusement park that was $20 is now $30. That water bottle that was 50 cents is now $1. The slice of pineapple that locals pay 10 cents for is now being hocked to tourists for a dollar, the wise ones can negotiate it down to a quarter, still more then double the local price.

Hotel prices skyrocket. 10 years ago there were few visitors and rooms were super cheap. Now they are all getting filled up even though they cost 3x what they used to. Everywhere you walk on the street people are trying to sell you something.

You can’t relax on the beach because every 3 minutes someone walks by to try and sell you a bracelet or a seashell or any other random thing you have no interest in. What was once an amazing place to visit is now more trouble (and cost) then it is worth.

The Uneducated Ruin It For The Rest Of Us


One of the main reasons for the problems is that a good majority of the people that travel don’t have any idea they are overpaying for everything. Why do you think that pineapple vendor starts the bidding at a dollar for something the locals pay 10 cents for?

Because other tourists have paid it in the past. They think half a pineapple for only a dollar, what a deal! So why shouldn’t the vendor keep trying. Even if the tourist gets a ‘good deal’ and ‘wins’ the bartering and gets him down to 50 cents or a quarter the vendor still makes a good score.

It is even worse for mongers. Overpaying a bit for some pineapple isn’t a big deal, but many guys come to countries not having any idea how much the local price for prostitutes are.

Lets use Cambodia as the example again. The average Cambodian makes around $90 a month. The average guy probably isn’t paying many prostitutes.

But a guy that makes a couple hundred dollars might have enough spare income (barely) to enjoy one from time to time. When he does he probably pays $10 at most. Some local places are still $5 they are just hard to find.

Now some rich Aussie travels through Asia and goes to Phnom Penh. He goes out to a girly bar and sees a very sexy girl who he buys 5 ladies drinks at $4 a pop. To him $4 is meaningless even though the drinks cost the bar next to nothing.

He knows that girls can leave the bar with him if he pays them and asks how much. She says you tell me, and he says $100. The price for sex has just gone up for everyone.

$100 for this sexy 20 year old to spend the night with him is quite a deal. Back in Melbourne all night with a girl like this would cost a few hundred and she would probably be a bit bitchy, or at least mechanical going through the motions.

Little does he know that she probably would have gone with him for $30, but she wisely let him make the first offer reading the situation correctly that he didn’t have any idea. So now in the future $30 may be off the table for this girl for any guy ever again.


She can wait until she finds another sucker, a few nights with no takers is fine if every once in awhile she is making a big score. As more and more ignorant tourists come into town and spend higher prices the word spreads and all the girls start hoping for more and more.

This is how in a country where the average income is less than 3% of what it is in the US the price for sex keeps getting closer and closer to equal. You can still negotiate hard in these places and pick your spots to find cheap prices.

But if you go out to the main tourist areas and try to get the hottest girls you are going to pay a whole lot comparatively speaking.

The Internet Gives and The Internet Takes Away

The internet has changed things even more. Now there are more people traveling the world then ever before. More single guys find out about the great nightlife opportunities in other countries every day and many decide to fly over and see if the rumblings are true.

On the one hand this is great for many guys. How else would they ever have found out about it. Its not like the topic of ‘hey you can fly over to Cambodia and bang girls for $10’ comes up often in day to day conversation.


On a positive note many of the new breed that find out about it online are not going to be ignorant. They will Google, do a bit of research, and maybe end up on an expat nightlife forum or a site like this one.

Then they show up having a rough idea of what prices to pay, and even though more demand leads to rising prices at least they aren’t drastically inflating the price by ignorantly overpaying.

On the other hand it isn’t just a new breed of mongers that finds out. The world has become a smaller place now and some people think they need to police the world.

Hop on a Philippines expat nightlife forum and ask some of the old timers what Angeles City was like ‘back in the day.’ Before the internet it was a completely different place.

You can find stories of orgies in bars, girls fully naked on stage doing lesbian shows, guys hopping on stage to join in on the fun. The pool parties would turn into mass orgies as well.

They were like strip clubs in the western world but with live shows, blowjobs in the bars, and back rooms to bring a girl to for some privacy. Now take Angeles City today as a comparison.

You walk into a bar and there are 8 girls standing on stage shuffling their feet. They are in bikinis looking bored out of their minds. They are no longer strip clubs, and there are certainly no live shows or orgies.

The do gooders throw around terms like human trafficking and want to shut everything down. Now there are all sorts of rules and regulations against these bars and they are nowhere near there former glory.

They are still a great place to visit for any guy that never saw them in their prime, far better then any bar you are going to find in the western world. But there is a reason so many expats bitch and moan about how things have changed.

Look, no one likes human trafficking, no girl should ever be forced into doing anything she doesn’t want to do. But the girly bars in Angeles City have nothing to do with that, the girls move there because they want to, no one puts a gun to their head.

If they don’t move their from the province what else are they going to do? Pick rice all day to make enough money to buy a bowl for dinner?

The internet gives and takes. It gives many new guys a chance to experience a vacation (or a new life) they never would have known about. But at the same time it devalues what those who were already in the know have been able to experience.

Digital Nomads Find Their Own Paradise


The whole point of this post is to get you to think outside of the box a bit. It won’t be easy, it will take a lot of legwork, but you could have some time living in an unspoiled paradise like those rare guys that made there way to SEA 30 years ago.

They knew they found something special and made the move permanently. For many years they lived a great life that cost them peanuts while others slaved away at a boring 9 to 5 in the western world to please their fat wife.

While you probably aren’t going to be getting 20 years out of your new paradise with so many people traveling you may be able to get a few. And a few is better then nothing.

There are probably no places as great as Angeles City was in the 80’s or Phnom Penh was in the 90’s, but you may be able to find the best spot currently. When you do keep it to yourself, and send this site a message in the contacts link and we promise not to share it with anyone :p.

The traditional spots for mongering are still better than the western world. You still can easily and relatively cheaply get with a lot of sexy girls. They don’t need to be forgotten.

But if you are going to become a digital nomad and look for a place to settle down spend some time to find the right spot.



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