What Should Expats Bring When Traveling?


Recently we did a little experiment and asked on one of our favorite expat message boards what should expats bring when traveling? Surprisingly, about half of the replies had to do with simple hygiene products.

Considering this was a message board that is basically only for men we never would have guessed it to be the case. But expats in third world countries are clearly not happy with the hygiene products and toiletries that they can get overseas.

We aren’t just talking about guys on short trips here who want some travel sized toothpaste.  We are talking about guys who live there long term and still can’t find what they need.

We decided that we should inform the readers of this site about that, and give them an easy way to order a bunch of these products now before they go on their travels. Don’t get stuck overseas and realize you don’t have enough of something that makes you more comfortable.

So here is a list of some of the products that expats miss most when traveling.

Best Travel Health Products

Amazon.com is the worlds biggest online retailer and is one of the best ways to learn if a product is good or not. So many people buy and review products on the site that you can get a good gauge on whether a product is worth buying.

When you travel it is important that you continue to keep up with your personal hygiene and do the day to day maintenance your body needs. Using the free cheaply made toothbrushes that the hotel gives you is not wise.

There are many different travel health and personal hygiene products out there that can make your trip much easier and more fun. Here are some of the best selling ones.

All these links and pictures will take you directly to the Amazon.com product page so you will be buying from them not us. Your personal info is perfectly safe as they do thousands of sales a day.

Best Travel Toothbrushes

Don’t forget to take care of your teeth when you travel. When you travel you may not be eating as healthy as usual which may mean added sweets and soft drinks. If so this is the most important time for you to keep up with your daily brushing,

Here are the top rated travel toothbrushes on Amazon.com.

Travel Soaps and Laundry Products

As you travel you may not have time to find a laundromat and hotels can charge an arm and a leg to do your laundry for you. If you want to handle this on your own when traveling light here are some great travel laundry products.



Travel Personal Hygiene Products

Even something as simple as toilet paper can be hard to find in some poorer countries and that is something you never want to be without. Don’t head out for the day and need to go and have nothing to clean up with.

Here are a variety of different personal hygiene products that you should bring with you on your travels.








Travel Cosmetic Bags

You don’t want all of these personal hygiene products floating around loosely in your bag. The last thing you need is some shampoo bottle busing open on your nice clothes.

These compact travel bags will be the best way to keep everything organized





Finding Safe Drinkable Water When Traveling

We all know that the most important tip when traveling to a third world country is don’t drink the water. Well some people may not even trust the bottled water you buy in stores.

If you want to make sure that the water you drink is always safe then these purifying water bottles will give you the extra protection you need for your peace of mind.






Best Travel Sized Electric Razors

Electric razors can be very hard to find in third world countries as most of the locals can’t afford them. Generally if you can find them they will be considered a ‘luxury product’ and priced accordingly.

Usually things are cheaper in third world countries but this is one of those times where the opposite is true. Don’t get over there and need an electric razor and have to spend 3 times the fair market value for it.

Here are the best travel sized electric razors on Amazon.com.




Expats: Bring These Products When Traveling

If you are prepared with the right travel products you will have the vacation of your life. Hopefully you have found what you are looking for on this page and are ordering now so they will be here by the trip.

You are now more informed than many guys who make the trip, so you have all the answers you need for what should expats bring when traveling. That way you can focus on more important things like meeting girls on Asian Dating or other International Dating Sites.


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