Where To Find Girls For Sex In Moscow, Russia


This is a great city to visit currently.  If you want to know where to find girls for sex in Moscow, Russia this post can help you out.

Russia underwent an economic boom in the early 2000’s but has been hit with hard times since. This has made for a great price for everything for tourists and expats, including the ladies of the night.

There are many prostitutes selling sex in Moscow from all over Eastern Europe so you can find a nice variety here.  There are many ways to find girls like at strip clubs, erotic sex massage parlors, and meeting hookers online as well.

Lets start with some ways to find street prostitutes and then hit up the other options. We will even mention the best Russian dating site if you prefer non pro girls.

Finding Hookers in Moscow


The police do a pretty good job of getting the prostitutes off the street but they can’t hit every area on each night. One long time favorite hang out for street prostitutes in Moscow is the Komsomonolskaya Ploschad stop of the Leningrad Rail Station.

Tverskaya is one of the main streets in the city and there are often hookers roaming up and down the street. There are many random areas you can also check like:

  • Volga 18
  • Plotava
  • Moskovskaya oblast
  • Minskoye shosse
  • Odintsovsky rayon
  • Moskovskaya oblast

Tochki Are Like Brothels In Moscow

The street prostitutes in Moscow can be a bit rough and you should be able to meet hookers online or at one of the many ‘tochki’ in Moscow that are better looking. These are the places where you will go to negotiate with the pimps (mamochki) and check out a line up of girls (devushki) to choose from.

Once you choose the sexy Russian girl you want you pay and then take her to your home or hotel where she will stay until early in the morning. The easiest way to find one of these is to ask a taxi to take you. Prices from a tochki usually range from $50-$150.

If you are worried about having to go into one of these places don’t be as the girls generally get brought to you and you never exit the taxi. If you end up getting taken to a brothel then it should be safe.

Quick pro tip: at the brothels in Moscow you don’t pay per cum you pay for a set amount of time. Find out how long you have and if you can get a 2nd nut off in that time (and want to) then you don’t have to leave right after the first.

Some of the girls will hope you don’t know this and try to get dressed and end the session after 1 pop. Many expats in Moscow say the tochki are your best option.  Don’t forget to try to meet hookers in Moscow online.

Erotic Massage in Moscow


Finding an erotic massage in Moscow can be very hit or miss. There are a few main places you can go and of course lots of ads online. Trusting an online ad for erotic massage is not something that is advisable.

If you want to get an erotic massage in Moscow you are probably best off going to Edem Salon located at St. m Belorusskaya. Just about any taxi driver should be able to take you there.

If you are fine with a handjob happy ending massage then Vanilla is the place to go.  The girls at Vanilla Spa in Moscow are very hot and skilled with their hands.

Moscow is not a good city for finding a happy ending. You will be much better off in other parts of the world for that.

A trip to Thailand would get you all of the Thai hookers and happy ending massages you could ever ask for.

Best Strip Clubs in Moscow


When finding girls for sex is so easy there really isn’t much point in visiting the overpriced strip clubs. Take the Bordo Club at Pevcheskiy Pereulok for instance.

Here you will pay over $50 for a private dance. Or you could just head to a tochki and pick a girl to come join you all night for the same price.

Golden Girls is another popular strip club in Moscow and has dances for half the price of Bordo. Penthouse Club Moscow at Noviy Arbat 21 is a massive club and has lots of sexy girls.

You will surely see lets of sexy girls at any strip club, but these places really know how to extract your cash quickly. Before you know it you will have spent more money at one of them then you would have on a prostitute and never even busted a nut.

With so much better nightlife in this city than the strip clubs maybe take a pass on these.

Meeting Russian Girls Online In Moscow


There are many Russian girls in Moscow that may want to meet a tourist or expat like yourself so try out some online dating and see if you can meet girls online that way.

For hookers in Russia Rusdosug.com is a great site, but if you are in Russia it is blocked.  Google ‘Rusdosug.com unblocked’ and you will get where you want to go.

Russian Cupid has many sexy Russian girls that would make good girlfriends or even wives. You have surely heard of Russian Mail Order Brides before right?

Well in this day and age you can log on to Russian Cupid and meet one yourself instead of paying some company thousands of dollars to ship you over some random girl you don’t know.

Log on and see what is available, what do you have to lose? Maybe you will find the girl of your dreams, maybe not, but at least you gave it a shot for free.

Good Luck Finding Sex In Moscow

There are many ways to meet sexy Russian girls here and you should give them all a shot.  Finding hookers online is a great way to do it, or asking a taxi to take you to a tochki is good as well.

If you aren’t big on pay for play then use the Russian dating sites and try to meet single girls in Moscow.  It may take a couple dates, but you will eventually get what you were after.

Good luck finding girls for sex in Moscow.  This eBook guide has a bigger break down on how to enjoy the nightlife in Russia.


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