Where To Find Girls For Sex In Saint Petersburg


With the price of the ruble falling this has become a sneaky good vacation destination for a single guy. There are many ways to find girls for sex in Saint Petersburg and you will have a great time here.

Some ways can be harder than others depending on the season. During the winter there will be a lot fewer prostitutes walking the street.

When you take a trip here you should try and stay in the area around Nevsky Prospect and Dumskaya Street. This is where the best nightlife in the city is and getting a room off AirBnb near here would be ideal.

There will be some hookers in the night clubs, but there are many other great ways to find sex in Saint Petersburg. We will cover the other ways to find girls like strip clubs, massage parlors, and mention ways to meet Russian girls online as well.

Street Prostitutes In Saint Petersburg


During those cold months you will definitely need to be trying to find other ways to locate them. The main place for street prostitutes is Nevsky Prospect and the surrounding areas like Dumskaya Street.

But like in Moscow your best bet is to ask a taxi driver to show you to a tochki.  When the taxi pulls up a pimp will bring a line up of girls for you to choose from, and if you like one she will hop in the taxi and accompany you to your room for the night for around $50 to $150 dollars.

You may also be taken to a brothel in Saint Petersburg, but a tochki is probably a better option. If you want longer service and don’t mind bringing the girl to your home ask for a tochki, if you want to do it on site ask for a brothel.

A couple of brothels that are highly regarded are Afrodita Brothel on Nevsky Prospect and My My on Marata Street. Meeting hookers online is becoming a growing trend.

More and more girls are renting apartments together to use as brothels. Then they will market themselves online on dating apps, social media, or online escort sites.

You can try to Google ‘prostitutes in Saint Petersburg’ or use escort, hooker, or sex massage. You will find some options and they will tell you where they are located.

Rusdosug.com is probably the top online escort site in the country but it is blocked for those living there. Google ‘Rusdosug.com unblocked’ and you will find the right links soon enough.

Of course this always comes with risk. Maybe it is a sting or maybe the girl isn’t as attractive as her pictures. If you get lucky it could work out very well, or maybe it could end up very bad.

Best Strip Clubs


Golden Dolls is the most famous strip club in Saint Petersburg and is located at Nevski Prospect 60. There isn’t a taxi driver in the city that won’t know it. It is probably the best one in the city to find the hottest girls.

Maximus is another great club located at 8 Kirpichniy Alley just off of Nevsky Prospect. Nevksy Prospect is where many strip clubs in Saint Petersburg are located.

Plus Afrodita Brothel is nearby if you get so horny at the strip club and need to bang something right then. Strip clubs will probably end up costing you just as much as bring a girl from a tochki to your home would.

Not much of a point to blowing a lot of money at one and not getting any ass out of it. Maybe just head to one to stare at all the hot girls, control your spending, and then find a hot girl from a tochki to bring home with you after.

Happy Ending Massage In Saint Petersburg

Maybe you are wanting to find a happy ending massage in Saint Petersburg because you have a thing for Asian girls? Well sexy Asian girls can be very hard to find here.

Orchid Spa seems to be the favorite erotic massage spa among expats living here. You can get a variety of types of massage, and at Orchid Spa a happy ending is guaranteed but is pretty pricey for just a handjob.

A few other places you could try and look for an erotic massage in Saint Petersburg are:

  • Incognito Spa on Nevsky Prospect 74
  • Gently Spa at 4-ja Sovetskaja st. 25
  • Malika Spa on Nevsky Prospect 122

Sadly in Saint Petersburg erotic massage is not your best option. Finding a full sex massage is hard, you usually just end up with a handjob happy ending.

Best Bars, Clubs, And Nightlife

If you want to meet girls in Saint Petersburg’s nightlife that aren’t hookers that can be a bit tricky. There is no doubt that the main nightlife zone in town is in the Nevsky Prospect and Dumskaya Street area.

This would be a great place to get a hotel or condo off AirBnb during your stay. There are so many bars, clubs, and restaurants in this area and girls from all over the city come here day and night.

On the other hand this is also where many of the hookers will be so that can make picking up tricky. If a girl is out with a big group of friends and looks like she is having a fun time partying she probably isn’t a prostitute.

If she is by herself or with her one friend and looks like she is ‘on the clock’ instead of partying then she might just be working. If something is coming just a little bit too easy it might be for a reason.

With all of that said some of the best bars and clubs to meet girls in Saint Petersburg are:

We wrote a longer post about meeting single girls in Saint Petersburg there.

Meeting Russian Girls Online

There are a lot of sexy Russian girls in Saint Petersburg that would love to date a foreigner. Russian Cupid has many sexy Russian girls that would make good girlfriends or even wives.

Russian Brides are known around the world, but now you don’t have to order them through snail mail. You can just use Russian Cupid and contact girls on your own instead of trusting some company to do it for you.

There are thousands on the site all across the country and since this is one of the biggest cities you know there are plenty of options here. Be sure to pipeline a week or ten days before your trip so you show up with dates ready and waiting.


Good Luck Finding Girls For Sex In St Petersburg

There really is no better time to take a trip then right now with the value of the ruble in its current state. At any time it could get strong again and your money won’t go near as far.

Just locate yourself around Nevsky Prospect and Dumskaya Street so you are near all the action.  Tochki’s are probably your best option, but Rusdodog is solid too. Or you can just Google ‘escorts in Saint Petersburg’ and find some quality if you are lucky.

Depending on how much time you have in town you might just be better off meeting single girls you don’t have to pay on Russian Cupid. Good luck finding girls for sex in Saint Petersburg! This eBook has more info on taking a trip here and to Moscow as well.


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