Where To Find Sex in Paris

If you are looking for sex in Paris then you will have some options. Finding girls for sex in Paris is not near as hard as some other cities. Prostitution is not necessarily illegal but you still need to be a bit careful.

There are a couple of main red light districts in Paris where you can find many strip clubs and prostitutes. Be careful though as these places have been known to try and rip off tourists in the past.

There is a lot of nightlife here and since it is a very famous city many sexy women want to live there. There are a big number of expats living in Paris from many countries all around the globe.

Red Light Districts For Sex In Paris

Of the 2 main red light districts in Paris Pigalle is the more up scale one. There are shows like Moulin Rouge, strip clubs, and many streetwalkers all around the area.

This is where most of the tourists and expats go and you will probably find more attractive girls here then at the 2nd option for a red light district.

Bois de Boulogne is another spot to find hookers in Paris for sex. It is a park near a suburb and there are many hookers in Paris on the prowl day and night.

Some will do it in your car, others may want you to go in a van at the park and do it in the back. At night there are many sharks in the water meaning people trying to rob tourists and ladyboys trying to trick them.

Other places that you can find hookers in Paris are around Bois de Vincennes, the 18th arrondissement, and in the Rue-Saint Dennis area.

This is a lot dirtier of a city then most who have never been there would assume. Make sure that you have your wits about you in certain areas trafficked by streetwalkers and wear condoms.

Meeting Hookers In Paris Online

If you want to pay for sex meeting hookers in Paris online is the way to go.  That site will be your best resource.  You can also try to use the Amour Russe Agency, or VIP Aphrodite Agency which are both legitimate.

Usually you will pay somewhere between 150-250e per hour depending on the hooker.

Erotic Sex Massage In Paris


Paris has some interesting laws on prostitution that make finding an erotic massage a bit tricky. Finding girls for sex is not hard because girls are free to sell their body if they like.

However organized prostitution is not allowed and erotic massage parlors in Paris would be breaking the law. That does not mean that they don’t exist, but they aren’t as good of an option in Paris as in other places.

Most expats would tell you that this is not a good city for getting a happy ending massage. That is because the places that do give them get shut down pretty quick. With there being so many easier and better ways to find girls for sex in Paris nightlife risking getting caught in a sting isn’t smart.

There are some you could try out located around Rue Boci that are Asian Massage Parlors and a happy ending might be able to be found in them.

However you should probably scrap the idea. If you are really wanting to try a legit Asian sex massage why not fly to Thailand or Vietnam? A vacation there will be much cheaper and the girls are also way sweeter.


Cheap Sex In Paris

If you want to find cheap hookers in Paris then there are some Asian streetwalkers around that can be had very cheap.  They generally aren’t very attractive, but if you are looking for cheap sex you can’t be too picky.

Head over to the Belleville area and you should be able to find Asian hookers in Paris for cheap sex.  They also hang out around rue St Denis.

Avenue de Longchamp near Porte de Maillot also has some cheap hookers.

Best Strip Clubs in Paris

Have you seen the movie Moulin Rouge? Well that is what you are going to get from most strip clubs in Paris. Many guys prefer a more Vegas style strip club, but as long as the girls are hot we can’t really complain.

The prices at the best strip clubs in Paris can be quite high and they also have been known to try and rip off tourists or anyone looking like a noob. Be careful and it may be best to pay for each drink as it comes instead of running up a tab.

If you want to go to a strip club in Paris these would be some to try out, they are the ones Paris expats frequent the most.


Strip Clubs in Paris

Theatre Chocolate gets the top spot because it often has a great line up of very hot girls. This is also one of the fully nude strip clubs in Paris which is always a big plus.

You can find Theatre Chochette at 34 Rue Saint-Andre-des-Arts. The Penthouse Club at 13/15 Rue De Berri only has topless dancers but it also has some really hot ones.

Pink Paradise at 49-51 Rue De Ponthieu is another topless club which is worth visiting. Show Girls at 5 Rue Des Halles is a fully nude strip club and comes very highly recommended. For the full on ‘Moulin Rouge’ experience check out Le Crazy Horse at 12 Avenue Georve V.

Crazy Horse is probably the most famous strip club in Paris so expect to pay a premium, but they do put on a good show. These strip clubs are what makes Paris nightlife so unique.

Strip clubs are cool but you end up paying a lot of money to get blue balled. If you are looking for more there are many options to find girls for sex in Paris.

You also could hop on this adult webcam site and see hot girls from your home for free. Or try out some online dating and find girls for sex in Paris near you.

This isn’t a great option for mongering and there are better places in other parts of the world to check out, but while here try finding girls for sex in Paris.  International Cupid is a great dating site to try.