Finding Girls For Sex in Barcelona, Spain


If you are looking for girls for sex in Barcelona then there will be quite a few options for you to try. There is one main strip where you can find many street prostitutes in Barcelona and outside of that you have other options as well.

Many hookers in Barcelona are starting to use the internet more often so dating sites, apps and Facebook so you need to try and meet hookers online. That said there is still more of a street prostitution scene here than in most cities around the world.

You can also find many erotic massage parlors but that can be a risky game as some of them are controlled by gangs. Don’t carry too much money into 1 the first time you go because there have been quite a few reports of people getting mugged at massage spas.

There are brothels that sometimes are disguised as spas but no massage at all will happen. There can be very beautiful women at these brothels in Barcelona and if you find the right one you will be very happy there.

And of course there are many strip clubs in Barcelona with lots of beautiful ladies as well. Barcelona is a city where tourists stand out easily and they can be taken advantage of so try to fit in as best you can and if something feels off find another place to go.

If you look like you are an expat living here you will fit much better. People may try to take advantage of tourists they see out on their first attempt to have fun in the great Barcelona nightlife.

Finding Street Prostitutes in Barcelona

Some things never change and for many years now if you have been looking for girls for cheap sex in Barcelona La Rambla street is definitely where you would want to go. This is where all of the street prostitutes gather looking for Jons.

There will be girls from all across the world here including African, Eastern European, Latin American and of course locals as well. There is nice variety and with so many to choose from you should be able to find one that suits your fancy

Things are relatively safe in La Rambla but you probably need to be careful for pickpockets. The pimps can get quite aggressive but as long as you keep your head down and say no thank you you should not have any physical altercations.

Don’t forget to meet hookers online in Barcelona on Sexmoercadobcn. There are many options for this but one of the most well respected is that one. Google ‘escorts in Barcelona’ or ‘prostitutes in Barcelona’ for more options.

Best Strip Clubs in Barcelona


There are many great strip clubs in Barcelona and some of them even double as brothels. Being a major European city there are beautiful women from all over the world dancing naked at these clubs.

Some strip clubs in Barcelona have been known to target tourists and try to rip them off so if you are alone or in a small group tried to not get too drunk and put yourself in a vulnerable position.

Maybe pay for everything as it comes and don’t run up a tab. If you look like you are a Barcelona expat that lives there you may not get targeted.

Here are some of our most recommended strip clubs in Barcelona. You could start your night at Bagdad in La Rambla and if you can’t talk a sexy stripper into meeting you after her shift pick up a prostitute on the street.

Bagdad is quite expensive to enter at 90 euros.  However they do a live sex show on stage that lasts a couple hours.  The girls here are open for business after the show but will cost a whole lot.

Apricots at Arizala 74 and Villalola at Sagues 13 are two very highly thought of strip clubs in Barcelona. Pussy Cat at Carrer Sagues is another good option.

Brothels In Barcelona

Brothels will generally cost as much as 200 Euros for one quick bang or as little as 50 Euros. A night at a brothel may end up cheaper then a night at a strip club and you will actually get to fuck there.

One of the best options is probably Privee Salou which has a 20 entry fee and then you pay each prostitute 80 when you have sex.  It is located in Tarragona and we wrote a longer post about it here.

Morgan’s Girls at Loreto 34 is a combination strip club and brothel in Barcelona that is a great place for a night out. Divas at Aribau 229 is another good strip club and brothel where you can watch sexy dancers and then head to a private room for real fun.

Oxyzen at Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes and Flamingo at C/Manuel Angelon Six are two others to check out. Right now Top Damas is probably the best brothel in town.

Others you could visit are:

  • Farrell X
  • Devorah Suites
  • La Suite
  • Perla Negra
  • Felina
  • LaVie en Rose

These are the easiest places to find sex in Barcelona. Or you can just hop on Adult Friend Finder and meet slutty girls near you.

In many cities around the world that site is a waste of time, if you look around GuysNightlife you won’t see it promoted often. But we checked and there are over 1,200 active female users in this city on the site currently, and 1,000 in Madrid as well.

Most of these girls found Adult Friend Finder when they were lonely and horny at home watching porn. They are just looking for a guy to take care of their needs, maybe that guy should be you?


Finding an Erotic Massage in Barcelona

There are many erotic massage parlors around Barcelona and getting a happy ending is not too difficult. However some have been known to mug customers because they are run by different European gangs.

If you do not know of a legit one then going to a brothel is probably a better option. There are a few here we can recommend but you never know when a gang may take over. A lot of the erotic massage scene is outcall for hotel rooms which is always risky.

But here are some that we have heard are reliable. Shiva Massage is a very nice and upscale massage joint where you can certainly find a happy ending in Barcelona. Tantra Centers has locations in both Barcelona and Madrid and has a very good reputation in the industry.

If you are looking for sexy Asian girls then Thailand or the Philippines might be a better options for you. You can find sexy Asian girls at some erotic massage parlors in Barcelona but they are usually staffed by Eastern European girls. If you have that yellow fever this is another option.


Good Luck Finding Girls For Sex in Barcelona

Hopefully some of these ways to find girls for sex in Barcelona will work out for you. There are many options and the street prostitute scene and brothel scene are both quite good.

You should be able to find the type of girl you are looking for and have a great time with the nightlife in Barcelona. If not then check out this eBook guide that breaks down easier places to get laid.

Otherwise good luck finding girls for sex in Barcelona.