Finding Girls For Sex in Budapest, Hungary


Finding girls for sex in Budapest has always been easy and still is to this day. It is one of the best places in Europe to go when looking for hookers and great nightlife.

There is a solid combination of cheap prices and beautiful women that is very hard to beat. It has always been thought of as a good place for single guys to visit and in 1999 prostitution became legal in Hungary which made finding sex in Budapest even easier.

Street prostitutes are still out and about but now many girls are moving to the internet. To find them you just Google prostitutes in Budapest and call up one of the numbers. They will direct you to an apartment where you can go to check out the lineup.

If you like what you see it will cost you around 30-40 Euros to have some fun with them at the apartment. Prices may vary for the hottest girls but those numbers should get the job done with many.

Overall this is pretty safe but of course it is better to have a more direct ‘hook up’ then Google if you can find it. That is definitely not the only way to enjoy the great nightlife in this city.

There are many erotic sex massage parlors and at some of them you will find really stunning girls. Plus you can find many brothels that are a bit more formal than the online apartment hunting previously talked about.

The brothels are not legal but they are definitely tolerated and you would be very unlucky to get caught up in a sting. Strip clubs are also around but they are pretty bad value with so much other real fun available for a good price.

Overall the pay for play sex in Budapest is great and you can have a lot of fun here.

Finding Street Prostitutes in Budapest

Before the internet the streets here were flooded with prostitutes. Now there are still some but most of the action has moved online. You actually may get quoted a worse price from a girl on the street then you would from a sexier online girl.

If you enjoy the street hunt then don’t worry you will still have many options to choose from. Nepliget Park over by TIT Planetarium is a good place to check out first.

Vaci Vuta is the main street in the city and if you look like a tourist you will be propositioned by many girls as you walk by. In many cities the railway stations can be good hunting grounds and they are here as well.

Head to the areas near the Ferencvaros Station or the Kileti Pu Station around Chazar Andras Utca Ulloi St and Thokoly St and you should find what you are looking for.

Many of the nicer hotels will also have working girls standing around outside. Some main ones to target are the Meridian Hotel and Sofitel Budapest but hookers here love to stay near the expensive hotels.

Erotic Sex Massage Parlors in Budapest


There are quite a few erotic sex massage parlors in Budapest so you won’t have any trouble locating them. That said there are two main ones that seem to have the best reputation in the area.

If you are looking for a happy ending massage in Budapest then the first place you should go is Massage House at Rozsa Utca 101. They can do it all from:

  • Thai Massage
  • Happy Ending
  • Nuru
  • Body to Body
  • Lingham

Pesti Massage at 1055 Stollar Bela Utca 3a is the other main place to go for an erotic sex massage. They can do it all as well and are known to have a very beautiful staff.

Also try out Pleasing Massage where you can get a fully nude body to body massage. Sadly the ending will only be a handjob.

Outside of those three places the others can be hit or miss. Choose the one with the sexiest girls and hope they give good service. At the three listed above you should get a real massage treatment before the happy ending, where as many of the other erotic sex massage parlors in Budapest are more like brothels with little to no rub down first.

If you are struggling to find Asian girls for your sex massage then try out this Asa Akira Fleshlight. No, its not the real thing, but its better than nothing.

Best Brothels in Budapest

As mentioned the brothels in Budapest aren’t exactly legal but they seem to be tolerated. The odds of you getting in any trouble are slim to none.

There used to be a lot more brothels around then there are now, so many girls have begun setting up their own shop in apartments and cutting out the middle man. Some have said the quality in the brothels has gone down and the hotter girls are found online.

That said if you want to check out some brothels in Budapest you should start your search at Zug Bar which has been around forever. It is located at Bonyhadi Utca 141 and you should find some hotties there.

Belami is located at XIV Csomori UT 94 and has been known to have good looking girls. If you are looking for some Asian flavor you could try the Chinese Brothel located close to the KOKI Mall.

Best Strip Clubs in Budapest


Strip clubs in Budapest really are not recommended. Many are the classic bait and switch type places where you think you are buying a girl a cheap drink and end up getting a huge bill when you want to leave.

Particularly if you are a tourist they will try and pull this on you so make sure you always know how much everything costs and try to pay for everything as you go.

If you really want to visit a strip club you can try 4Play or the Hallo Bar which have good reputations. You should be safe there but it is still advisable to pay as you go.

At the end of the day why go to a strip club and spend 50 Euros to stare at boobs when you can Google some hot hookers and go to their apartment to bang them for the same price? Every city has its own value and here it certainly isn’t in the strip clubs.

Find Girls For Sex in Budapest Online

With so many prostitutes in Budapest using the internet now a days there are ‘communities’ online where you can meet different girls. Guys can even come back and leave reviews so that you know if the girl is legit or not.

If you want to check out the best one you should visit where you can see pics and read reviews on hundreds of prostitutes. It is a lot like Amazon actually, but for hookers instead of books.

If a girl is highly rated you should be in for a great time. If she has bad ratings then find another girl. Isn’t the internet a wonderful thing?

Another good way to find prostitutes online in Hungary is by going to These are currently the best ways to find sex in Budapest.

Meeting Non Pro Girls

If you want to try meeting non pro girls in Budapest you should get a condo off AirBnb in District V. This is where much of the nightlife is and you will be centrally located staying there.

Getting a condo is always better than a hotel, some girls will feel like sluts if you invite them to a hotel. But hopping in your bed in a condo isn’t a big deal…. go figure.

The girls have a pretty big interest in foreigners. Generally in cities like this where there are so many tourists around foreigners get a bad rep, but that isn’t the case here at all.

Sex in Budapest can come pretty easy whether you are paying for it or picking up non pros. Of course the other tourist girls will be easy pickings as they are on holiday mode, but so will the locals.

One thing you will notice is that in many nightlife places there will be bad ratios. We will tell you of some specific spots to go, but expect them to be sausage fests as they are the most popular places.

You will have just as much success, if not more, by walking around in District V and having your eyes open. Look for smaller bars that might have better ratios and head in.

If you are new in town Szimpla Kert is a well known tourist bar. Here you will find Budapest girls that like foreigners, plus you can party with drunk tourist girls as well.

Another thing you might want to do on your first days here is head out with Pub Crawl Budapest. This way you can find some cool bars, meet some other travelers, and maybe assemble a crew.

Some more good places to meet girls in the Budapest nightlife are:

  • Trafiq
  • Otkert
  • A38 Hajo
  • Corvin Club
  • Instant

But remember to stay flexible and keep your eyes peeled for better ratios. Astoria Square is a great place to go for many bars.

Day game is pretty easy here since the girls like meeting foreigners. You can head out in District V and there will be quaint little cafes all around that are good spots.

Or head to malls like West End City Center, Allee Shopping Center, or Corvin. You can also hang around Arena Plaza or Andrassy or Vorosmarty Square.

This is a great city to walk out of your condo with no gameplan, take a left and just start roaming. There will be plenty of girls out and they will feel safe if you are in the nice areas of District V or VI.

If you do meet some Budapest girls and want to take them on dates just find some restaurants, cafes, or bars near your condo. After you meet make up an excuse to head up to your room like you need to charge your phone or check your email.

If you want to take a girl on a day date head out to a Bath House or on a Danube River Cruise. Those would also be fun things to do on your own.

To meet girls online you should use International Cupid. This is a great site that will allow you to meet girls from all around the world as you travel.

You could also try out Adult Friend Finder if you just want a quick fling. There aren’t a ton of girls in this city using it, but there are a little under 100 active female users as of mid 2017. Sign up for free and see if you like the selection, if so go ahead and register.


Good Luck Finding Sex In Budapest

You will have many options available to you and the prices will be right. There are many available beautiful girls and you will have an awesome time in the Budapest nightlife.

Avoid the strip clubs or be careful if you go, instead focus on meeting girls for sex on the sites listed here. Or just head out and try to pick up normal girls that aren’t hookers.

For more good ideas on easy places to get laid check out this eBook. Good luck finding girls for sex in Budapest.

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