Finding Girls For Sex In Caracas, Venezuela

Finding girls for sex in Caracas will not be the hard part, surviving and enjoying yourself in the city will be. This is one of the least safe places on earth right now and things are not getting any better.

A little while ago this article went viral as a guy talked about how cheap things can be in this city. We will give you some tips on how to trade money here before you go.

Any time that you are visiting a city that isn’t safe you need to try and make sure that you stay in a nice area of town. Try to get a condo off AirBnb or a hotel off Agoda in the El Rosal area of town, a condo will be better value which we will get into soon.

This post on finding girls for sex in Caracas isn’t the same as our standard posts like this. It will be as much about the unique financial situation going on here as it is about the sex.

Don’t worry though, once we get through with the important financial and survival part we will mention more about girls and sex, don’t worry.

The Black Market Exchange In Caracas

If you aren’t aware the Caracas financial situation is in the toilet. That really isn’t overstating it, they were even having recent food shortages lately, things are that bad.

The murder rate is insanely high so you really need to follow travel safety protocol at all times. You may be asking why anyone would go here if all that is the case?

Well, because if you do risk it and make it out alive you will probably have a great time. The hardest part about your trip is going to be exchanging money, try to find a reliable money changers before you go.

The best to look for would be one that uses Paypal and will allow you to transfer to them and then give you cash. That way you won’t have to bring a ton of cash down with you limiting your risk.

There are certain sites and even Twitter feeds or Facebook pages that are great ways to find good money changers. Look for sites that have ratings and go with the highest rated people. We aren’t going to link any because we don’t want to be blamed if anything goes wrong, but they are out there on Google.

If you withdraw money from an ATM, use a credit card, or use the government listed exchange rate you are going to pay a lot more for things then you need to. Try and stay in an apartment if you can because hotels these days are supposed to only accept foreign currency crushing your value.

Don’t trust the guys waiting at the airport that will offer to help you exchange money, they are sharks. Also remember that the black market exchange is technically illegal. Everyone does it, but use some discretion when doing so.

OK, enough of that, back to finding girls for sex in Caracas.

The Price For Sex In Caracas

Generally you can get most girls for sex in Caracas for around 15k local currency. If you use the black market exchange rate you will be paying under $20 for the vast majority of girls here.

Some guys claim to have gotten model level girls for under 50k. The average price is probably around 15k though. Remember to always deal in local currency, if you negotiate in dollars expect them to charge more.

How To Find Sex In Caracas

There are many ways to find sex in Caracas, you can use an escort site like this one or others. That one is probably the best and most reliable so it is the most highly recommended.

There are also brothels around town like Casa Classica in Centro, Estudio Beautiful and Estudio Bella Donna. There are many others plus lots of erotic sex massage parlors in Caracas as well.

The best thing you can do is find a reliable taxi driver that knows the scene. Put him on the payroll during your trip and have him take you to different spots.

Is this a bit risky? Yes, but probably not as risky as you think. No one will know the current local scene better than a taxi driver because he will get a small commission for bringing business to them.

You can also try to meet hookers in Caracas online on dating apps like Tinder, Badoo, or even Facebook. There are also many girls in Caracas that aren’t hookers that would love to find a foreign boyfriend.

Hop on Latin American Cupid and you will be able to get many dates.

Good Luck Finding Sex In Caracas

If you are brave enough to go here you can have some great rewards. Try to be discreet when changing money and stay in the safer areas of town at all times.

Limit your risk as much as possible. For some safer budget single guy vacation ideas check out this eBook guide. Good luck finding girls for sex in Caracas.

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