Finding Girls For Sex in Copenhagen, Denmark


Prostitution is legal in Denmark, so you will legally be able to enjoy finding girls for sex in Copenhagen! Being that this is the capitol of Denmark you will find many beautiful ladies living in this great city.

Here you can find a red light district of sorts, strip clubs, street prostitutes, and erotic massage parlors. Also meeting hookers in Copenhagen is a rapidly growing industry.

They hand out a newspaper called the Ekstrabladet that has had ads for all sorts of adult nightlife entertainment for many years. Of course it now has a website and many escorts in Copenhagen advertise themselves here and it is totally legal.

Lets start with the street prostitutes and then move on to other parts of the nightlife from there.

Street Prostitutes in Copenhagen


While it isn’t technically a red light district, many consider the Istengrade Street area of the Copenhagen Central Rail Station to be the cities red light district.

Here you will find hundreds of sex workers during peak times, they will all be ready to go back to your room whenever you want. This isn’t your prototypical red light district like in Amsterdam or Hamburg with the window girls, but you can find the same end result here.

At night you might find street hookers in any of the touristy areas of the city, particularly in the Vesterbro area which is considered the city center.

Skaelbaekgade is another great place to find hookers, but it is right next to Istengrade so is basically the same area. You can find all sorts of ethnicities here, there are many Eastern European girls around as well as some black girls.

The price for sex here will depend from girl to girl since they are all freelancers. If you pick up a girl on the street you should expect to pay anywhere from 500kr to 1500kr, but with freelancers it is always negotiable.

Meeting Hookers in Copenhagen Online


There are many online escorts in Copenhagen and this is the best way to find the hottest girls for sex in the city. You can go to Google and search escort in Copenhagen, or head to the Ekstrabladet site/newspaper and look around there.

One nice thing is that many of the online prostitutes will speak reasonable English. In many parts of Eastern Europe there are also many online escorts, but when you call them if you can’t speak the local language they may not meet you.

That isn’t the case at all here, and since it is totally legal you don’t have to worry about any sort of police sting. Google girls for sex in Copenhagen and you will have plenty of options.

There are no set prices, expect the hottest girls to be asking for 1000kr-2000kr, some of the elite ones may charge even more then that.

Overall meeting girls for sex online is one of the best ways to get what you are looking for here. Pro tip: there are also a few hundred single and horny girls on Adult Friend Finder in this city. Take a look at the selection for free and see if you think it is worth it or not.

Most places around the world that site really isn’t worth using, but you should check it out here. Maybe you can find a horny friend with benefits, the only way girls find out and sign up to that site is by seeing links for it on sites like this or porn.


Erotic Massage Parlors in Copenhagen


Who doesn’t like a good sex massage? Since prostitution is legal in Copenhagen you can easily get your happy ending.

You may even be able to get a sexy massage from a hot Asian girl if you are lucky. There aren’t all that many sexy Asian girls around, but there are some.

There are sex massage parlors all over the city, particularly near the railway stations. Some well known ones are:

  • Siam Lotus Massage
  • Arunsawat Thai Massage
  • Citypigerne

Of course you can just Google ‘erotic massage Copenhagen’ and have a masseuse delivered right to your room. Many of the massage parlors here are basically just brothels, so don’t expect a world class massage.

You will have to pay a small fee for the massage, and then tip extra for your happy ending. Prices will vary, but expect to pay around 800kr for a blowjob and maybe 1200kr-1500kr for full service.

Finding Brothels in Copenhagen

There are hundreds of brothels in Denmark and many of them are in Copenhagen. Since you will have to pay both the girl and the brothel expect prices to be much more.

Anywhere from 1500kr to 3000kr, and generally more on the high side. Which brothel is best will differ from week to week based on who has the hottest girls.

A few well known brothels are Pleasure Club, Solcentret, and Retortgirls. Remember that many of the massage parlors in Copenhagen are brothels as well, but they should be a bit cheaper.

You can probably find cheaper sex in Aarhus as well.

Strip Clubs in Copenhagen


As always you need to be really careful anytime you are going to a strip club for the first time. Read up on our strip club tips so you don’t get scammed.

Considering it is so easy to find girls for sex in the Copenhagen nightlife you may want to skip out on the strip clubs all together. You are likely to spend just as much money and walk away with blueballs.

That said a few well known strip clubs are Waterloo Nightclub and LadyLove.

Have Fun in the Copenhagen Nightlife

The Copenhagen nightlife has a lot to offer, any time prostitution is legal you have lots of options. Things are definitely trending towards meeting hookers online being the way to go, but that isn’t the only option.

The area around Istengrade is loaded with hookers, plus you have all the sexy massage parlors and brothels. Good luck finding girls for sex in Copenhagen, Denmark! If you wanted to read about cities to pick up easy non pro girls check out this eBook guide.


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