Finding Girls For Sex in Dallas/Ft Worth

Dallas and Ft Worth are both very fun cities and you will surely have a blast if you live there or visit. There are many ways to find girls for sex in Dallas/Ft Worth and we will get to some of them here.

There are streetwalking prostitutes in, erotic massage parlors, and great strip clubs in as well.

When looking for girls you need to be a bit careful because prostitution is illegal and the cops do a pretty good job of cracking down on it. That doesn’t mean you can’t succeed if you look in the right places though.

Dallas actually is probably a better place to look for prostitutes though you can find them in Fort Worth also. There are more streetwalkers while both cities have lots of online and erotic massage options.

The nightlife in Dallas is definitely thought of to be a lot better but the Fort Worth nightlife isn’t to bad. You should try to meet hookers online in both cities.

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Prostitutes in Dallas/Ft Worth

As is the case in most of the world prostitutes here are moving online instead of walking the street. You can still find streetwalking prostitutes out and about in Dallas pretty easily but it is harder in Fort Worth.

One of the best places to find streetwalker in Dallas is Harry Hines Blvd from Loop 635 to Walnut Hill. Polk St and Kiest Blvd is another popular place for hookers.

On Brauers Lane around 1900, Nine Mile road around 3300, Interstate 20 near South Lancaster Rd, and St Augustine Road are all also very good spots to look for hookers.

Lancaster is also a hot spot for finding prostitutes on the streets of Fort Worth. Riverside Dr has many places where you can find prostitutes. From Berry and Rosedale also over by Riverside and Arlington.

Those are pretty much your best options to troll the streets looking for working girls.  You will find hotter girls if you try to meet hookers online in Dallas/Ft Worth.

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Happy Ending Massage


Erotic massage parlors have popped up all over the US and they are thriving in these cities. There are hundreds of massage parlors in Dallas/Ft Worth and many will offer a happy ending.

You can never be fully sure you will get a happy ending though. It can depend on the girls mood, if they have received any heat from law enforcement, or many factors beyond your control.

When price is mentioned that is just for the massage, extra services will be paid for by ‘tip’ and are negotiable. That said here is a good list of erotic spas in Dallas:

  • Bali Asian Spa
    2570 Walnut Hill Ln
  • Dupond Asia Spa
    2644 Walnut Hill Ln
  • Hula Hand
    11308 Emerald St Suite 103
  • Happy Massage
    11441 N Stemmons Fwy Ste 125
  • Red Rose Spa
    2018 W Northwest Hwy B-1
  • Sense Spa
    11633 Harry Hines Blvd

And for more erotic spas in Fort Worth check out:

  • Body Sensations
    505 N Main St
  • Water Falls
    2720 NE 28th St
  • Oriental Therapy Massage
    2815 S Cherry Ln
  • Lucky Foot Spa
    121 Rufe Snow Dr East 107

Just as with looking for prostitutes in this area on the streets you are much better off looking for an happy ending’s in Dallas then in Fort Worth. Don’t forget to watch the best happy ending massage porn at Happy Tugs.

Best Strip Clubs in Dallas and Ft Worth

Hot girls from all over Texas go to ‘the big city’ of Dallas to try and make it big. That often doesn’t work out as planned and many of these sexy college girls end up working in strip clubs.

This means that this city has some of the best strip clubs in the country with lots of smoking hot girls. You can’t bang em, but you can enjoy looking at their sexy bodies.

The Club House is a very fun fully nude strip club in Dallas. It is also bring your own beverage so you can save money on drink prices and the cover charge is only 20 bucks.

Spearmint Rhino may only be a topless club but it has some of the sexiest girls. You will definitely enjoy your time at Spearmint Rhino.

The Lodge is one of the most well thought of strip clubs and probably has the sexiest girls. If you are looking for a good strip club head to the Lodge. DG’s Gentlemans club is also a big favorite of local residents.

Bucks Cabaret is probably the top strip club in Fort Worth but Baby Dolls gives it a good run for its money. While the strip clubs in Dallas are generally a bit better Bucks and Baby Dolls ain’t to shabby.

A couple other strip clubs in Fort Worth you could try out are Pin Ups, Fantasy Ranch, and Chicas Tejas.

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There is Great Nightlife in Dallas/Ft Worth

There are many great ways to find girls for sex here. Generally you are going to have a better time in Dallas, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try in Fort Worth also.

One problem is the prices can be pretty high. If you take a quick trip over to enjoy the Tijuana nightlife you surely will be impressed.