Finding Girls for Sex in Kharkiv, Ukraine


More foreigners may know more about Odessa because of the great summer beach parties it has. However this is the 2nd biggest city in Ukraine, so you will have many options when finding girls for sex in Kharkiv.

Meeting hookers online in Kharkiv is the best way to go about it, similar to finding sex in Kiev. There are many prostitutes in this city, but there is not much streetwalking going on.

Instead these sexy Ukrainian girls will market themselves online. You can also meet them at the hottest nightclubs in the city, sometimes they may want you to pay them, other times they may give it up for free.

That will depend on your game, their mood, and how much they need cash currently. Many of the hookers are just semi pro and doing it part time. When they need cash the ass is for sale, when they don’t they have sex for free with whoever they want.

There are some strip clubs here, but as a tourist you will need to be careful at them. There aren’t any big brothels, but the hookers you meet online effectively work in apartment brothels.

You can also meet non pros on Ukraine dating sites, but we will get to that in the end. First lets hit on the main ways to find girls for sex in the Kharkiv nightlife. There are lots of sexy college girls here so you are bound to have fun.

Meeting Hookers in Kharkiv Online


Just like in Kiev, Russia, and many places around the world these days meeting hookers online is the way to go. You can Google hookers in Kharkiv or escorts in Kharkiv and find many options.

You can also find prostitutes on all of the dating apps like Tinder or Badoo. The best dating app to find hookers in the Ukraine is probably Mamba.

Hop on Mamba and start contacting all of the sexy girls you see. They won’t all be hookers, but many will be. This is how you can find sexy university students that might need money for books, or to hit the club that weekend.

A lot of times a handful of girls will rent out apartments and turn them into brothels. When you meet these Ukrainian girls online they will invite you to that apartment where the sex will happen.

The good thing about this is if the girl isn’t as hot in person you can pass and maybe bang one of the other girls working there instead. You can also find these apartment brothels in Kharkiv by asking a taxi driver to take you to find girls.

Prices are hard to pin down, but expect to pay anywhere from $50 to $150. Since they are freelancers it is all negotiable.

Strip Clubs in Kharkiv

There are quite a few strip clubs in Kharkiv and many of those sexy college girls will pay their tuition working at them. You can often invite the girl back to your place after work if you want to pay her.

On site sex shouldn’t be expected to happen here, but nothing is impossible. Remember that strip clubs all over the world are known to rip off drunk guys. Read our strip club tips before you go.

A few you could go to are:

  • Casta
  • Kakadu Club
  • Platinum 333
  • White Cockatoo
  • The Penthouse Club

Considering you are going to have to pay a cover, buy overpriced drinks, and might get ripped off these are not one of the better parts of the Kharkiv nightlife. That said you can find some really hot strippers working in them.

Erotic Sex Massage Parlors in Kharkiv


There are lots of options when it comes to erotic sexy massage parlors in Kharkiv, but the locations will change often. Even though the Ukraine has a long history of prostitution and guys from other countries coming here for sex, it is actually illegal.

They don’t generally try to bust the John’s or the girl if she is working on her own. However organized prostitution can get shut down from time to time.

Erotic sex massage parlors are considered organized, therefore they don’t really publicize themselves and change locations. The best way to find your happy ending massage in Kharkiv will be to ask a taxi driver.

They are definitely out there and available. If you happen to walk past a massage parlor head in and check it out. If you are presented with a lineup of sexy college aged girls you can be pretty sure a happy ending is possible for a tip.

Best Nightclubs in Kharkiv


This is a college town, and college girls love to party. There are quite a few really good nightclubs in Kharkiv, some of the girls might be hookers while others will just be normal girls.

It is hard to call one the best, but Bolero is often referred too as the top nightclub in Kharkiv. Some other great places to meet girls in the Kharkiv nightlife are Club Misto, Arkada, and Arizona.

The best spot will change from night to night. Stay flexible and if the nightclub you are at has no talent find somewhere else to go.

Meeting Kharkiv Girls Online on Ukraine Dating Sites

The best way to meet single girls in Kharkiv online is by using Ukraine Date. It is the top online dating site in the country, and you can find many sexy single girls here.

The girls will have a keen interest in foreigners because they see far less of them then the girls in Kiev or Odessa do. The downside is that many of them won’t speak much English so communication can be hard.

Just be friendly, smile, and speak slowly and hope that it works out. Send messages to all of the single sexy girls in Kharkiv on Ukraine Date and invite them out for dinner and drinks.

Quite a few of them will gladly go party in the nightlife with you. Generally girls here take 2 or 3 dates before they will put out, but since you can find some stunning girls in this country it is worth it to put in the effort.


Ukraine has been one of the mail order bride capitols of the world, and the best way to meet girls from foreign countries these days is by using dating sites.

If you are reading this from the western world and want to find a sexy future bride who hasn’t been spoiled yet you could try Ukraine Date.

Have Fun in the Kharkiv Nightlife

There are 1.5 million people in this city and there are many universities here. You know that there will be some very good nightlife around.

Try meeting hookers online on Mamba or just Google escorts in Kharkiv. You can also ask a taxi to take you to find girls or massage.

Head out to the best nightclubs and try to game the hottest girls you find. Some might be hookers, some won’t be. Use Ukraine Date to meet sexy single girls online, don’t expect to bang them the first night, but great rewards come to those who have patience.

Good luck finding girls for sex in Kharkiv!  If you want to take a mongering trip to enjoy the nightlife in Russia check out this eBook.


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