Finding Girls For Sex in Madrid


While the internet has taken over most of the world’s sex trade you can still find many prostitutes on the streets selling sex in Madrid. Sure some of the prostitutes here have started using the internet to market themselves so meeting hookers online works, but there are still many streetwalkers to choose from.

For those that like to do there hunting the old fashioned way you will enjoy a trip around here. There are some major areas with hundreds of prostitutes on the streets.

That is the upside and it is a good upside to have. The downside is other ways of finding girls for sex in Madrid are lacking. For instance trying to find a good erotic sex massage for a fair price is not going to be easy and borders on impossible.

If you are looking for an erotic massage spa you are probably better off saving your money and using it to take a vacation to more friendly confines. There are many good strip clubs but you need to make sure you choose the right ones because some have been known to try and rip people off.

So while some of the nightlife in Madrid is great other aspects of it are not. Most expats will say that finding girls on the street is your best way to go about it.  If you can find them on the street try to meet hookers online instead.

Finding Prostitutes in Madrid

When trying to find street prostitutes in Madrid there are two main places that you should be looking. Every expat knows about these major places as do all the natives.

Casa De Campo is one of the best spots to find prostitutes in Madrid at night. During the day it is a family friendly park with a zoo and other attractions. At night the hookers take it over.

Gran Via is the more touristy place to look for prostitutes and prices will likely be higher here. There are nice restaurants, sex shops, night clubs, strip clubs, and prostitutes all up and down this touristy strip. Many expats choose to live in this area so get a place off AirBnb there.

Overall they are pretty safe areas and you should not have problems finding a hooker here. That said, anytime you are dealing with exchanging money for sex you needed to take at least a bit of caution, and of course wear a condom.

Some good bars to meet freelancers are:

Best Strip Clubs in Madrid


All over the world strip clubs are a great place for guys to go to enjoy themselves. There are not many more entertaining things in life than staring at naked girls dancing on stage.

Madrid has some very nice strip clubs with beautiful women from all around Europe, but just like in other places in the world some strip clubs try to rip off their customers, particularly if they are too drunk.

Here is a list of some of the best strip clubs in Madrid where you should hopefully not run into any problems.

  • Chelsey located on Gran Via
  • Michelangelo Club C/Lopez de Hoyos, 6, Madrid
  • New Girls Cabaret on Gran Via
  • The Hot at Marquas De La Ensenada 16

You may want to try the Oz Theater as well at General Orgaz 17. There is a chance you will get a little more than only a lap dance in the back room here ‘wink wink.’

While Adult Friend Finder isn’t worth using in many cities around the globe that isn’t the case here. There are over 800 active female users in this metro area alone as of mid 2017.

All of these girls find the site when bored and lonely at home looking at porn. That means they are some of the easiest to hook up with you will ever find.


Finding A Happy Ending Massage in Madrid

If you are looking for an erotic massage in Madrid you can find it but it will not be as easy as in many other cities. There are definitely many erotic massage parlors around but locals do a good job of keeping them private.

You may be able to ask a taxi driver if he can take you to get a massage but that is always risky and you will have to be paying extra because he will get a cut for bringing you in and it’s you that will pay that cut.

There is one highly publicized happy ending massage spa in Madrid where you can go but it will be quite expensive. If you want to give it a shot try Amon Tantra located at Calle Castello 28001.

A few other places to try are:

  • Tantra Secret Spa at C/Doctor Fleming 41
  • Masajes Belisa at Calle de Doctor Fleming 31
  • Masajes Anals Plaza Castilla


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Good Luck Finding Sex In Madrid

The nightlife in Madrid is interesting when it comes to finding girls for sex. Street prostitutes are becoming a dying industry around the world thanks to the internet but they are still thriving in Madrid which makes it a fun place to visit.

Other industries like erotic massage parlors which are going strong in other cities have not caught on as much yet here but that may change at any point.

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If you want to know about some other places around the world to meet easy girls check out this eBook. Until then good luck finding girls for sex in Madrid.