Finding Girls For Sex in Mexico City


Being a major metropolis there is no doubt that you can find girls for sex in Mexico City. There are lots of street prostitutes around the city and if you know where to go they will be easy to find.

You can find hookers for sex in Mexico City for as low as $20 and of course there will be more attractive ones that will want more money. Some of the areas where you find prostitutes can be very rough so you need to be careful when you go there.

There are also a lot of good strip clubs where you can see sexy Latina dancers dancing naked on stage. These can be a whole lot of fun for a night out of partying.

Erotic massage parlors are getting more popular here and these can be a good place to find a sexy Latina for a happy ending but they will be more expensive than the street prostitutes since you have to pay the house and the girl.

There are a few select areas where expats in Mexico City choose to live because they are safer and luckily many of the best nightlife happens to be in those areas.

Of course you can meet hookers online anywhere around town so that is always a good option. Or meet single girls on Mexican dating sites that don’t want your money.


Finding Street Prostitutes in Mexico City

There are all sorts of districts in this city and many of them have girls for sex available. In La Merced there is a major market that sells everything from clothes to electronics to girls for sex.

This is one of the best places to go look for street prostitutes in Mexico City and there should always be many to choose from. Another area to find sexy Latina hookers is Buena Vista, but this is a bit rougher of an area.

Zona Rosa is one of the main places for expats and around Plaza Garibaldi there should be some hookers about. Around the metro stations you can often find streetwalkers particularly at the Merced, Pino Suarez, and Calle San Antonio Abad stops.

Calle Sullivan is one of the most heavily trafficked strips for street prostitutes and they can be very aggressive there.  You may want to use dating sites to meet hookers online in Mexico City.

Also check out the area around Calle Luis Colosio and Calle Juan Aldama. Overall there are much better cities to meet hookers than this one.

Best Strip Clubs


There are hundreds of strip clubs in Mexico City that range from nice gentlemen’s clubs to hole In the wall dirty bars. As a foreigner you need to be a bit careful if going alone because they may try to take advantage of you if you get too drunk.

You can find some very sexy Latinas in these clubs and if you are lucky some of them may even agree to leave the club with you or meet you after their shift.  Some of the top strip clubs in Mexico City are:

  • Solid Gold is located at Londres 156 Cuauhtemoc
  • Queen’s Mexico at Insurgentes Sur 210 Cuauhtemoc
  • Cheeks at 2841 Cerrillos Rd.
  • Bada Bing Club at A. De la Paz 39 Col. San Angel
  • Playmates at 800 E Broadway St.

You can also visit some swingers clubs in this city as well.

Erotic Massage Parlors in Mexico City


Erotic massage parlors are becoming more popular and these are great places to have some fun. They will be billed as massage parlors but from the moment you go in you can tell that they offer more than that.

Prices will vary and as if you are a foreigner you will probably be paying a tourist price. Remember that prices are always negotiable and you can get better deals if you know what the locals price is and negotiate well.

Anywhere from 500 pesos to 1000 pesos should be able to get you the massage with some sort of happy ending but how much you have to pay will be up to your negotiating skills and what the girl will accept.

Here are some of the best sexy massage parlors in Mexico City that you can try out. These are generally pretty safe and definitely safer then taking a street prostitute.


The names and locations can change often, so asking a taxi to find places like these really may be your best bet.  If you want a good eBook guide on finding girls in Mexico City click there.

Some well known happy ending massage parlors in Mexico City are:

  • Oxygen Boulevard Spa
  • Spa Aqua Extremadura
  • Clinica Savalle in Zona Rosa.

Sadly many of the places that provided happy endings in the past are getting shut down at a rapid rate.  The sex massage scene is really drying up here, and the ones listed above are no longer guarantees. You might be better off watching erotic sex massage porn on Happy Tugs.

Meet Mexican Girls Online

Things have changed a lot over the last year or two here.  They are shutting down erotic massage parlors or strip clubs that have back room fun as quickly as they pop up.

Now your best bet is to meet prostitutes in Mexico City online.  You can Google ‘escorts in Mexico City’ or ‘prostitutes in Mexico City’ and find some sites, but they disappear quickly as well.

Here is a good resource to meet Mexico City hookers online if you can speak Spanish, as is this Twitter account.

Have Fun Sampling the Mexico City Nightlife

With so many sexy single girls in Mexico City you will certainly have a great time. Finding hookers in Mexico City is not hard and it is a pretty cheap place to monger.

The Mexico City nightlife is great and that is why many people are getting interested in visiting. If you stick to the areas where most expats in Mexico City live you should be safe.

If you want to try to meet single girls online you can use either Mexican Cupid or Latin American Cupid.  There are thousands of girls from Mexico City on each.


If you just want to take an easy vacation to find girls for sex in Mexico City then the Tijuana nightlife may be a better option. Good luck finding girls for sex in Mexico City.