Finding Girls For Sex in Montreal, Canada


If you are looking for girls for sex in Montreal then you can find them in a few different ways. This city has a long history of prostitution but things have changed a bit over the years just like with the rest of the world.

Now it is harder to find street prostitutes in Montreal because many are using dating sites, dating apps, and even Facebook to market themselves. If you want to find the hottest ones you need to try and meet hookers online.

There are many great strip clubs where you can find very sexy girls dancing naked on stage for you. The strip clubs here might be the best strip clubs in Canada.

While there are no straight up brothels there are many erotic massage parlors which are basically the same thing. There is a lot of nightlife which makes it a great place to visit.

Finding Street Prostitutes

The street prostitution scene has dried up a lot over the years and now there are not many places where they congregate. The main place you would want to go looking for street hookers in Montreal is definitely around where St. Laurant and St. Catherine cross.

This is definitely the prime real estate for street prostitutes in Montreal. All around this corner and the surrounding areas there will be girls walking the streets.

You also could try any of the main tourist areas because others will always try and follow the tourists and the money. Overall though you will need to meet hookers online or head to a massage parlor.

Best Strip Clubs in Montreal


There are some great strip clubs in Montreal and there are almost too many to list them all. You will have a great time here and there are very sexy women working in these clubs.

Here is a big list of the best strip clubs in Montreal that you should try and visit when you are in town. They are one of the main reasons the nightlife in Montreal is so great.

Three very highly recommended clubs are Chez Doric, LE Vegas and Rendez-Vous.  If you want to visit a strip club where you can have sex in Montreal try out LE Gentleman in Marievile which is about 45 minutes from downtown.

  • Super Sexe
  • Bar Le Grand Prix
  • Kingdom Gentleman’s Club
  • Club Downtown
  • Chez Paree
  • Cabaret Les Amazones
  • Cafe Cleopatra
  • Solid Gold

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Erotic Massage Parlors in Montreal


Sex massage is getting more prevalent all around the world and there are many more erotic massage parlors in Montreal than there used to be. Many of these are known to basically be brothels where you can easily find girls for sex.

Remember that any prices listed here are just to get you in the door and to get the massage, a happy ending will cost extra. You also can never be sure you will get any extra services.

  • Genesis Masso
    5056 rue Cote des Neiges 201
    Price: $50
  • Le Royal Spa Montreal
    5180 Queen Mary #408
    Price: $60
  • Alteza Massage
    2017 Boul Rosemont
    Price: $50
  • Vietnamese Spa
    6442 Boul Saint-Laurent
    Price: $50
  • Salon Jasmine
    6060 Auteuil
    Price: $40
  • Relaxing Massage
    6700 Rue Sherbrooke O
    Price: $50
  • Metropolitan Massage
    4823 Boulevard Metropolitan East
    Price: $50

Many things may factor into it like the girls mood or if they have been catching any heat from law enforcement lately. You can always just watch the best sex massage porn on Happy Tugs.

Enjoy The Nightlife in Montreal

Good luck finding girls for sex in Montreal, it will not be hard. Remember to always use condoms when going with any sex worker.

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