Finding Girls For Sex in Nairobi, Kenya


While most of the talk about prostitution scene in Kenya is about prostitutes in Mombasa there are still many girls for sex in Nairobi available and prices can be extremely cheap there. Some girls will go for under $10 while more attractive girls will generally want $20 to $30.

One thing that is very important to note about nightlife in Nairobi is that there are many underage girls around and you will need to make sure to not go with any girl under 18 or you may find yourself in trouble with the law.

There are many many places to find street prostitutes and you can also meet hookers online in Nairobi. There are many beautiful women around and you will have a great time. There are also many great strip clubs in Nairobi which are a wonderful way to spend the night.

There are even erotic massage parlors and brothels for sex in Nairobi so it is a good all-around place to monger. Most guys will end up going to Mombasa for their  vacation but spending a few nights in the capital before or after is not a bad idea at all.

You may even find out that you enjoy the nightlife in Nairobi more. Mombasa is probably a little easier to manage because it’s a smaller town set up for tourism and Nairobi is a major metropolis. But all in all Nairobi is not that hard to manage.

One problem with Nairobi that is the same as in Mombasa is that hotels and accommodation are very overpriced in Africa. While the girls are very cheap anything else that you would want to find with a first world quality will be expensive whether it is hotels or food.

Luckily there are some expats living in Nairobi that put up rooms on AirBnB that are far more affordable then the hotels.

With all of the sexy black girls around that really won’t be much of an issue though. Problems are easily forgotten when a sexy girl is laying next to you.

Finding Street Prostitutes in Nairobi

Street prostitutes in Nairobi are plentiful and if you stick to the areas suggested here you should be able to find all that you need. The prices are great and you can get a very good girlfriend experience from these sexy ebony girls.

Once again you do need to be careful about the age of the girls because many of them will start working at a young age so if a girl looks too young you need to check her ID or find another girl.

The best place to start your search for hookers is on ‘K Street’ or Koinange Street. This is the biggest red light district in Nairobi and there will be many sexy ebony girls here.

Working girls outnumber customers by a landslide so it is a buyers market and prices are very cheap. Another red light district in Nairobi is the area around Westlands Road.

Street prostitutes also have been known to hang out around the entrance of the Amar Hotel and Kitale Hotel. Or look for them at Argwings Khodek street where they charge 500-1k shillings.

You may also want to try to meet girls online for sex in Nairobi on Tinder or on those links.

Best Strip Clubs and Brothels in Nairobi


There are lots of good strip clubs with sexy ebony girls from all around Africa for you to watch. There is a lot of variety here and you will surely see many girls that you enjoy. At some of these strip clubs in Nairobi be you can maybe have some extra fun in the VIP room or inquire about meeting the stripper after work at your hotel.

Some strip clubs in Nairobi you should visit are:

  • Liddos on Keekorok Road
  • Bavon which is downtown
  • Apple Bees Club on Gaborone Road

There are also quite a few brothels and new locations will pop up all the time. You can find some very sexy ebony girls in these brothels but once again you need to check their age.

Here is a list of some locations to find brothels in Nairobi but you should know the names and locations of these can change often. If anything on this list is not correct please leave a comment below so it can be updated.

Kericho East across River Rd is one of the most well known and well run brothels in Nairobi. Near Jerry’s Bar on Duruma Rd there are a couple of brothels right nearby that girls will call out to you from.

Tea Room is another great brothel and highly recommended. Sabina Joy is kind of an all in one strip club/night club/brothel located on Moi Ave.

Don’t worry these brothels are foreigner friendly for tourists and Nairobi expats alike.

Erotic Massage Parlors in Nairobi


Erotic massage parlors in Nairobi are a great place to find a happy ending. They are all over the place and finding ‘extra services’ will be very easy.

The price for a happy ending massage in Nairobi is very cheap but some of the massage parlors are very run down. You may want to see if the girl will do the massage in your room.

One erotic massage parlor you could try is the Ariya Thai Spa at Hayat House and Jalaram Road in the Westlands area. Another is Sonya Therap Gill House at Hotel Bilmas on the fourth floor.  Dev Towers has a very popular sex massage parlor in Nairobi.

You can always just watch the best erotic sex massage porn at Happy Tugs.

Meeting Girls In Nairobi Online

Many guys that come here are going to be overwhelmed by the city.  They will not want to go out and try to meet single girls in Nairobi nightlife for safety reasons.

Luckily for them they can use the internet and meet girls from the comfort of their own home.  Hop on Kenyan Cupid or Afro Introductions, the top online dating site in Africa, a week before your trip and you can have many dates lined up before you arrive.

Then you can do the same before you travel to any other city around Africa.  Afro Introductions will allow you to meet the sexy girls you want in a much easier and more efficient manner.

Good Luck Enjoying the Nightlife in Nairobi

Overall the Nairobi nightlife makes it a great place to visit for many reasons and one of them is the amount of available girls and the cheap prices. Finding girls for sex in Nairobi will be extremely easy, particularly if you meet hookers online.

Nightclubs will often have working girls in them.  Some good ones to visit would be Club Eureka, Gypsy, and Black Diamond.  Expect these girls to want in the 3k-5k range.

Remember that HIV rates are extremely high in Africa so wearing a condom is pretty much mandatory anytime you are with a sex worker.  Many expats in Kenya prefer Mombasa to Nairobi because it isn’t as hectic.

If you were looking for more places to travel cheaply and find hot girls for sex check out this eBook.  Until then good luck finding girls for sex in Nairobi!