Finding Girls For Sex In Nanjing, China

If you want to try to find girls for sex in Nanjing, China we have some tips to help you out. There is a whole lot of prostitution and naughty nightlife in this country but it isn’t always easy for an outsider to find.

They aren’t anywhere near as xenophobic as what you find in Japan, but it still isn’t easy for foreigners to figure things out. There are lots of small happy ending massage spas in Nanjing but if you don’t know what to look for you would never notice them.

This post will tell you about not only some specific venues to check out but also give you tips to find other places on your own. Boots on the ground and being on the lookout will help you find some hidden gems.

But this will be about more than prostitutes, any time you are traveling to a new land you are going to stand out. If you aren’t Asian than there will be many girls here that may want to try something they have never experienced before.

Lets go ahead and get started with the best places to pay for sex in Nanjing, girls that aren’t prostitutes will come after that. Then the best online dating site in China will be mentioned as well.

Paying For Sex In Nanjing

There are not a lot of well known options when it comes to paying for sex in Nanjing. Somewhere like Hong Kong you can find brothels all over town with ease, but it is different here.

The easiest way will be to find erotic sex massage spas for a happy ending, but that can be hit or miss. There are some located on Taiping Road and Yangling.

The area around the Daxinggong Metro Station has a lot of naughty nightlife. There are many massage parlors in this area where you can find what you are looking for.

You can head to Cheng Cheng which is located on Jinluan Alley and Chengge. It has some barber poles out front and presents itself as a salon/spa but it is a short time brothel in Nanjing that will cost you 300 rmb.

DaZhong Bathhouse located on Fujian Road is another good place to visit. You can find street prostitutes in Nanjing on Fengfu Road near Nantai, or on Ruijin Road and Jiefang.

Always be on the look out for barber poles, massage parlors (even foot massage) or red lights by the door. As mentioned there is a lot of low key prostitution here being finding sex in Nanjing is a lot easier than it looks.

Don’t forget to use the ‘people near you’ option of WeChat to meet hookers online. Or just watch the best massage porn online at Happy Tugs!

Meeting Single Girls In Nanjing


If you want to try to meet single girls in the Nanjing nightlife that aren’t hookers we have some good bars for you to check out. Nightlife will be easier for pick ups than day game for 2 main reasons.

The first is that alcohol is likely to be involved which always makes things easier. Just as importantly day game revolves around chatting them up where as bar pick ups generally don’t.

Chinese girls usually don’t speak much English and if you don’t speak Chinese it can be hard to have a reasonable conversation. So if you want to try to meet single girls in Nanjing nightlife try bars like:

If you prefer to give day game a shot then you can visit malls like:

  • Jinling Department Store
  • Wanda Shopping Plaza
  • Water Tour City Shopping Center
  • Central Emporium Mall

Just remember Chinese girls are really shy so if they look like you are freaking them out by approaching them in public just back off.

Meeting Girls In Nanjing Online

The language barrier can be a major issue but online dating can help smooth thing out. Many Chinese girls are in the process of learning English but are far away from being able to have a chat with a real English speaker.

That means they probably have done a bit of paper work and know a few words, but the thought of speaking to a native speaker is too much for them. However replying to a message on a dating site like China Love Cupid is not.

They signed up to the dating site because they want to meet a guy, so be that guy. Just keep your messages short and sweet plus don’t use any big words that may confuse them. One of the great things about dating Chinese girls is that you just need to be nice, you don’t need to try to impress them.

Many Chinese girls will be shy to be seen going out with a foreigner. You can try to invite them over for dinner at your place where there will be no prying eyes and they might think it is a fantastic idea.

Plus you can continue to use China Love Cupid to pipeline before you visit any other city in the country.

Good Luck Finding Sex In Nanjing

There are lots of small erotic sex massage parlors in Nanjing that you may never notice if you aren’t paying attention. Just look for the common telltale signs they use to let you know what is available and see how it goes.

Sometimes you will only end up getting a massage, other times you will end up getting that happy ending you are looking for. Also try to contact as many single girls as possible, the more shots you take the more you will make.

If you also want to visit Macau and Hong Kong check out this eBook guide that breaks down the sexy nightlife in both cities. Good luck finding girls for sex in Nanjing.