Finding Girls For Sex in Odessa, Ukraine


This is a big time party destination, so you know finding girls for sex in Odessa, Ukraine will be as easy as finding sand on the beach. There are so many different ways to do it, and we will try to break them all down here.

Some guys may just want to go to try and pick up single girls in Odessa. There is lots of nightlife here, and there is also always a big party going on at Arcadia beach during the summer.

If you want to put in the effort you can pick up some of these Ukrainian girls in the Arcadia nightlife. Other guys may just want to go for an easier sure thing and go with hookers.

You can find prostitutes online easily and there are some absolute stunners around. The prices are very reasonable so you will surely enjoy your time with the girls.

There are also strip clubs, brothels, and erotic massage parlors around. However you want to go about finding girls for sex in the Odessa nightlife you can accomplish it.

Lets first start with the logistics and hookers, then make our way back to the non pros and the best dating site in Ukraine, but first we need to talk about where to stay.

Where To Stay

Where a single guy should stay is not an easy question to answer. During the majority of the year the answer might be the city center.

During the summer months the answer is probably Arcadia. Most of the partying during the summer is done close to Arcadia Beach and at Ibiza Nightclub where girls in Odessa flock every night.

On the other hand the nice restaurants and good date spots are mostly in the city center. They aren’t terribly far away, but they aren’t exactly close either.

If you are going to live in Odessa then the city center is probably your best bet. Also, if you are going to try online dating then you will want to be in the city center for the better date options.

But if you just want to take a weekend vacation during the summer to party you should stay in Arcadia.

Meeting Hookers Online in Odessa

The best way to meet hookers here is similar to the best way to meet hookers in Kiev. Meeting prostitutes online here is very easy, you can Google ‘escorts in Odessa’ or ‘hookers in Odessa’ and find many profiles of girls.

What usually happens is a handful of hookers will rent out an apartment together and post ads online, turning the apartment into a brothel. Then you will find their ad, call them up, and they will tell you where the apartment is located.


You can also ask a taxi driver where to find girls and he will likely know of some of these apartment/brothels. When you show up there will be a few girls for you to choose one, and hopefully the pics you saw online were legit. If not you are free to leave.

Another great way to do it is to use the Mamba App. Download it and there will be lots of girls on here, some of which are non pros, some of which are full time pros, and then the gold mine is the semi pro’s.

You can find some sexy 20 year old Ukranian college girls that want to earn some quick cash. Some model quality girls will hop on from time to time, get the quick money they need, and then go back to being good girls.

This is the best way to find girls for sex in Odessa.

Street Prostitutes

There will be some street prostitutes in Odessa in the touristy areas, but the better quality these days is found online.

Tchaikovsky Street over by the port is generally a pretty big hooker hot spot. Deberovskaya Street is another place where streetwalkers have been known to congregate.

Then anywhere that there is nightlife there will be some hookers in the mix. During the summer that means the party area of Arcadia will have working girls intermingling with the non pros, so it can be hard to know who you are talking too.

Strip Clubs in Odessa


In general strip clubs in Europe are best to be avoided. They are known to try and scam tourists, and in a touristy town like this that will be even more likely.

Make sure to read our strip club tips before you go, and always confirm how much everything will cost and pay as you go. Do not run up a tab.

When it is so easy to meet hookers online in Odessa going to strip clubs and blowing a lot of money is kind of pointless. However Zazhigalka, X-Club, and The Office are some OK ones if you want to try them out.

Erotic Massage Parlors in Odessa

If you want to get a sexy massage in Odessa that is very possible as well. There are many massage parlors all around the area and you can be pretty sure that a happy ending will be on the menu.

Generally the massage won’t be very good, but that isn’t really what you are coming for is it? At these Odessa sexy massage parlors you can often get body to body massage, lingham massage, tantric massage, or 2 girl massages.

Don’t expect any sexy Asian girls, they will be staffed by Ukrainian girls but you can find some hot girls here for sure. Orient Massage is one of the best known ones and they have many branches around town.

You could also try Salon Drakon or Odessa VIP Massage located near the city center.

Arcadia Beach In The Summer


This is the best place to go party in Odessa during the summer, and Arcadia Beach is one of the best party spots in all of Europe. There will be so much eye candy all around you.

After these sexy Ukranian girls spend all day lounging on the beach they are ready to go party in the Arcadia nightlife. The main club is Ibiza but there are many others around.

Just put yourself out in the nightlife here and you will have a good chance of hooking up. There are many tourists from Kiev coming into town, and lots of local Odessa girls as well.

Meeting Girls in Odessa Online

If you are a tourist on a weekend trip then this may not be the best option for you. While you can meet some very beautiful girls in Odessa online they aren’t always keen to put out on the first date.

Often you will need to spend 2 or 3 dates with them before they give it up. Of course with how sexy Ukrainian girls are the reward will be very worth it, but if you are only in town for a weekend trying to find some semi pro’s on Mamba will be your better option.

However, if you live in Odessa or plan on taking an extended holiday there then Ukraine Date is the way to go. This is the top online dating site in Ukraine for meeting single girls, and there are lots of single girls in Odessa waiting to chat with you.

Read our online dating tips, and then after you have messaged lots of single girls start inviting them out. Have the first date be for dinner and drinks in the city center.

Second date take her to a nice dinner in the city center and then head over to Ibiza in Arcadia for more drinks and dancing. If you have played your cards right she will probably head back to your room later that night.

You don’t only need to search for girls in Odessa, check out girls in Kiev also. All Ukrainian girls know how fun Odessa is in the summer.

You can pick and choose from the hottest girls in Kiev and invite them to come party with you in Odessa. Don’t be surprised when many jump at the chance.

If you have the patience to put up with 2 or 3 dates before you score then you can have some of the best experiences of your life thanks to Ukraine Date.


Have Fun in the Odessa Nightlife


During the summer Odessa can just about rival nightlife anywhere in the world. Arcadia Beach and Ibiza are great places that every single guy should try to visit at least once.

If you don’t have the patience to wait a couple dates with the single girls on the dating sites then there are many hookers around. This is a place with many options.

Good luck finding girls for sex in Odessa!  If you are also going to be heading to enjoy the nightlife in Russia this eBook can really help you out.


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