Finding Girls For Sex in Prague, Czech Republic


If you are looking for girls for sex in Prague then you will have many options to find them. The nightlife here is some of the best in Europe so you will have a blast.

While prostitution is legal it is illegal to have organized prostitution like pimps or brothels but no one really cares as long as everyone is minding their own business. So there are many brothels in Prague that you can visit without having to worry about getting in trouble.

There are also many street prostitutes and you can find them in quite a few different areas. There are some good strip clubs here but there are also many that are clip joints that will definitely try to rip off any foreigner.

In a city where it is so easy to find girls for sex spending a lot of money at a strip club while risking getting scammed for even more it’s probably not the best decision. There are also erotic massage spas and some of them are staffed by very beautiful woman.

The price of sex in Prague is generally around $20-$80 but that can vary on many different factors. The red light district in Prague are also great places to go when looking for girls for sex. These laufhaus brothels will be discussed later but they are some of the biggest brothels in all of Europe.

There is a great cost of living so many Prague expats enjoy a great life for a great price. They also often try to meet girls online on various dating sites and apps to keep costs even lower.

Finding Street Prostitutes in Prague

You can find street prostitutes in Prague in a bunch of different areas, though not as many as before. Some argue that there is no reason to even bother with the street hookers because the brothels and laufhaus brothels are so good.  Plus there are so many ways to meet girls online these days.

That said some guys don’t really like to deal with brothels and would rather pick the girl up on the street and bring her to their own apartment. If that is what you want to do then here are some places you can look.

In the areas around Myslikova St and Odboru St there are often some streetwalking prostitutes out. At night you can find them at Town Hall Square and the surrounding area.

Karlova Namesti Square and the surrounding area is another hot spot. Wenceslas Square would be the last recommendation on where to find street prostitutes in Prague.

With how popular meeting hookers online has become as well as the brothels finding street prostitutes in Prague isn’t what it once was. If you go out to the discos and enjoy Pragues nightlife some of the girls there might be ‘working’ as well.

If you wanted to meet prostitutes online check out all of these links that talk about Prague hookers and online escorts. You could also try meeting girls that aren’t hookers on International Cupid.


Be Careful at Strip Clubs in Prague


The strip clubs in Prague are definitely a mixed bag. Many guys have reported being ripped off inside of the strip clubs and if you are a tourist by yourself or in a small group there is a good chance they will try that on you.

Never trust a cab driver or a guy on the street that you don’t know who tries to entice you to come into his club. At a minimum you will have to pay a large cover charge, and a maximum they may try and extort you for even more money.

That said some of the strip clubs in Prague have very beautiful women in them and here are a few that are known to be safe like Faraon Bar.

Darling Cabaret and Atlas Cabaret should be relatively safe strip clubs in Prague for a night out. That said there are far better options then paying so much just to look.

Many of the strip clubs are located around Wenceslas Square which is where the main expat nightlife in Prague goes on.

Red Light Districts in Prague

There are a few main red light district in Prague where you can find many beautiful girls. The way these red light districts work are a bunch of girls rent out rooms for the day and then keep all the money they earn while working there. The house only makes money from the girls not from the customers.

The prices are generally around $45 for one quick session. It is a similar setup to what you would find in Amsterdam where it is a pretty rushed session and you will need to negotiate for anything you are expecting to get outside of the standard quick bang.

Best Brothels and Sex Clubs in Prague


There are many great laufhaus brothels and sex clubs where you can go watch a nice strip tease and also have fun in the back room. They offer more than the strip clubs so you don’t leave blueballed.

That said they will also probably cost you more, but the overall experience will be a lot better. Here is a good list of some of the best sex clubs in Prague, but you may be best off visiting Sexy Sauna.

  • Hot Pepper’s at Wenceslas Square 21
  • A Velvet at Prague 4 Ve Svahu 13 Vysehrad
  • Extasy Cabaret at Prague 3 in Chlumlova 13
  • Lotos Club at Prague 4 Kopechko 832

Erotic Massage Parlors in Prague

Finding a happy ending massage in Prague is not that difficult and many of these erotic massage parlors are actually just brothels using massage as a front. If you go into one and choose the sexiest girl you will likely get no massage or a very bad massage but the ending should go quite well.

A few you may want to try out are:

  • Tantra Salon Praha located at Prague 6 Brevnov
  • Sexy Sauna at Ve Smeckach 19
  • Erotic Massage Prague at Francouzska 836/31

Sadly it will be pretty hard to find any sexy Asian girls at an erotic massage parlor so if you were searching for that hoping to find one good luck. However you can get a massage from a porn star in Prague at a well known spa.

Have Fun Sampling the Nightlife in Prague

You will definitely have fun with there being so many options for nightlife in Prague. There are so many ways to find girls and the prices are quite good by European standards.

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