Finding Girls For Sex in Saint-Tropez, France


This is one of the most traveled places on earth by the rich and famous. If you can keep up with them then you will have no problems finding girls for sex in Saint-Tropez, France.

By keep up with them of course we mean have the budget to do so. You can find some of the most stunning girls on the planet here, but if you don’t have the money you won’t be getting the honey.

There is not an in your face prostitution scene here, but make no mistake there are many hookers in St Tropez. They are going to expect a pretty penny, but many of them are hot enough to be worth it.

You can also try to pick up other tourists in the Saint-Tropez nightlife, but you better have some game to do it. The elite of Europe will be partying here and throwing money around, it won’t be easy to impress girls here.

One of the easiest ways to find reasonably priced sex in Saint-Tropez is erotic massage parlors. There are some around town that are staffed by Asian girls who want to give you a happy ending.

Overall the nightlife certainly has a lot to offer. Try and make sure you are staying right in the heart of it like at Hotel de Paris, Hotel Le Mouillage, or for a budget option Hotel Les Palmiers.

Getting a baller condo might give you a better shot but it won’t come cheap. You could always try to visit one of the many swingers clubs in France for more fun.

Finding Hookers In Saint-Tropez


As we mentioned the hookers are not as in your face here as in other places. There isn’t a red light district with girls behind windows, and there are no Asian style girly bars.

Instead you will need to head to the nicest hotels in the city and hang out at the bars, lounge and pools. Or go out to the best nightclubs where you will never be sure if the girl you are talking to is a hooker or just a regular girl that wants to have fun.

You can also try meeting hookers online in St Tropez on various dating apps like Tinder, Badoo, or whichever you prefer. This will be the easiest way to meet them, and it is generally pretty obvious to know who is a hooker and who isn’t.

How much will hookers in Saint-Tropez charge? That is an impossible question to answer because they are all freelancers and set their own price.

Don’t expect to do any bargain shopping here, hookers come here to earn big money off wealthy guys. If you can’t afford hundreds of euros then head to better spots for hookers in Europe.

Best Nightclubs in St Tropez


All over the world one of the easiest ways to meet girls for sex is in nightclubs. That is no different here, but just remember that many of the girls will be hoping to get paid.

Just going to these nightclubs in St Tropez won’t be cheap, some will have covers but even the ones that don’t charge 20+ euros for a single drink. Again, not a budget destination.

Les Caves du Roy is the most iconic nightclub in Saint-Tropez and it should be packed every night. If you only have time to hit up one club here it should probably be Les Caves du Roy.

Papagayo is another great bar and nightclub to check out. You may want to try and have dinner at l’Opera next door first, and then head over to Papagayo.

Bar du Port and Le Quai are a couple more you can check out. The prices will be high, but you can have lots of fun here, and of course meet some very sexy girls.

Have Fun in the Saint-Tropez Nightlife

The St Tropez nightlife has a whole lot to offer for those who can afford it. Great hotels, great beaches, great views, great food, great nightclubs, and beautiful women.

Finding girls for sex in Saint-Tropez will be well worth it because there are some serious hotties here. If you can afford it then more power to you, for easier spots to get laid check out this eBook guide.


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