Finding Girls For Sex In Yogyakarta, Indonesia


If you are into pay for play mongering then this may not be a good place to visit. Finding girls for sex in Yogyakarta won’t be hard, but it is probably one of those places that is better to live than to just take a quick visit.

If you just want hookers then you are going to be a lot better off in Jakarta or Bali. There are hookers here, and on a short trip it will be alright.

However if you want to enjoy the best parts of this city you will need time to get things set up. Generally our ‘finding girls for sex’ posts are all about hookers, but in Yogyakarta that won’t be the case.

There really is only one main area of town for a tourist to go looking for sex here so we will break that down. Then we will talk about why as a ‘bule’ you could have a great time living here.

Meet Prostitutes At Prawirotaman In Yogyakarta

No, this is not the only area of town where sex is for sale but it will be the easiest place for you to find it. The main freelancer pick up bar is called Lucifer and there should be some working girls here.

This is the ‘backpacker/tourist district’ and wherever tourists go in poor countries sex will be offered. If you walk around this area you are going to see some freelance prostitutes and pimps trying to help you out for a cut.

You can head to this area at night and you will find quite a few working girls. Again over time the scene will end up feeling small, but if you are on a short visit it will be fine. Prices are impossible to pin down because these girls are all freelancers.

Under 500k rupiah (1.3 million rupiah is equal to $100 USD) should get you almost any girl here, but some of the hottest may hold out for more. Many will be happy with 300k.

Erotic Sex Massage Parlors In Yogyakarta


You can find these all around Southeast Asia and there are some here as well. There aren’t a ton to choose from but you do have some options. The massage might cost in the 200k range and then you will have to tip for your happy ending in Yogyakarta.

How much the tip will cost will be up to your negotiation skills. A handjob happy ending can probably be had for around 100k, with a blowjob or sex being in the 500k range.

Some places you could try and visit are Mansion Spa, Elysium Spa, or Red Cliff. There are also quite a few cheaper options around parts of town where foreigners rarely go.

Meeting Hookers Online In Yogyakarta

Hop on dating apps like WeChat, Tinder, or Badoo and there will be many hookers. Some will say ‘massage’ or ‘escort’ in their profile. Be on the lookout for the word ‘waria’ because that means ladyboy.

Usually these online escorts will try and charge you a lot hoping you are a noob tourist and might think 1 million rupiah is a good deal. Counter with 500k or less and they will likely take it.

Meeting Single Girls In Yogyakarta


This is a college town with some big universities. That means girls aged 18-22 from all over the country come here to study.

While Indonesia is a Muslim country and many of the women are very conservative, they definitely aren’t all that conservative. In fact we ranked this country as one of the 3 easiest places to meet girls for sex online.

Bule is the term for foreigner here, and there are many ‘bule hunters’ that want to experiment with foreigners. While they only make up about 10% of the female population the bule hunters are extremely aggressive.

Picking up in the street or at a mall can be a bit harder here than other places in Southeast Asia. The girls will be shy to be seen giving a foreigner their number. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try if you see a hot Indonesian girl, just know that it isn’t a great country for that.

However these bule hunters are very active on Indonesian dating sites and Indonesian Cupid is the most popular in Yogyakarta. There are many sexy girls here that want to hang out with a foreigner.

And since they can be shy to be seen in public with one many are fine having the first date at your hotel. From there things will be really easy.

This may sound like a sales pitch but it really is true. We could have made that ‘3 easiest’ post we just mentioned a ’10 best’ to pimp more dating sites, but those 3 are the best we have found and Indonesia is very deserving of its spot on the list.

Hop on to Indonesian Cupid and check out the selection of single girls in Yogyakarta or whatever towns in the country you will visit. If you like what you see go ahead and register, if not it was free to check it out.


Good Luck Finding Girls For Sex In Yogyakarta

While there aren’t a ton of pay for play options here there will be enough for a short trip. Just head to Prawirotaman and Lucifer’s and hope there are some hot ones around.

The erotic sex massage parlors are another solid option as well. Overall though this isn’t a pay for play mongering destination. This is the type of place where a single guy can build up a harem of many university girls that want to have some fun with a bule.

Good luck finding girls for sex in Yogyakarta. If you are also going to be heading to Jakarta this eBook guide breaks down the naughty nightlife there.


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