How To Get Better Sleep When You Travel


How to get better sleep when you travel can be really hard for some people and can make the life of a digital nomad a pipe dream for many. Some people can fall asleep any time, anywhere, and have no problems at all.

But for others with insomnia falling asleep is hard enough in the most familiar conditions, let alone in a new room like when you travel. There are certain things that you can do to try and help make things seem more familiar and hopefully that will work for you.

Nothing will have you ready for the day like a good sleep, and if you lay around in your hotel bed all night tossing and turning you will not be able to fully enjoy your vacation. You may have already read about some of these tips, but maybe one of them will help you with getting sleep when traveling.

Pick The Right Hotel Room For Better Sleep

You should always try to book your hotel room ahead of time before you go anywhere, and when you do you should choose wisely. One of the first things you should do after targeting a hotel on Agoda is read through the reviews (if any are posted) and see if anyone is complaining about noise.

If not then search the same hotel on Trip Advisor and check out the reviews there also. If no one is complaining about bad sleep conditions then that hotel passes the first test. Then you should contact the hotel and ask if there is any construction going on nearby, the last thing you need is to hear hammering at 8am on your vacation.

Also ask if there are any bars, nightclubs, or places that play loud music late into the night. You need to hope that the front desk attendant will be honest with you, most will.

If they say everything is clear then go back to Agoda and book your room through there because they will give you a better rate then booking through the hotel will. Then you can call the hotel again, say you just made a reservation, and ask for a quiet room off the main road and away from the lobby or elevator.

You have now done everything in your power to try and get a quiet room. It won’t always play out, but if you take the above steps you are giving yourself the best chance you can get. Just in case you should bring along some ear plugs, and also a sleep mask.

When you check in try and see if they have a fan you can use. That will also help to drown out any sound. Or you can play some white noise like the sound of rain if that works for you.

A nice quiet room is a good start, but there is still more to be done.

Try And Keep Your Normal Schedule If Possible

This is certainly easier said then done when you are traveling, but your body is used to a certain sleep schedule and your best chance for falling asleep quickly is to stick with it. Do your best to stay with your normal nightly routine as much as you can.

If you have crossed many time zones then this may not be possible, and if that is the case the best thing you can do is get the adjustment done right off the bat. Force yourself to stay up until your new bed time, don’t try to sleep right as you get there if it is the middle of the day and throw everything off.

If you generally work out during the day then still try to get a work out in if possible. You want your body to feel like it has the same schedule it always has and that nothing is different now.

If you go out to party try to stop drinking (and smoking) a few hours before you are going to want to sleep. You always need to get as much of a cool down as you can possibly get before bed.

The last thing you want to do is party so hard that you can’t sleep, have a terrible hangover the next day that leads to a headache so bad you can’t enjoy one of your vacation days.

Your Bedtime Routine Helps For Better Sleep


Try to keep the same bed time routine that you would have at home. Don’t stare at a computer or smart phone during your last hour before you want to sleep, this is one of the worst things you can do.

Instead you should listen to music, a podcast, or maybe watch TV. Whatever you normally would do at home before bed would be best.

Try not to do these things while laying in bed. Hopefully your room has a chair of some sort in it so that you can sit there, and then move to the bed when the time comes that you actually want to sleep.

Once it is time to go to bed if you can’t sleep and have been trying for half an hour get up and move back to the chair. Sit there until you get tired again and then give it another shot.

Don’t spend all night lying in bed tossing and turning. The longer that you are in bed without sleeping the more normal that is going to feel to your body and mind. They need to think the bed is for sleeping only.

Good Luck Getting Sleep When Traveling

It is easier for some than for others and the lucky ones don’t realize how good they have it. All you really can do is try to get as quiet of a room as possible and try to stick to your normal routine.

Maybe bring some personal belongings along with you to feel comfortable like a pillow, your favorite shirt to sleep in, or anything else that will remind you of your bedroom.

Hopefully you will have been doing so much exciting stuff on your trip that you will be totally worn out by bed time and sleep comes easy. If not just do your best to slow your mind down before bed time and hope that you can get the sleep you need.

On our page for things to buy before traveling we have links to sleep masks and earplugs you can buy which may help.  Not only for sleeping in the hotel but on the flight also.

Good luck and hope this will help you get better sleep when you travel.  If you have any other tips that the readers here my find helpful please leave them in the comments.  This eBook may be able to help with your insomnia.

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