How To Get Women In The Mood


Unless you are an extremely selfish person you probably want your bedtime partner to have some fun when you have yours. Learning how to get women in the mood will be the main way to insure that you both have a great time.

Whether you are with your wife, your girlfriend, a friend with benefits, or a one night stand you need to try and make her happy. Not only for her but also for your own selfish reasons. If you can make her happy she will want to do it again and again, now you selfish bastards have some motivation.

Girls aren’t like us, they need everything to be right. The right day, the right night, the right moment, the right outfit, the right music. All of that is going to play into whether she is in the correct mood or not.

So how do you do it? First off you need to show her a good time and make her happy. A happy girl will be more open to having more fun. A bored girl will get tired, lazy, and want to go to sleep.

Take her out to a nice dinner, keep the conversation going, and make her laugh. Then once you get back to your place the mood needs to change.

A Romantic Atmosphere To Get Women In The Mood

When you get back to your place have a short chat on the couch and then ask if she wants to listen to music. You need to be stepping up the body contact now, when you sit next to her on the couch sit close.

When you left the restaurant you should have tried to put an arm around her or hold her hand, same with in the taxi home or on the walk. You can’t go from no contact to a kiss or she will be shocked, get her body used to yours.

Some of you guys are probably digital nomads or travelers and that means you will need some good speakers to bring along with you, your laptop speakers aren’t likely to be strong enough on their own.

Here are a few small portable bluetooth speakers that will fit in your backpack and work to play music off your laptop or phone.  They are the top selling and top rated portable speakers on Amazon. All the pictures are clickable links that will take you to the Amazon product page.





If you don’t like any of those options just hop on to Amazon and pick out your own.  They have everything you could ever want there.  You want to make sure that you pick some good music.

It wouldn’t have been a bad idea during the date to find out what type she was in to and then put on that or something similar. A light bulb should click in her head that you actually listened to her.

You don’t want to go full on cheesy Marvin Gaye, but something laid back is definitely the way to go. After you turn on the music you should dim the lights or light some candles. Better yet tell her you want to show her your new favorite scented candle and ask her if she can light it for you. Fire is a major turn on.

If you are a traveler you can go with something small and simple like this one.  Or this would be easy to travel with also.


If you are settled in at your home base then this apple cinnamon one would be great:


And this one is good for ‘stress relief‘ which can be the lead in to something that we will get to later:


There are probably a thousand different scents available on Amazon.  Just click here and shop around until you find the right one for you.

At this point the mood is set, you should sit back next to her on the couch as close to her as possible and put your arm around her. Have a bit more of a chat and then make your move.

Use Massage To Get Her In The Mood


Ya, ya, it is you that is supposed to give her a massage, but how hot is that picture?  We had to use it even if it doesn’t exactly play along, hmm the video is probably even more fun to watch.

Anyways, try to bring up the topic of massage and tell her you know how to give one. Maybe bring it up during dinner earlier, or when you pull out that stress relief scented candle.

On the first meet with the girl before you have never banged this might be a tad aggressive and it may turn her off. You need to read the girl a bit which can be very hard, but if you read her properly this will pay off in spades.

If you have already hooked up with her before then she will almost certainly say yes to a massage unless she for some reason doesn’t like them. If this is the first time back at your place she may not.

One good technique is to keep the massage card in your back pocket on a first date until you need it. Lets say there is just no chemistry between the two of you at all and a kiss would be completely out of the blue and have no chance to work.

Or she has already rejected your first 3 moves and the fourth isn’t likely to work either. Then you can start rubbing her shoulders and see if she wants a massage. It probably won’t work, but neither is anything else.

Lets assume that you are now giving her a massage for the first time. Be a gentleman and leave the room as she gets undressed and give her a towel to cover up with. There is a good chance you will come back in and she will have only removed her top and left her bra on.

Tell her you would like to give her legs a massage and hope she will take the pants off, and go ahead and unfasten her bra. If she won’t take her pants off don’t press her now, wait until she has felt the back and shoulder massage and then after 10 minutes ask again.

If you have done a good job so far she will probably now say yes. Keep the towel over her butt and start on mid thigh and work down. Do the calves and then go back up. Each stroke should go higher and higher.

The goal here isn’t to go straight towards her pussy, it is to tease her. When you go to get a happy ending massage the masseuse probably does a great job of teasing, now its your turn to have that chance with a girl.

If you have already banged this girl you can’t really mess it up from here. If this is your first time with her then you need to go slower, be patient, and cautiously make your move.

You can ask her to roll over and do an upper thigh to tummy to breast massage, but again that is pretty aggressive for a first time. One key is to make sure the lights are very low if not completely off. Those candles from before will work well.

You want her to get lost in the moment, to enjoy the sensations, and then when you make your move it will feel so good that she doesn’t want to say no.

Here are some great massage oils to help make sure she really enjoys this.



If you perfect your massage game you will have every girl you give one to begging to come back over for more. This topic is discussed extensively in this ‘How To Make A Woman Reach Orgasm‘ eBook that will teach you how to finish the job once you know how to get women in the mood.


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