Your Girlfriend Has A Smelly Vagina


If you play the field enough eventually you are going to run into this problem. You drop your girls panties as things are really heating up and you are hit with a stench you can’t handle.

You had planned on ‘going down’ there but now there is no way. You use your hands to get her worked up and that makes the odor even stronger. You assume that she has to be able to smell this and will take care of it by next time.

Her Pussy Still Stinks

A couple days later she is back over and you are making out on the couch. Things are progressing nicely and when you pull the panties down there it is again. You thought for sure she would notice and do something about it but she didn’t.

So what is a guy supposed to do when his girlfriends vagina smells? This is one of the most awkward things that can happen when you are dating but it is something you need to take care of.

Or not, you can always just dump her. But if you really like her and want to continue to see her then you gotta do something. Smell can be a sign of something wrong, and while it may not be a serious STD it could still be something that gives you some sort of urinary tract infection.

You can’t be going in down there all the time when it smells that bad. She needs to do something about it and if she isn’t noticing it on her own then you gotta bring it up.

Talking About A Smelly Vagina

Well have fun with that talk! Either way you bring this up it is not going to be a fun conversation. A face to face ‘hey your pussy stinks please stop your vaginal smell’ route doesn’t seem like the best way to go.

You could send her a text maybe. Or you could leave some vaginal douche page open on her computer or phone and hope she catches the hint. Maybe even buy one of these products below yourself and leave them on her bed or in her bathroom the next time you go to her place.

Something needs to be done and while all the options kind of suck you need to make the best out of a bad situation. Don’t embarrass her with it face to face, that is the last thing you want to do.

What would Lebron James do in this situation? He would send out some passive aggressive tweet that would get his point across without really saying it. While he gets ripped on a lot for doing this at times it can be the right way to do it, and this is probably one of those times.

These Products Can Help A Smelly Pussy

Nobody envies your awful problem but most of us have been there before. Some guys will dump a girl over this, but if she is worth it then give something a shot even if it will be awkward.

Try buying her one of these products from One of them should be able to stop a pussy from smelling and when it does you will be able to breathe through your nose again.  All of the links and pictures here will take you to the Amazon product page.

First off lets list the standard douching products.



Then here are some wipes if the douche isn’t working.


If all else fails it is time to call in the big guns for a smelly vagina.


Good Luck With Her Smelly Pussy

If your girlfriends pussy smells bad then you need to find a way to take care of that.  It isn’t going to be a fun problem to try and fix, but if she is worth it then you will put up with some awkwardness.

For more dating tips click here.  Until then good luck fixing your girlfriends smelly vagina.


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