Where to Find Girls For Sex In London, England

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If you are trying to find girls for sex in London there are a few ways to go about it. There is one very old red light district here and a new one that is actually better if prostitutes are your thing.

There are some erotic spas for a sex massage in London, many of which are located around the older red light district. There are also plenty of strip clubs and debauchery in that area.

If you prefer to meet girls who don’t want your money there is some decent nightlife in this city with some cool bars and clubs. It didn’t make our best nightlife in Europe post, though we are sure some might disagree.

This city also happens to have more active female users on a popular hook up dating site then just about any other city in the world. More on that later, lets start with the pay for play debauchery.

Old & New Red Light Districts In London

If you ask most people they will tell you that Soho is London’s red light district and it kind of is. This has been the main area for sleazy nightlife for many years.

You will find many strip clubs, happy ending massage parlors, street walking prostitutes, brothels, ladyboys, and scams here. Yup, can’t forget about the scams, they are common at all of the world’s red light districts.

However Soho has become very touristy over the years and there are more clip joints and scammers around then actual debauchery. If you go out in this area you need to be very careful about who you believe.

London’s new red light district is in Holbock and from 7pm to 7am prostitutes are legally allow to ply their trade here. Scams will probably work their way in this direction at some point, but for now reports are pretty positive.

So if you want to find prostitutes that is probably your best way. But rub n tug’s are still flourishing around Soho. There is a really cool kinky love hotel called Better Than A Bed you might want to take your street prostitute to.

Happy Ending Massage In London

Asian erotic sex massage London happy ending

All around the Soho red light district you will find plenty of spa’s offering erotic sex massage. Often it will just be a handjob happy ending, but if you are willing to pay for more it can probably be bargained for with many of the ‘therapists.’

Some specific erotic sex spas in London to look for are:

  • Tantric Paradise
  • Jasmin Asian Massage
  • London Sensual Massage
  • Butterfly Erotic Massage
  • Asian Mystic Tantric Massage
  • Eros Erotic Adult Massage Parlour

The first four are right there in Soho. Peachy Massage is just a little south at 189 Piccadilly. Velvet Massage is located in Covent Garden to the East.

Topless & Full Nude Strip Clubs

There are many topless and fully nude strip clubs in London, some have a good reputation others not so much. This is a city with a lot of money and an international flare to it.

That means you can see some very sexy naked girls from all over the globe dancing on stage here. It is always nice to have some variety and you can find plenty of sexy Latinas and hot Asian’s, plus many Eastern Europeans.

Some of the best strip clubs in London are:

  • Peter Stringfellow’s Angels
  • Whites Gentlemen’s Club
  • Spearmint Rhino
  • Secrets 1
  • Sunset Strip

Girls That Aren’t Hookers

If you want to try and meet London girls that aren’t hookers there is pretty good nightlife in this city. There are cool places to party spread out all over the place.

Some of the best pick up bars and nightclubs in London are:

You could also visit some swingers clubs here or in other cities around England. Earlier we mentioned that there are more active female users on a hook up site, well that site is Adult Friend Finder. You have surely seen it on a porn site or some other site about sex before.

In many cities around the world it isn’t really worth using. We did our due diligence and checked with them to find out which cities in the world had the most active female users.

Not just girls that signed up for an account and went dormant. We are talking girls that are checking their account weekly as of mid 2017.

London girls were at the top of the list with well over 2,000 active users. That is twice as many as you find in New York.

So if you are looking for some easy girls to hook up with now you know where to find them. The only way they find that site is if they are either bored, horny, lonely, or all three.

Sign up to Adult Friend Finder for free and see if you like the selection.

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Good Luck Finding Sex In London

While not a great city for nightlife or mongering it is still a really cool town to visit. If all you care about is getting laid there are better spots, but if you are here you can find what you are looking for.

Speaking of those better spots this eBook breaks down the best places around the world to meet easy girls. Good luck finding girls for sex in London.

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