Review Of Happy Hinomaru: Gaijin Friendly Pinsaro In Tokyo

Welcome to our review of Happy Hinomaru, a gaijin friendly pinsaro in Tokyo. Some guys may not be aware so lets clarifiy, gaijin means tourist and pinsaro means blowjob bar.

So this is a place where foreigners can go get a blowjob. Ya, sounds like a fun place to visit and one you might want to check out when you are in town.

If you are not aware lets quickly explain how finding sex in Tokyo works. That link has a full write up on all of your options, this one will only focus on one spot.

We have to point out that Happy Hinomaru is a gaijin friendly Pinsaro because most aren’t. As a foreigner you will not be allowed in to many nightlife venues here.

It isn’t that they don’t like foreigners, they are just worried you might do something to cause shame to a big spending local. Most Japanese people can’t speak English, if you try to talk to them and they can’t reply it can be a very shameful experience to them.

They may not want to return to the venue where this took place, and they could lost a very profitable customer. Since 99% of their customer base is Japanese they figure it is better to not risk it, it makes sense from a business perspective but kinda sucks for tourists.

What sucks even more is that the spots that do allow gaijin generally are the bottom of the barrel. The local guys get the hot 20 year old’s, tourists are stuck with the scraps. But at least we got something.

It should also be pointed out that pinsaro’s and any type of pay for blowjob service is totally legal. It is illegal to pay for pussy, blowjobs are fair game.

Lets go ahead and tell you all about this place so you can decide if you want to visit or not. After that we will briefly mention the best online dating site in Japan in case you wanted to try and get free sex instead.

Logistics of Happy Hinomaru

Happy Hinomaru is located in Kabukicho behind the Okubo Hospital. We have included a map which might be able to help you out a bit, or you can use Google Maps as well.

Once you are on the right street just look for the big white sign. It says ‘Happy Hinomaru’ on it underneath Japanese writing.

One of the bigger knocks on this place is that the blowjobs are done pretty much in public. You will be able to see and hear all of the other guys getting serviced around you, and they will be able to see and hear you as well.

If you are the shy type this may not be for you. Don’t worry, meeting single girls in this city isn’t too hard and you are probably better off going that route anyway.

The Price For A Blowjob

The price for a blowjob at Happy Hinomaru is 4320 yen. Tips are not expected but of course if one was offered the girl would take it, but there isn’t a big tipping culture in Japan.

An important note is that this only buys you 20 minutes of time. It is not until you cum, it stops after 20 minutes and they are pretty big sticklers on this.

If you don’t finish in the allotted time you will either need to pay more or leave unsatisfied. The price here is less then you are likely to spend at a hostess bar to have a chat and get no play.

The Pinsaro Girls

Looks can be subjective, and as we already mentioned as a gaijin you usually don’t end up with the hottest girls. The pinsaro girls at Happy Hinomaru aren’t the worst, but don’t expect any models.

You also probably won’t be able to pick which girl services you, so it is just the luck of the draw on whether you get one of the more attractive girls. However all should be very skilled at their jobs.

It sucks because Japan has some of the hottest girls in Asia but as a foreigner they will be very hard to come by.

Should You Visit Happy Hinomaru?

That is a personal decision. While it is gaijin friendly there are some reports of foreigners showing up and not being allowed inside. This isn’t common and you will probably be let in, but it isn’t 100%.

It is quite easy to meet single girls in Tokyo. This is the largest city in the world after all, it only takes a small percent of girls to like gaijin for you to be able to find easy dates.

While most girls won’t have a big interest in foreigners some will. And a small percentage of a big pie gives you a whole lot to eat off.

Meeting girls on Japan Cupid will be the easiest way. This will allow you to find that small percent of girls that like foreigners without spending hours at bars or on the street cold approaching women and getting rejected.


Just copy and paste the same short and easy to understand message to all of them. Any that reply will now become your prime targets and you know where to put your effort. Even if only 5% are interested with so many single girls in Tokyo on the site that is more than enough to get the ball rolling.

If you wanted to read more about how to deal with the tricky nightlife in Japan check out this eBook guide. Hopefully this review of Happy Hinomaru gaijin friendly pinsaro in Tokyo was helpful to you.

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