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If you are looking for some of the sexiest women on the planet then finding girls for sex in Kiev is a good place to start. The women are stunning here and you will find some very beautiful ones quite easily.

The game has changed a whole lot here over the past 10 to 15 years. It used to be that there were lots of hookers on the streets and in in the clubs in the great nightlife. However, now almost all of the action has turned to meeting hookers in Kiev online.

There really has never been a red light district here but there used to be a whole lot of places to go to find many prostitutes on the streets. Now they all hang out in apartments meeting guys online or having taxi drivers bring guys over.

You can still find some out in the nightlife but it gets harder every year, and since girls here can dress quite provocatively when they go out at night it can be hard to know who is a hooker and who is a regular girl partying.

We wrote a longer post about how to meet single girls in Kiev also since this one mostly focuses on pay for play. Using the best dating site in Ukraine is the easiest way.

Meeting Hookers in Kiev Online


This is the best way to do things currently and definitely where you are going to find the hottest girls. The prices will be higher when you meet a prostitute in Kiev online, but the quality will be much better.

Lots of working girls will now rent out apartments together and then use them as their place to invite customers to. They will set up advertisements online and sometimes let taxi drivers know where they are located.

That way they can get guys messaging them, calling them, or being dropped off by taxis. Then the guy will come up and pick the girl that he wants out of the 4 or 6 girls working depending on the time.

There can be some very stunning college aged girls here and if you pick the right ones you will be very impressed by the quality. The price is hard to put a finger on since there are no set prices.

Expect to pay somewhere between $30-$150 when meeting a hooker in Kiev online and doing outcall in one of these apartments. Years ago the prices were much cheaper, and even though the Ukranian economy is in the toilet the price of sex has gone up.

That is for a few reasons, one is more tourists and expats have been going to Kiev paying the girls more and more money. The girls also have read online about how much pros in other nearby countries make and don’t want to be considered cheap.

We realize $30-$150 is a very wide range and doesn’t narrow down things much.  Your goal should be to get the hottest girls online for around $80-$100.  Then the 7’s for around $50-$60.

Since everything else in the country is so cheap an expat monger can still live a cheap life and enjoy time with many sexy girls. Its just that the girls will be the biggest part of his budget.

Many of these apartment brothels will be in either Pechersk or around Pobedi Prospekt.  Near the Pechersk Station is probably your best option.

Another good option for meeting girls online is the Mamba dating app where semi pro girls can hop on and try to earn some quick cash. They will charge more than the escort girls, but they can be extremely hot.

A few more sites you can try to use to meet girls for sex in Kiev are:


If you walk around near Arena on Kreschatyk you will get handed businesses cards for some of the brothels.

Street and Bar Prostitutes in Kiev


While the majority of hookers in Kiev have moved online there are still around in the more traditional routes. You can find streetwalkers at places like Mandarin Plaze, Victory Square, and Leftbank.

These areas used to be flooded with hookers at night but now there are not near as many. Also now the hottest ones don’t even bother trolling the streets when they can get things done online from the comfort of an apartment.

You should be able to get a girl off the street in the $20-$40 range. While there are less hookers in the bars then there used to be girls still love to party so a girl who has been waiting around in an apartment for a customer all day may go to a disco at night.

When there she will probably still expect to be paid if she goes home with a guy. Here you will have a chance of getting a bit better deal then if you met her online cuz she may like you, be in a good mood partying, drunk, or just wants to have some fun.

Some good places to look for high class escorts in Kiev not online would be around Richelieu, Mokko, and also the OK bar. This is where the hottest ones used to hang out, and some still go today.

There are also many other popular discos in the Kiev nightlife and many of the girls at them will be up for a sex for money transaction. Skybar has been one of the top places for awhile now.

D-Lux, Serebro, Safe and Dante park are other places that you should have success. Again the prices can be pretty hard to pin down because they are freelancers and there are no set prices. Somewhere between $30 to $100 should be able to get the job done certainly.

A quick update, currently you should look for street prostitutes near Ministerstvo transportu on Prospect Pravdy up until the metro Shulyavka.  Also around the Lisova Station there are many.

Strip Clubs and Brothels in Kiev


Most consider the apartments to be the brothels in Kiev. They aren’t exactly the same as what you may consider a brothel but they pretty much are. You can ask any taxi driver in town and you can bet he will know where to take you.

There are many strip clubs in Kiev and a high percentage of the girls will have sex with you either in the back room or at your room after work. You can even possibly pay a barfine to get her to leave but it will be costly.

Not all of the clubs will allow sex in the back room so don’t assume that you are automatically going to do that if you get a ‘private dance.’ Also, you must remember that strip clubs are often clip joints in Europe so always confirm the price of any drink that you buy (for yourself or a girl) and pay as you go, don’t run up a tab.

Joss is one of the better strip clubs and usually has a lot sexy girls. Club Rio is probably the biggest and should have the most. Tato Club has been around for a long time and is another that you may want to check out.

With the girls in the apartment brothels being as hot as the strippers and being guaranteed sex spending $50-$100 at a strip club makes these an overrated part of the Kiev nightlife.

Erotic Massage Parlors in Kiev

All over the world it is happening and it is no different here, there are many more erotic massage parlors in Kiev then there used to be. These places keep popping up and some of them have some very beautiful girls.

If you are presented with a lineup when you enter a massage parlor then you can bet some sort of a happy ending will be available, and sex is probably on the menu. Even ones where you aren’t presented a lineup still will offer a happy ending at the end.

Some of these are basically like brothels and you can be 100% sure you can bang at the end. Others are just normal massage parlors where you can probably tip for a handjob.

Some of the more well known brothel style ones are Dolly’s, Moulin Rouge, and A Ballet Rose. At Roksolana they even have something known as a ‘lesbian show massage’ which is something we here at GuysNightlife have never even heard of, but it sounds interesting!

Prices may vary but for anywhere from $30-$80 you should be able to get your full service massage. Remember that during the summer many people go to party at the beaches and nightlife in Odessa.


Good Luck Finding Girls For Sex In Kiev

There are a lot of different ways to find good nightlife in Kiev. You can go to any of the discos around town and have a chance of picking up a girl there, but she will likely be a hooker.

If you are looking for the easiest way to find really hot girls then use the internet or taxi drivers to find the hottest prostitutes in the city at the apartment style brothels. You can find some of the hottest hookers in the world at them.

There are a few spots on the streets where you can still find working girls but not near as many as before. And the erotic massage parlors are definitely worth a visit.

You can also just try to meet girls online in Kiev that aren’t hookers.  Hop on UkraineDate and there will be many sexy girls wanting to meet a foreigner. It is the top dating site in the country so there will be tons of single girls using it.


Remember that girls in this region of the world like their man to be aggressive and manly.  Take charge, be an alpha male, and hopefully things will work out well for you.

Invite them out to party in the great nightlife or for a relaxing day at the beach.  The great thing about online dating is you can contact hundreds of them in a short amount of time.

Overall this is a great city and meeting girls for sex in Kiev will be well worth your while. If you will also be exploring the nightlife in Russia this eBook guide has many tips for you.



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