Where To Meet Single Girls In Hanoi


Vietnamese girls may be the sexiest in Southeast Asia, but they are also some of the hardest to score. This post can tell you some decent spots for where to meet single girls in Hanoi, but don’t expect any quick hook ups.

Usually when guys travel they want to go out, pull a slut, and move on to the next town. If that is your goal don’t even bother with Hanoi girls. One night stands are going to be extremely rare here.

On the other hand if you want to try meeting single girls in Hanoi to find a sexy Vietnamese girlfriend then that could be worth it. Casual sex doesn’t interest them, but finding a foreigner as a boyfriend might.

Knowing a bit of Vietnamese will go a very long way. Hanoi girls are rarely good at speaking English and most guys that travel here don’t know any Vietnamese at all. Knowing even a little bit can earn major brownie points.

One thing you will notice when you are in Vietnam is that the Vietnamese people and foreigners don’t mingle together very much. In the Philippines if you see a foreigner very well may be walking hand in hand with a cute Filipina.

In Vietnam that is rarely the case. They seem to stick to their own kind. They aren’t rude about it, but they also can’t be categorized as ‘open’ or ‘welcoming’ either.

We will talk about where to meet single girls in Hanoi during the day, in the nightlife, and also on Vietnamese dating sites. Those are probably your best option, but we will get into that later.

Meeting Hanoi Girls During The Day


You should probably stay in the ‘Old Quarter’ which seems to be where most tourists stay. There will be good restaurants and a lot of cheap hotels in this area. Remember to book with Agoda to get a better rate.

There is a huge coffee culture in this country and Hanoi girls are always going to cafes. There are cafes on every corner so it won’t be hard to find one.

If you see a single girl in Hanoi by herself at a cafe say hello. Some will be happy to chat with a foreigner, others will be cold. If she is cold back off.

Another great place to meet Hanoi girls during the day is at the many parks around town. Make a polite approach, smile, and speak slowly. You will quickly know whether the girl has any interest or not.

A lot of Hanoi girls want to learn English and will welcome the chance to chat up a foreigner. It may not get you a date, but it is worth a shot.

Usually malls are the best places to day game but Vietnam isn’t big on malls. A couple shopping areas you could try out are Hanoi Square or Trang Tien Plaza.

Meeting Single Girls In The Hanoi Nightlife

If you are in the Old Quarter then you are going to be around a good amount of nightlife and restaurants. Vietnamese may not do malls well, but they do food well.

Some good restaurants to try out are Tacos Fresh and More, Gourment Corner Restaurant, Red Bean, Bun Cha Ta or Aubergine Cafe. You can also try any Vietnamese restaurant you see and there is a good chance it will be quality food.

There are also lots of open air restaurants and bars in this area that will be nice for a date. Generally Hanoi girls go out with groups of friends so unless you like walking up to a table of Vietnamese and singling out a girl this might be pretty hard.

A good nightclub in the Old Quarter is the Dragonfly Bar Lounge. Some other good nightclubs around town are Funky Buddha Club and Infinity. This Hanoi nightlife guide has more recommendations.

Don’t expect to get one night stands from these clubs. You might be able to meet some single girls in Hanoi and get their numbers, but first night lays are going to be hard.

Meeting Single Girls In Hanoi Online


Many girls in Hanoi are going to be a lot better at reading/writing than they are at speaking English. If you approach them they may have an interest in you but be shy to try and speak with you in public.

However if you message them on Vietnam Cupid they may be more likely to reply and open to chatting. They are signing up to the site for a reason right? And that reason is to meet guys.

We wrote a lengthy post on meeting foreign women online and most of it pertains to Hanoi girls as well. Keep messages short, don’t use big words, and don’t do anything fancy.

Just be a nice guy (not a perv) and ask them some simple questions. Then invite them out on a date. Don’t expect to get laid the first time, making the first date a quick coffee date is probably the most efficient way.

Then next time try dinner and some drinks and hope she agrees to come back to your place. This isn’t a good city for casual sex, single girls in Hanoi don’t give it up easily. But you can find a good, honest, sexy Vietnamese girlfriend here if you are willing to put in the time.

Check out the selection of girls in Hanoi on Vietnam Cupid. If you like what you see register and start messaging them, if not it didn’t cost you anything to check it out.


Good Luck Meeting Single Girls In Hanoi

This is not an easy place to have sex with a lot of different girls. You are better off in the Philippines or Thailand than Vietnam if that is your goal.

But if you are willing to have some patience you can find a really great Vietnamese girlfriend in Hanoi. It will take effort and won’t come easy, but it can be very worth it.

Hopefully this post on where to meet single girls in Hanoi can help you to find the right one.




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  1. amir says:

    I am serching a hot girl in hanoi

  2. Drew says:

    Vietnamese Cupid is full of serious women, looking for serious relationships. Go elsewhere if looking for casual dating/hookups–it’s not worth the effort to get around their safety protocols.

    • In general most of them are, but you should never speak in absolutes. Even if only 2 out of every 100 single girls in Hanoi are up for something casual a dating site will be your best bet.

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