Where To Meet Single Girls In Kiev, Ukraine


This wasn’t one of the mail order bride capitols of the world for nothing. Now that more people are traveling than ever before they are visiting here and wondering where to meet single girls in Kiev, Ukraine.

There are many options for this, but just be aware that there are many hookers around. If that is what you are after we wrote all about finding hookers for sex in Kiev already, this post is about non pros.

When you are out in nightclubs you may always have to wonder if the girl is a pro or not, but that is just part of the deal in a country as poor as this. The girls will dress pretty slutty so it can be hard to tell the good girls apart from the prostitutes.

You probably shouldn’t expect to get many one night stands or first night lays here. Ukrainian generally take 3 dates to score, if you are lucky you might get it in two, if you are really lucky you might get it in 1.

Don’t count on it in one, but also don’t give up. If she is agreeing to go out on a second or third date that means she does have some interest and things are progressing well for you.

The biggest factor when it comes to trying to hook up will be the language barrier. The girls don’t speak English well, they probably are better at texting it than speaking it.

That makes day game pretty hard, but we will still give you some options for that. The nightclubs can be great places to meet girls, but there will be lots of hookers around.

Meeting single girls in Kiev online can be a great way to do it as well. Since they will likely text better than speak this makes the initial chats a little easier, but more on all of this later. For now lets start with day game options.

Meeting Single Girls In Kiev Day Game Style

Sadly this is not a good country for day game. You will be approaching a lot here and the majority of them either won’t speak English well or will be too shy to actually try to speak it with a native speaker.

Many of the single girls here definitely have an interest in foreigners, but they aren’t too keen on street or mall pick ups. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try, it just means that you shouldn’t expect to have a lot of success.

On weekends in the summer time day game options are pretty obvious. Head to the beach bars like City Beach Club or Bora Bora Beach Club to meet girls in Kiev.

That Youtube video we just posted shows what type of talent you can find at the beaches in Ukraine during the summer. They don’t get nice weather for too many months in these parts so they try to take full advantage of it when they get it.

Other good day game options are the Shevchenko Park which is located right next to a big university. Girls will hang out here between classes, and the more educated girls have a better chance of knowing English.

A couple of big malls you can try out are Dream Town and Sky Mall. Maiden Square is another place that will have some good day game options for you.

Don’t expect too much success picking up girls in malls or on the street here, but its not impossible. If you know some Russian that will help you a lot.

Picking Up Single Girls In The Kiev Nightlife


You will probably have a lot more success meeting single girls in the Kiev nightlife than with day game. That is just the culture here, the girls seem to be much more receptive at night. Be sure to plan your trip around the summer months when most European nightlife is much better.

However don’t expect to go out and pull chicks back to your hotel each night. There are two different strategies here that will work pretty well.

The first one is trying to spend some time with the girl the first night you meet her and treat it like a date from that point on. Change venues with her, maybe going to a park or to a casual bar for a conversation.

At the end of the night mention something about that being a nice first date and that you hope you can see her again. This way you may be able to kill 1 of the 2 or 3 required dates she needs to feel comfortable with you.

Or you can go out, get as many numbers as possible, and then set up some quick dates for the future. Like an afternoon coffee date with little to no hopes for actually scoring that time, but again getting 1 of the no score dates out of the way quickly.

A great place to go out and party in the Kiev nightlife will be Arena City where there are many good bars and clubs. Skybar is one of the top nightclubs in the area and a place you should definitely visit.

‘The Bar’ is another good spot and there should be some ‘foreigner hunters’ here that are hoping to meet guys from other countries. That always makes things easier.

A few more good nightclubs to visit would be Dali Park, Muzei, and then at UBK where there shouldn’t be too many tourists around. Sometimes it can be better to go to the ‘foreigner hunter’ bars like The Bar where girls are specifically targeting you.

Other times it can be better to go to places like UBK where you are one of the only foreigners around. One of the more popular bars is Shooters and it can definitely be a fun place to party.

This seems to attract a bit of a sluttier crowd and on Wednesdays when the girls drink for free you may have a good chance of pulling a drunk one. Remember, there will be hookers all around you :p.

Meeting Ukrainian Girls Online


If you go out in the day you are probably only going to get like 15% of the girls you approach to give you their phone numbers. That is not a very good success rate, at most you will get a number or two a day.

If you go out at night you will get a higher percentage of numbers, but they might be from hookers. Using Ukrainian dating sites is a great way to speed up the process and get lots of numbers quickly.

All over the world girls are flaky and it is no different here. Getting one number means nothing, you need to get a lot if you want to actually get a date.

On UkraineDate you can message hundreds of girls in an hour. Even if only 15% of them reply that is far more than you are ever going to meet any other way, and you will probably get replies from more than 15%.

These girls signed up to the site because they want to meet guys. Just remember to follow some very easy tips when meeting single Ukranian girls online.

Type out short, easy sentences. Don’t use big words that they may have trouble with. Make a bit of small talk then try and get their number.

Don’t over think it, keep it simple and easy. The more difficult you make it the more likely they are to get scared to try and speak English to you face to face and back out.

You are unlikely to score on a first date here so just set up something simple and easy. A coffee date at Maiden Square or a mall.

If you get a second date there is a chance you might be able to score so go for a dinner and drinks date. Nikka Bar and Paravoz are both good casual bars to take a date too. Then you can invite her back to your place, or out to the nightclubs.

If you don’t score on the 2nd date and she gives you a third then you are likely to score. Head over to UkraineDate now and search for Kiev.

Check out all the single Ukrainian girls available and decide if you want to register or not. If you don’t like what you see it was free to check it out so what do you have to lose?


Good Luck Meeting Ukranian Girls In Kiev

The girls here definitely have an interest in foreigners but the communication can be a real problem. Day game isn’t a great strategy but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make an attempt if you see a stunner walk by.

Going out in the nightlife will be more effective, but you shouldn’t expect any one night stands. If a girl is asking where your room is or is eager to head back to your place on the first night she is probably a pro.

When meeting girls online just keep things simple. Set up a quick, easy first date just to get that out of the way. On the second date involve drinks to loosen her up a bit. Hopefully you get lucky and score on date 2.

Good luck meeting single girls in Kiev. It may not be the easiest thing in the world, but nothing worthwhile ever is. If you also want to check out the nightlife in Russia this eBook can help.


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