Meeting Girls For Sex in Davao City, Philippines


Davao City is one of the biggest cities in the Philippines, and this is one of the easiest places in the world for online dating. Meeting girls for sex in Davao City will be pretty easy, but it might take a little patience.

Usually in these ‘girls for sex’ type posts we focus mostly on hookers, and we will get to those too. However this is not a place you should be going for mongering, there are other options like finding sex in Angeles City and Manila.

The Philippines is also known for being a place to go to find easy girls for casual sex. In some places that is true, but the Filipinas in Davao City are much more conservative generally speaking.

Sure, there will be some sluts here, there are sluts everywhere, but this isn’t a good place to go to be a ‘playboy.’ Instead this is a good place to find your future Filipina bride.

Lets get the hookers out of the way first, and then work our way back to the best way to meet girls in Davao City. In particular we will focus on the best Filipina dating sites.

Prostitutes in Davao City


Let us stress again, this is not a spot to go looking for hookers. If you are already here and want to find prostitutes in Davao City there are ways, but it isn’t a great place for that by any means.

The easiest way to find hookers will be to hop in a taxi and ask a driver for girls. Taxi drivers all over the world are a good resource for finding girls, and that is no different here.

They will make a commission for finding the girl a customer so they will be very motivated to help you out. Ask for girls, massage, or girly bar and they will know where to take you.

Sometimes you can find hookers in Davao City in the area of town close to Apo View Hotel and the Marco Polo building. Many know about the new president of this country, well he was the mayor of Davao for a long time.

He ran a very tight ship, so you won’t find many girly bars in Davao City like you would in other places in the Philippines. That means your options for hookers are freelancers.

Try to meet hookers in Davao City online on various dating sites and apps. It is generally pretty easy to spot a hooker, if a girl is showing skin in her profile pics, mentions ‘generous guys’ or makes any sorts of hints then you know who you are dealing with.

That said, Davao City girly bars do exist, ask a taxi driver and hope he knows where to take you.

Meeting Sexy Filipinas in Davao City Online


The best way to meet Filipina girls in Davao City is with online dating. Filipino dating sites like Filipino Cupid and PinaLove are just loaded with sexy Pinays that want to meet foreigners.

We ranked the Philippines the easiest place to meet girls online in the world and you will see why in a very short time on the sites. Set your location to Davao City and some girls will message you.

With most you will have to break the ice, but expect many girls to reply and be up for meeting. Remember though, the girls in Davao City are more conservative than Pinays in Manila or Cebu City.

You should not be coming here for one night stands or friends with benefits. This is a place to find a serious girlfriend, and then you can see how loving Filipina girls really are.

For that reason Davao City isn’t great for a vacation, but would be a wonderful place to live.


Meeting Davao City Girls In Public

While the Davao City nightlife is much more tame than in most places in the Philippines there still are some places to go. The Matina Town Square has been the main place to go for dinner and drinks for many years, and still is today.

Some other hot nightlife spots are the Acropolis Super Club, Indigo Bar, and Streets Urban Lifestyle. You will find lots of girls with their friends partying at these places on weekend nights.

Another great way to meet girls in Davao City is by using day game. That means heading out to popular shopping malls, parks, or any crowded areas.

While Filipinas are very friendly by nature many of the girls here may never have spoken to a foreigner before. If you approach one they may be shocked and a bit embarrassed.

If a girl does not look comfortable you should back off pretty quick. On the other hand, many of them will be very happy for the chance to talk with a foreigner, just be friendly then get their number and start texting them.


Good Luck Meeting Girls In Davao City

There are so many girls in Davao City and very few foreigners. When you log on to Filipino Cupid or PinaLove you will see just how much interest they have in meeting guys like you.

It really is not a great place to go for a short vacation, but if you are a digital nomad that wants to settle in somewhere for awhile it can be a great spot. Don’t expect lots of casual sex here, but you can find a beautiful and loving girlfriend who will care for you deeply.

The title of this post was meeting girls for sex in Davao City, but maybe it should have been meeting your future Filipina wife.


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