Meeting And Dating Single Girls In Saint Petersburg, Russia


Many expats have been moving to Russia recently because of the great value you can get there right now. Many prefer it here over meeting girls in Moscow and when they get here they want to find out about meeting and dating single girls in Saint Petersburg.

We will try and break down the best places to meet single girls in this city and where you should stay to do so. It is always easier to bring girls back to your place if you live near the area where you meet them, so pick your home wisely.

The majority of the best nightlife in the city happens around the same area so make sure to book your hotel or condo off AirBnb near Dumskaya Street or Nevsky Prospect. This is where you will do most of your partying, and where you will want to spend most of your time.

We will also cover some day game options, plus talk about trying to meet sexy Russian girls in Saint Petersburg online. For many years Russia was a great place for mail order brides, now Russian dating sites are booming as well.

It probably doesn’t need to be mentioned but you may want to try and learn a little Russian before you visit. While the girls do like westerners and your English speaking abilities will earn you some brownie points it will only take you so far with some girls.

If you can also speak to them in their own language, or at least make an effort to, that will be open up many more doors (by that we mean legs) for you.

Lets start with day game options and then move on from there.

Meeting Single Girls During The Day


If you want to meet girls during the day then the biggest shopping malls are probably your best option. You can try on the street as well, but girls are generally going to be more comfortable and approachable inside somewhere safe like a mall.

The biggest mall is Galeria and you can spend a couple hours walking around here meeting girls with no problems. It isn’t the only mall though, there are other big ones like Mega Mall and Gostiny Dvor.

Since you should be staying near Nevsky Prospect you can also just walk around this area during the day and try to approach girls. A great way to do this is by asking for directions somewhere in English.

Not all girls will speak English, but most do have some interest in westerners. This will give you an in, and then from there it is up to you to make it happen.

You can try and invite them for a coffee right then if they aren’t busy, or maybe to come back out to Nevsky Prospect later that night and join you in the many nightlife options. Saint Petersburg expats definitely prefer to stay near Nevsky if possible.

Meeting Single Girls In Saint Petersburg Nightlife


It isn’t fair to say that all of the nightlife in Saint Petersburg is located on Nevsky Prospect or Dumskaya Street. It is fair to say that there is so much here that you don’t really need to leave if you don’t want to.

This is where most tourists will stay, this is where girls who want to meet tourists will come, and there are plenty of ‘locals’ type places around as well.

In some cities you will have more ‘foreigner value’ by leaving the main tourist area, but luckily here that is less important. Girls from all over the city come to Nevsky and Dumskaya to party so there will always be fresh faces.

If you are looking for some good restaurants for a date near Nevsky Prospect or just to grab a meal and maybe bump into single Russian girls we have some ideas for you like:

  • Five O’Clock
  • Dream Club
  • Chainaya Lozhka
  • Beer House

As far as bars to go meet girls for some drinks before a nightclub you can stay at the Beer House, head to Gastro Pub Ivan & Maria, Morrison Bar, or better yet just roam around the area and see what place looks good.

There are so many options for places to eat and drink in this area. Bars are all about the crowd, if you see one with a nice ratio of sexy single girls go in for a drink. If the ones you read about here are filled with dudes move on.

Best Nightclubs In Saint Petersburg


Just like with restaurants and bars there are so many nightclubs around Nevsky Prospect and Dumskaya that you will have no problem finding good places to go.

The crowd will make the club, and the crowd at each place will be different from night to night. Our recommendation is to just put yourself out in this great area for nightlife and be flexible.

Don’t think ‘this is the best club we will go there all night’ and stick to the plan no matter what. If you find a better option then go there instead.

That said, some of the most popular nightclubs in to meet girls in Saint Petersburg are:

If you were more interested in meeting prostitutes for sex in Saint Petersburg click that link.

Meeting Russian Singles Online

If you want to try and meet sexy single girls online in Saint Petersburg then that will be very easy to do as well. Remember that many girls that have English as a second language are better at reading and writing than speaking.

Think back to Spanish class when you were growing up, how often did you actually speak it? The majority of the class was paperwork and that is the same for these Russian girls that try to learn English.

So if you send a message on a Russian dating site like Russian Cupid then you are going to have a better chance of getting a reply then if you walk up to the girl. Not only because she will understand you better, but also because she has already shown that she is single and ready to meet other singles.


If you walk up to a girl in a mall, on the street, or in a bar you never really know. But why would a girl be on a Russian dating site if she didn’t have an interest in meeting new guys?

You can message hundreds of girls in an hour on Russian Cupid, and they won’t only be the ones hanging out in Nevsky Prospect. You can message single girls all over Saint Petersburg and invite them out for dinner and drinks.

Take them out, have some fun, and since you booked your hotel on Agoda nearby you can easily transition going back to your place. Also, many girls will live on the other side of the bridges that go up at night so the ships can pass through.

They may not be able to go home if they party late, and that means they may want to stay with you.

Good Luck Meeting Single Girls In Saint Petersburg

There are many sexy girls in this city, and a lot of them have an interest in foreigners. If you have a thing for Russian girls then you will love it here.

It is a bit less expensive here than in Moscow, and many guys will tell you that the girls are friendlier here as well. Try to approach them with a smile on your face and speak slowly in English.

It will be pretty clear if they are receptive to your advances or not. If you can speak a little Russian it will definitely help you out as well.

During the day hit up the malls, at night stick to the Nevsky and Dumskaya areas. Be flexible, if you see a bar with lots of single girls and not too many dudes give it a shot.

Online dating is another great way as well. Good luck meeting single girls in Saint Petersburg. If you want to read more about how to have a great time in the nightlife in Russia check out this eBook guide.


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