Scams And Prostitutes At Pigalle Red Light District In Paris

There are many scams and prostitutes at the Pigalle Red Light District in Paris. If you are going to visit for the first time there are some things you really need to know before you go.

This is a world renowned city for many reasons but definitely not for mongering. When trying to find girls for sex in Paris many guys visit the Pigalle Red Light District.

Often times they get scammed, or at a minimum walk away feeling like less then they bargained for. Even though prostitution is legal here in some ways it isn’t fully legal.

There are many street prostitutes in Pigalle and on Rue Saint Denis but you can get a hefty fine for going with one. 1500 Euros for a first offense, and more than double that for a second.

And that doesn’t even have anything to do with the scams which are common at red light districts around the world.

Red Light District Scams

You need to be careful for scams not only here but also on Rue Saint Denis which is another red light district nearby. In both spots you are going to find peep shows, sex shops, and hookers.

The main thing you want to watch out for is touts on the street trying to offer you special deals to check out their peep show or strip club. This is how guys end up getting hit with a hefty bill when the night finishes.

Better off to avoid the strip clubs entirely. If you do go then be sure that you check and confirm the price of everything you buy before you get it.

That means an entry fee, a drink, and most importantly drinks for girls. Otherwise you might buy a hundred or even thousand euro drink without realizing it.

Many bars, strip clubs and peep shows are here solely to try and rip off tourists. Don’t enter them and they can’t get you. Of course in Pigalle you can visit the world famous Moulin Rouge without having to worry about a scam, but it will be pricey to enter.

The Pigalle Red Light District has been around for many years and that is one of the main stays. There are some other decent places around but unless you have a trusted friend showing you around you are best to not try to guess and check.

The Prostitutes And Sex


If you do find a prostitute on the street and want to have sex with her try and be discreet. You may even want to watch from across the street for a bit or walk around the area to see if anything seems suspicious.

The price for sex will be in the 30-70e range but that is negotiable. Don’t expect much in terms of girlfriend experience and don’t be surprised if they try to ask for more when you get back in the room to remove all their clothes, give a blowjob, or change positions.

Try and have that chat with them when you first meet and are negotiating the price. Arguing in the room is rarely going to end in your favor.

Meeting Hookers Online

Many guys have turned to trying to meet hookers online in Paris with mixed results. There are many scams on the online escort sites also.

If something looks too good to be true then it probably is. Look for a site that allows guys to review the girls after they have met and find girls with many reviews.

A new profile or only 1 review is far more likely to be a scam then a girl with 20 reviews. If the girls profile has her address on the page or pictures from Instagram then avoid them.

You might be better off trying to meet horny non pro girls for free sex on Adult Friend Finder. In lots of cities around the world that site is worthless but not in Paris.

There are almost 2000 active female users who have logged on in 2017. They find the site through the same way guys do, sites like this and porn sites.


You can sign up and check things out for free and if you like the selection of single girls on the site go ahead and register. If not then it cost you nothing but a few minutes to check it out, that is far less costly then getting scammed in a red light district or by a fake escort.

If you wanted to read about some better places to get laid and meet easy girls check out this eBook guide. It breaks down some of the best spots in the world for a single guy.

Good luck avoiding scams when picking up prostitutes at Pigalle Red Light District and Rue Saint Denis in Paris.


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