Planning How To Be A Digital Nomad


If you are going to give being a digital nomad a shot then there are certain things you need to plan out before you go. You need to figure out where you want to go, how long you think you want to go for, do you want to travel or stay in one spot, and oh ya how you will make money online.

The money part might be the most important thing, or maybe you are already rich and it doesn’t matter as much. The world has become so much smaller thanks to the internet and we live in a great time where traveling is easier then ever before.

It is hard to even fathom how people would have traveled the globe 20 years ago let alone 100. How would you know where to eat if you couldn’t Google ‘best restaurants in city x?’ or where to stay without Agoda or AirBnB?

A whole lot of guess and check would have gone into it and that isn’t a fun way to travel. But now that you can hop on so many sites and find good deals on places and check out customer reviews things are 100 times easier and more convenient.

Doing a bit of research online before you go will make your whole trip go so much smoother.

Where In The World Should You Travel?


Taking money out of the equation the most important thing to do is pick the right spots to go to. Only you know which are the best for you.

Since this site is more geared to single guys many of you will probably let your little head pick your destination. If you like sexy Latinas then traveling around Central and South America wouldn’t be a bad option.

If you are in the US this will be a bit easier and you will be closer to home if you ever need to return for any reason. There are many expats living in South America because it has a good cost of living and some beautiful women.


However the crime rate is pretty bad and you probably should at least know passable Spanish if you are going to live there for awhile. English may one day be the global language thanks to the internet, but we are decades from that one day.

What about sexy Asian girls? Want to be surrounded by a lot of them? There are so many expats living in Southeast Asia because the girls are so sweet, the cost of living is great, and it is much safer then Latin America.

Asians are passive people and you are unlikely to end up in any sort of violent incident there. But lets not kid ourselves, the Southeast Asian nightlife is really what draws so many expats there.

How about Eastern Europe? You can certainly find some great nightlife in places like Budapest, Kiev, and St Petersburg. This is another place where the cost of living is great right now and if you like sexy white girls you will be in heaven.

Africa? Do you dare? There are not too many expats living in Africa. Standing out can be bad in some ways but can be great in others, particularly in the nightlife as a single guy.

Can you travel to all of them? Sure if you can afford it! But most digital nomads seem to pick one region and explore it fully. For instance once you have flown into Southeast Asia you can fly from Thailand to Vietnam for very cheap. Flying from continent to continent isn’t cheap.

How Long Will You Be A Digital Nomad?


This is another thing you may want to plan out even though the answer may be you aren’t sure. Are you going for a few months? A few years? Or until you get bored?

Some people may head out expecting to stay on the road for a long time and then realize they don’t like traveling, not have the budget for it, or get homesick. Others may only plan on taking a few week trip and realize they are happier there then they would be at home.

If you have no real commitments then budget is probably the main determining factor of how long you will stay (outside of your happiness.) The better you are at budgeting your money the longer this trip can last.

There are some places around the world where you can live a pretty good life for around $600 a month. Notice that ‘live like a king’ wasn’t said, but decent life was. And in those places being a single guy that is an expat will have many advantages with the ladies.

Of course you will have to make some sacrifices to live that cheaply and you may not find it worth it. In Southeast Asia there are many places where you can live a very good life for $1,000 or even less.


Even a major city like Bangkok can be done on that budget and still give you a decent budget for nightlife entertainment. During your first months of travel you will probably spend a bit more then you plan.

As a travel noob it can take you awhile to learn the ropes plus there are some initial extra costs. But once you get the hang of it and learn the local prices and where the good value is saving money becomes easier and easier.

Pick a region that sounds best to you, travel around at first and find the right spots. Keep things flexible and if you get bored somewhere move on. If you are having a good time there is no reason to leave. The freedom to do your own thing is the most rewarding part.

How To Earn Money as a Digital Nomad


Maybe you are already rich and don’t need to make any more money, but most people reading this aren’t so lucky. That means you are going to need to find some ways to earn while you travel.

Some people get a business set up before they leave town and hire someone else to run it for them. Others get some sort of online business going. That can be pretty hard though.

There is a lot of freelance online work available and that is what most digital nomads are doing. They will go to the different sites where people put work up and try to find something to do.

This isn’t a way to get rich, but it is a great way to allow you to earn some money while you travel. Remember, we were just talking about certain places allowing a good lifestyle for $1,000 a month or even less. You don’t need to earn a lot of money to cover that.

You can do anything from writing to data entry to clickwork or more skilled online work like coding and programming. If you want to put in the time to learn how to code then you can actually earn a good hourly and build up some money.

Or you can just do the easy stuff, cover your life expenses, and enjoy yourself while you travel. Click here if you want to read a bit more on each of the different options of freelance online work and see if any of these sound like something you would want to try.

Plans Can Change

Again one of the best parts of being a digital nomad is the freedom that it brings. You can read up on different cities and plan to live there but you might find out you really don’t like them.

No problem, there are so many other cool places in this world and you can go to any of them. You may plan on doing some sort of work and then a month into it realize you hate it.

No biggie you can try a different type of online freelance work. As a digital nomad you have so many options. All you need is to find an internet connection, have a laptop, and do enough work to keep your travels going as long as you want them to last. This book has more tips on where you should go in Southeast Asia.


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