Smoking Weed Pro Tip: Your Weed Tolerance


They say marijuana is not addictive and while it is not as addictive as something like cocaine or heroin it does have a pretty strong pull to it. You can quit, but you can’t find any reason to do so.  Maybe this smoking weed pro tip about your weed tolerance will help put things in perspective.

There are quite a few people that smoke weed every single day. They can’t even fathom the thought of going a day without it. What are they going to do after work? Sit around and watch TV? But that would be so much better when high!

Eat dinner when you aren’t high? Are you crazy? Eating is one of the best parts, you only eat dinner 365 times in a year and every one of them needs to have the maximum enjoyment, the only way for that is to be high.

Any day to day pot head can’t even consider doing any of their normal leisure activities when they aren’t high. Whether it is watching an NBA game, The Game of Thrones, listening to music or hanging with friends it will be a lot better after you smoke a bowl.

But the thing is, when you smoke day after day after day for years on end how high do you really get? And how much does it take to make you get to that level? Even if you smoke a lot of the best medicinal stuff you can find you still aren’t going to be as high as you were getting that first time you smoked.

Those were the days right? Take two hits of the nastiest Mexican ditch weed out of some aluminum can you crunched up and poked holes in the side of and get high for hours. Then you graduated to some $10 acrylic bong and would get so ripped off a couple hits no matter how low quality the weed was.

Now you can smoke the finest weed on the planet out of your $300 triple bubbler and not get anywhere near the same effect. Well at least you had the good old days, but they are gone forever……. or not!

Resetting Your Weed Tolerance Is Easy


You have smoked every day for so long that your body is used to having THC in its system and when you add a bit more you aren’t going to get much effect from it. Well if you are an every day stoner you know that they claim it takes 30 days for THC to leave your system, but if you work out it can get out quicker then that.

So in theory if you stop smoking for a month then you will have a reset system and should get higher right? But who in their right mind would want to go a full month without smoking weed? They would have to be crazy.

The truth is it doesn’t take a month to reset your tolerance, it takes a whole lot less then that. As daunting of a task as this may sound all you need to do is take 5 days off the first time. 5 days, yes 5 dinners when you aren’t stoned.

5 nights of watching TV on the couch where you actually pay attention to the show and don’t have your mind wander to hot fudge sundaes or some funny video you saw on Youtube earlier. Yes, this sounds awful, but it will be worth it.

Try to find the right time to do this. Maybe take a vacation, sure the vacation would be better when you are high, but at least you are on vacation. Find some few day event that you think would be the most tolerable time to not smoke.


Maybe there is something you have always wanted to try but your stoned ass never got around to it, now is the time. Take 5 days, give it a shot, and see if you want to pursue it in the future.

Maybe spend the 5 days looking for a better job or going out and trying to meet some new chicks. Think how productive you can be when you have 5 days with no sit on the couch doing nothing time.

Resetting Your Weed Tolerance Is Worth It

The first time you try and stop for 5 days will be the toughest. You will inevitable have some boring times and all you will think about is how you are wasting a perfectly good time to smoke a bowl.

You may not be able to sleep, you might have become totally dependent on weed to help you fall asleep. If so that will really suck. But the first piece of good news is that this is going to get you much higher shortly.

When your 5 days are up and you smoke that first bowl you will know that it was all worth it. This will be the highest that you have been in years and you will never want to go back to being an every day stoner again.

Why get a little high when you can get really high? This first time will last you about a month before you slip back in to the every day rut of not getting that high. You will be able to tell when it is time for a reset again.

The good news is the next resets don’t need to be that long if you time them correctly. From then on take like 3 straight days off every month and your tolerance will always stay fresh.

Yes 5 days sounds awful, and the first time will be really tough. But long term this is the best smoking pro tip for your weed tolerance you could ever get.  If you need to buy any new smoking products check out this link.



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