Struggling With Going Bald


The first thing you need to realize is that you are not alone. The world is full of balding men and you have nothing to be embarrassed about. This can be tough to deal with, but don’t worry life will go on.

Maybe if you catch it early enough you will be able to stop it or slow it down so it won’t be noticeable for many years. Or maybe it is going to continue to fly out no matter what you try.

You might as well give the different products available a shot and hope that they work. They have worked miracles for some and may be able to do the same for you. But if not you need to deal with this in the right way.

Balding Rule #1: No Comb Overs


One of the most important thing to women is confidence. When you try to cover up your dome with a few strands of hair this signals you have zero confidence at all and it will turn them off big time.

There are quite a few hair styles to choose from and hopefully one works for you. The most obvious one is to just shave it all off and go hairless. Some guys have the right head for this and may look better this way then with a full head of hair.

Other guys may look like a goofy alien and they need to avoid it. If you are going to go this route you will need to shave often and that can get pretty annoying.

The natural inclination for many guys is to grow their hair out longer to get more scalp coverage. This is doing it wrong, you are thinking like a comb over.


If you want to get a haircut then cut it short. The shorter it is the thicker it will grow out giving you natural coverage that way. If you have long hair to try and cover it up the long hairs will be thin and people will be able to tell your obvious secret.

Some guys wear a cap. This will help you hide it, but it does more harm then good. Caps have been proven to speed up the balding process.

Get The Right Products To Stop Balding


Some guys will be in denial saying that it can’t happen to them, and by the time they feel comfortable admitting it then it is to late. Don’t be that guy.

The sooner you act the better things will go. You can’t wait until to much damage is done. Some products may be able to stop the balding process and if you act quickly you can keep all the hair you have. Don’t hold out hope for hair regrowth that only works for some guys.

Seeing a doctor isn’t a bad strategy. If this is something that has just begun you might have some sort of scalp infection and an anti bacterial shampoo might be able to stop or slow down the balding. Ketoconazole has been able to work for some balding guys. Cross your fingers and hope it works for you.

Some are to shy about this to even head to the store to buy these products or go to the doctor and talk to him about their balding. If you fall into that category then you can order these men’s balding products by clicking these pictures and links and getting them off

They will be delivered in discreet packaging so no one will have any clue what you are buying. And again you are buying them directly through so you know your personal info is safe.  Here is their Rogaine page, or you can search around for other products like some listed below.






If you want to pull out all the stops these new hair regrowth rejuvenation systems have been able to cure male pattern baldness for many men. They will not work for everyone, and are quite expensive, but if nothing is else is working you can give them a shot.



If Nothing Else Works Pick A New Hair Style

If you have tried all of the products and nothing is working for you all you can do at that point is accept you are going bald. Pick a new hair style and go with it.

This might be the time when you should try and see a stylist. Many guys would never dream of going to some fancy salon and seeing a stylist……. but you might be to the point that it is necessary.

You don’t have to see him every time, just head in once and get his opinion. Let him try out what he thinks is best and hopefully he picks out the right cut for you.

More and more guys are going with the bald look these days. You won’t stand out near as much as you used to. As long as you still have the same confidence you have always had everything should work out well for you.

Do your best to stop struggling with going bald.


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