Suggested Reading for the Flight


When traveling you are going to have a lot of time on the plane and need some way to kill it. Reading on your kindle or watching a movie on your laptop will be a great way.

Many prefer to read because it gives you a better all around experience and also kills more of that time. Well if you are looking for a good book to read then try out one of these.

City Of God

You may have already seen the movie but even so the book covers so much more. I would guess that only 10% of the book made the movie and the other 90% never should have been left out.

Check it out and your flight will fly be. If you aren’t aware its about gang wars in the ghettos of Brazil. There are so many interesting stories that are shared and every one is like a book of its own.

If you would rather watch it click here.

Layer Cake

Before Daniel Craig was James Bond this was what he was most well known for. But like usual the book was way better than the movie.

Drug dealing and crime gone wrong are the plot of this great movie based in Britain. Here is a link for you.

Or you can check out the movie.

The Godfather

Everyone has seen the classic movies but have you read the book? While this may be one time the movies were actually as good as the book that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t read it.

Mario Puzo has a way with words that few others have.

Or catch all the movies.

More Great Books From Mario Puzo

If you loved the Godfather then you may love some of these other great novels by Puzo as well. There are so many to check out that you might as well just go right to his page on Amazon and browse for the one that you think sounds best.

Recommended Stephen King Books

Stephen King is one of the most highly respected authors in the world and for great reason. He has put out so many books I doubt you have read even 1/4th of them.

Well a good thing about his books are they are usually very long so they can take up a lot of time on your flight. Here are some of the best he has ever written, and you can find his author pages for even more here.

Here is his latest book that came out this year!

Have You Read The Game Of Thrones?

You have probably watched the epic series on HBO but have you read it? These books are massive and the show only covers a small bit of them.

If you want all of the added details that you might be wondering about and to know how the author really wanted to portray everything click here.

Or you can start watching again here.

Books About Expat Life In Southeast Asia

Here are some good books about expat life in Southeast Asia. We will start with Private Dancer because it is a book that you need to read before you start dealing with Asian girls, particularly if you are going to hang out at bars.

Next we will go with a couple that will scare you straight to avoid doing drugs in foreign countries. If you are a fan of Locked Up Abroad you will love these books.

Dante from Nomad Philippines recently released a book about his first few years in Southeast Asia. He has one of the best expat blogs around and this book has many stories he won’t even release on the blog.

Lastly we will go with Off The Rails in Phnom Penh. Cambodia is still considered to be the wild west of Asia, but it sounds like it is nothing now like it was at the turn of the century.

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