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So many people wonder how to rob a bank, but not enough wonder how to rob a casino. While both of them have high security a bank is set up in ways to make it extremely hard to rob, and being near any real money worth risking your life for is going to be very rare.

That isn’t the case in a casino. Particularly in Las Vegas casinos are dealing with more money on any given day then most banks are, and most of it is in cash not checks or direct deposits.

If you walk up to a bank teller they are probably going to have a few thousand dollars in front of them, and to be able to get anymore they are going to have to call over a manager or access the vault.

Sure you could walk in, hand a note, and walk out with a few g’s, just hope you don’t get a dye pack that makes the money worthless. Are you really willing to risk your next few years of freedom for a few g’s?

If you want to get any sort of life changing money from a bank you are going to have to be heavily armed, do lots of scouting out the bank, and probably rely on others. All of those things just really upped the risk.

Relying on anyone else makes things so much riskier. You may trust yourself to not open your mouth, but can you really trust anyone else? The answer to that should be no, people talk and people rat.

Going in heavily armed means your couple year sentence if caught just became a big one. No more white collar summer camp for you, enjoy hard time.

Also, how do you scout out a bank? These aren’t places where you can just go chill and have a coffee. They are small and everyone will notice you in there. Unless you have real reasons to be there you can’t really fake it.


Why Robbing A Casino Is Better Than Robbing A Bank

Why is robbing a casino better? Well think about the main beef we just had with banks. They are small places that you need to have a reason to be in. That isn’t the case with a casino, they are generally huge and they are always happy to welcome anyone inside.

You can play a penny slot and scout things out, or you can just walk around and as long as you aren’t looking to suspicious they won’t take notice. They are pretty hectic places with lots of people moving around all the time.

The cashier isn’t going to have a few thousand dollars in front of them, they are going to have big money on hand at all times. If some high roller comes to them with $50k in cash or chips they want to cash him out quickly so he will continue to give them business.

There are many avenues of entry and escape in a casino, where as in a bank there is generally only a front door. You don’t want to have to get through the one and only exit that is now blocked off by a guard or even worse a cop.

At a casino you can plan things wisely and head straight out a side door once you have your hands on the cash. But, there is one reason above all others why robbing a casino is better than robbing a bank.

They don’t want to hurt their reputation, so they won’t shoot you. Casinos make so much money the last thing they want to do is have a shoot out inside that is going to scare off people from visiting.

Shots fired and people dead inside a Vegas casino is the absolute last thing they ever want to have trending on Twitter. That $50k that you may be able to run out is just a drop in the bucket to them, and bad publicity could cost them so much more then that.

Getting Out Of The Casino Won’t Be The Hard Parthow-rob-casino

If you have the balls to try and rob a casino and have a good plan you probably can get out the door with the cash. Getting the balls to actually go through with it will be the hardest part.

That guy behind the cage will give you the money when you pull a gun on him. He isn’t going to die for it. You can find exits that have no guards by them, and even if a guard comes by they aren’t going to be armed.

The harder part is getting away with it. There are so many cops in Vegas and of course the cameras are going to catch whatever get away vehicle you use. Within minutes every cop around the strip will be looking for whatever car or motorcycle you are on, and the person wearing your clothes.

There are CCTV’s all over by the strip and even off the strip. They will be able to track you for awhile, you might be able to get away with it if you have the perfect escape route planned AND get lucky to not pass a cop at the right time.

Your odds are definitely higher then getting a big chunk of change out of a bank, but they aren’t all that high. It probably doesn’t even need to be mentioned but you better be wearing a damn good disguise inside the casino as well because your face will be on camera from every angle.

One other problem you will run into is that if you wear a disguise as you walk in their facial recognition software will spot you and security will be alerted already. If you don’t wear it as you walk in then they will be able to backtrack on camera and figure out who you were when you entered.

Good luck figuring out that riddle, but where there is a will there is a way.


The Balls To Rob A Casino Five Times

So, this dude Jose Vigoa was born in Cuba and was trained by the Soviet Military before immigrating to the US. In the early 90’s he got caught dealing drugs and got a pretty lengthy sentence that had him locked up for half a decade.

When he got out he wasn’t going to deal drugs anymore, but he wasn’t ready to get a job either. He figured that dealing drugs was just to risky, every day you are up to no good holding something that can get a long sentence.

Why not plan well and pull off one quick heist, if you get away with it the rest of your days have no risk to em at all. So he got a crew together and he robbed a casino, but once is never enough.

Before all was said and done they had robbed the MGM Grand, Mandalay Bay, Bellagio, the old Desert Inn, and if that wasn’t enough an armored car as well. They put in real work and got out with loads of money.

This great book called ‘Storming Las Vegas‘ breaks down how they did it in really good detail. If you are a fan of true crime, or just reading about people that have balls to do things that most of us never could even attempt, then you should give it a read.

It doesn’t exactly give you a full on blue print for how to rob a casino, but it is an entertaining read and may give you a tip or two.



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  1. Poker says:

    He only missed the part out that some casinos also have some serious security behind the scenes that the regular customers never get to see.
    If these guys catch you, there will be no trip to the police station. They’ll find out who you are, pay you a visit and take you for a one way ride.

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