What To Talk About On A First Date


There are so many things to talk about on a first date with a girl that you should not really struggle to come up with a conversational topic, as long as the girl is interested in talking herself.

The problem is some girls can be really shy on a first date, particularly when meeting girls online, and that will make your job that much harder. Some of them won’t even talk at all other than respond with to your questions with a few short words and then it will be on you to keep the conversation going.

At that point sometimes all you can do is ramble and hope that it will entertain her. If you ever find yourself on a date like that try and move it to a place where there is other forms of entertainment, a movie at the cinema or your at your apartment would be even better. Live music or anything that will entertain her without you having to ramble about nothing.

Keep the Conversation About Her On The First Date


The easiest way to get a conversation going with most girls is to just ask her about herself. Everyone loves to talk about themselves but you must remember that nobody really wants to hear about you.

That doesn’t mean you should say nothing about yourself but you definitely want to have the conversation geared more towards what she she has going on in her life.   She will get bored hearing about yours no doubt.

Keep asking simple questions like where are you from, where do you work, where do you live, how many brothers and sisters do you have, what type of music do you like, what type of movies do you like etc. Then as she answers you can figure out new ways to steer the conversation.

All the while you should be sitting there with a smile on your face acting like this is the greatest information that you have ever heard. Let her keep talking, she will feel really happy to talk about herself, and things will be going great in her mind.

You will probably be mind numbingly bored but this isn’t your time to enjoy anyway, that will come later.


If she asks you about you, which some stuck up girls might not even do, try and keep your answers pretty short and don’t try and come off to braggy. Some guys will try and talk themselves up and will sound like used car salesman.

Girls will respect your honesty and they are really good smelling out your BS about how awesome you are. There definitely are some shallow girls out there where you are lies about your amazing life will help, but for most girls just being honest is the best way to go about it before moving the conversation back to being about them.

Never Talk About Sex on a First Date


The main rule about what to talk about on a date is actually what you should not talk about and that is sex. You should never be bringing up sex on a first date with a girl no matter what.

Getting a girl to agree to go out with you is not always easy and once you have done that you need to take full advantage. If you start talking about sex and being a perv during the date that will not work at all.

Don’t think that the things you say will be getting her turned on for later, instead they will just be putting a bad impression of you in her mind and she may get a bit freaked out by you.

Girls like to trick themselves into thinking that they are not going out on dates for sex. They want to be able to go home after sleeping with a guy and have the excuse of I didn’t mean for that to happen.

If you are bringing up sex during the date she will no longer be able to make that excuse which means she might get on guard and not allow it to happen. The last thing you want is for her natural defenses to get up during the date.

Summing Up What To Talk About on a First Date


Overall what to talk about during date is more about what not to talk about it. Don’t talk about yourself to much, and don’t talk about sex. The conversation should have a good natural flow to it and let it go where it goes.

Don’t be some boring serious guy, try and be entertaining with silly jokes that don’t come off too corny. The more you can make her laugh the better things will go.

If you find yourself with a boring type of girl that will not talk at all do your best to loosen her up with some friendly jokes and teases. If that doesn’t work try and find another form of entertainment to take the load off you.

The more dates you go on the more natural this will become and eventually they will almost have a robotic feel to them. Many first dates are the same with the same boring questions over and over and the more you can spice it up the better it will be.

What advice do you have for what to talk about on a first date? Please share it in the comments.  If you want more dating advice click here.


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