Travel Safety Tips

Travel safety tips is a very googled topic so people clearly have a lot of interest in it. Some people probably overdo it though, generally as long as you don’t do anything to ask for trouble you won’t get it.

Sadly that isn’t always the case though. There are definitely places on this planet where trouble can find you and in those places you must always be on alert.

Luckily they are few and far between and you can generally tell when you are in one. Your body has some great natural instincts that lets you know something is wrong. If anything ever feels off trust those instincts and be on guard.

You may also want to use google to find out where the unsafe areas of any town you will visit are and try to avoid them. That is pretty easy to do and as a tourist you probably don’t have any interest in those areas anyways.

Kalamitsi beach, Lefkada island, Greece.

But even if you try your best there are definitely ways for you to ‘get got’ by someone. One good thing is that most of the ‘predators’ out there are more interested in stealing your money or valuables then they are with stealing your life.

Travel Safety Starts Early

From the moment you get off the plane you really need to be on guard. Airports are some of the most common spots for scams around the world. They know you are a tourist and there is a good chance you don’t have a clue what the local price is.

You may get offered a taxi right at the exit for $15 and think ‘hey back home this would cost me $20 what a deal!’ while if you went to the right place you could get the same ride for $3. Every airport should have a ‘metered taxi line’ so head there first.

You even need to make sure that you choose one that is actually in the right line. Some of the sharks will pull up right next to it and try to get you to avoid the real line…… don’t fall for it. Any taxi that is going to jump the line of other legit taxi drivers will have no problem ripping you off also.

Make sure your taxi puts on the meter and try and mention that you are staying at your favorite hotel or heading back to your apartment. If he thinks it is your first time in town you may get taken on a tour of the city to run up the meter.

Hopefully you picked a hotel in a reasonably nice and safe location so that you can feel free to walk around the area and not worry to much.

Scammer Hot Spots

As a tourist there will be many people trying to scam you and they will mostly congregate in the same places. Anywhere that tourists go will be drawing some sharks that you need to be aware of.

Once again though most of these scams will be minor. Overcharging by a few dollars on a product or service and those you don’t need to worry about to much.

However there are some legit scams that can end up costing you a whole lot more and put you in varying degrees of danger. Many of them revolve around trying to take advantage of drunk tourists and often the lure of girls and sex are involved.

Strip club scams are some of the most common scams in the world. Particularly in Europe you really need to be careful any time you are trying to go to a strip club.

They will change the prices on your drink or a drink you buy for a girl and then when your bill comes you are asked to pay hundreds of dollars more then you should be. Then they will have a fake menu showing the exorbitant price of some drink you bought that you weren’t aware of.


At that point you will be in a horrible spot. The police won’t help you because they have a ‘menu’ and it is your word against the clubs. The police may even get a cut if it goes that far.

You will either have to pay or try and fight your way through a few bouncers, good luck with that. The best way to deal with this is to always pay for everything you buy as you buy it and confirm prices before hand.

Never run up a tab the first time you head to a strip club in a foreign country, that is asking for trouble. Also don’t trust random guys off the street in tourist areas offering to bring you into a strip club.

This is just asking for trouble. These sort of ‘clip joints’ seem to be prevalent in tourist areas and in ‘red light districts.’ They know guys are looking for sex and want to take advantage of it any way they can.

Another thing that is becoming more and more common is girls at clubs drugging guys and then robbing them in their hotel room. This may be a girl at a night club or a hooker strolling a Vegas casino.

Either way you need to be careful with your drink and don’t leave it unattended with your sexy new friend. Otherwise an hour later you may be in the taxi to your hotel with her thinking you are going to have the night of your life and end up with a nightmare instead.

At best you will get robbed and lose your money, at worst she will put to much in your drink and cause serious damage, even death. As a guy on a vacation you will want to have a girl over, just try and think with your big head and do it as safely as possible.

The druggings are more popular in South America then anywhere else but everywhere you should be careful with your drinks. Vegas hookers have also been prone to do this pretty often knowing guys won’t want to call the police and the hooker could get a potentially big score from a high roller.

Be Careful Of ‘Snatchers’

The main crime against tourists is definitely petty theft. Someone pulling a gun or knife on you would be pretty rare no matter where you are, but trying to lift your wallet or cell phone can be quite common.

Depending how poor the area you are in is the more risks people may be willing to take. In many third world countries motorbikes are more common then cars and in some places people will fly by on a bike and grab your wallet or phone right out of your hands.

In some extreme cases they have even tried to rip gold necklaces off peoples necks! This is obviously a very dangerous situation. Not flaunting money is always smart but in certain places it is imperative.

Some countries have people making $100 or $200 a month working full time. If you are walking around with a bunch of gold on or holding a $700 new iPhone that is going to look pretty attractive to them.

We all know to be careful around an ATM and it goes without saying, but in some areas you need to be really careful and keep on your toes for awhile.

As far as ATM use goes always try to use one at a bank branch if possible or if not then at a mall or somewhere with security guards and heavy foot traffic. ATM skimming is a real thing and you don’t want someone having access to your account.

Here are more travel safety products that can help.

Just Be Smart

Overall safe travel comes down to being a little prepared and not being unlucky. Do a bit of research to try and avoid the really dangerous areas of a city.

When in a tourist trap remember that if something sounds to good to be true it probably is. Everyone knows a guys weakness is women and will try to exploit that.

Don’t flaunt cash or give anyone a reason to target you and be careful with your valuables. If you are taking a trip in the near future and are looking for some products to help make your travels a little safer check out some of these safe travel items that can make things less risky for you.

Hope these travel safety tips will work well for you.  If you want to read about ways to make money online as you travel check this out.

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