Travel Tip: Digital Nomads Should Pack Light


Having freedom is one of the best parts about traveling and carrying a bunch of big bags will weigh down that freedom. Don’t lug heavy bags to the airport and then have to wait for checked baggage after the flight, digital nomads should pack light.

Particularly if you are traveling to Southeast Asia, South America, or anywhere that has a lower cost of living you can get laundry for super cheap or even buy some cheap t-shirts while you are there if you need them.

Finding the right backpack that can handle all of your needs will make things so much easier on your travels. This will allow you to be the first through immigration after you land and in the taxi on the way to having more fun.

The Best Travel Backpacks For Digital Nomads

Where would you go to buy a good travel backpack? And how would you know it really is a good one? Well why not just order a travel backpack online and trust the thousands of people that have reviewed it on before. is the worlds largest online retailer and they do major business. They use advanced algorithms to figure out what their best backpacks are and push them to the top of their searches.

Choose any of the great backpacks on this list and you will definitely be happy with your purchase. They will be durable enough to last you through many years of travel and have all of the things you need.

All of these pictures and links will take you directly to the Amazon product page. They have great warranties and are very safe to do business with.

We have gone through the list to make sure that every backpack on here will be great for backpacking across the world.  Or you can shop for yourself here in their backpack section.





Best Suitcases and Luggage For Digital Nomads

While traveling lightly works best for some it may not be possible for others. If you are going to be doing a lot of traveling and need to carry things with you then getting the right luggage will make things a lot easier.

Whether you need a whole luggage set or just 1 suitcase here are some of the best luggage options available on, or click here to browse around the luggage section for yourself.






Best Travel Accessories on

If you are taking a long flight then you need to try and find ways to get yourself as comfortable as possible. Having some nice electronics to entertain yourself will help a lot, but there are other things that will also make your trip easier.

You really want to make sure your trip gets off to a good start and being prepared for the flight is a good way to do that. And the flight home can be tough so you definitely want to have an easy go at that.

Travel Pillows and Comfort Options


If you have a long flight ahead of you nothing will be more important than your comfort. Those airplane chairs are not the most comfortable by themselves, but with the right accessories they can become tolerable.

Here are some of the best travel pillows that have many positive reviews on Amazon.  If you want to shop around for your own here is the travel pillow section.





Best Earplugs and Sleepmasks

Some people can fall asleep anywhere while others need some peace and quiet. Well on a plane there will be many variables that you can’t control.

Buy these top rated earplugs and sleep masks so that you can fall asleep and let the time pass in as easy of a way as possible.

Best Luggage Tags

Do you want to be able to quickly spot your bag in case someone runs off with it? Want a great identifier to tell security about if it goes missing?

Or do you just want to make your life a little easier when waiting for your bag as it comes off the plane?  Well these luggage tags will help you quickly identify your bag and make sure there are no mix ups.

Lost bags have been known to derail a trip or two in their time.  If you are going to be a digital nomad that travels a lot the odds go up and up on baggage handlers misplacing your bags.

Buying one of these luggage tags will lower the chances of that happening.  If you want to see the best ones you can buy online click here.

Don’t forget that Amazon will offer you some bundles at discounted prices, so look around when on the site and try to get the tags with the bags for even cheaper.


Be Prepared For Smooth Travels

Like many things in life preparation is key in travel. If you have the right travel products then things will go a lot smoother for you. Vacations are fun, the travel part usually isn’t.

But you can make it suck a whole lot less by being prepared. That way once you arrive you can hit the ground running and enjoy your trip or start making money online.

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