Why Your Girlfriend is Annoying


Do they not even realize how much ish we have to put up with? Your girlfriend is annoying as can be some times and we just have to sit there with a smile on our face and pretend we aren’t pissed.

Are they intentionally doing these things as some sort of psychological warfare? Or do they not even realize how inconsiderate they are being? Depending on the girl the answer to that may vary.

But at the end of the day we just have to sit there and take it because if we don’t we won’t get get what we want. Or as Ron White likes to say, this dick won’t suck it itself. That is what makes it so refreshing when you finally meet a girl that doesn’t play the silly games.

Girls like that are few and far between and when you find one you have to do your best to hold on to her. If she gets away and you jump back into the dating pool with the annoying girls you will then realize how great you had it with her.

Why Is My Girlfriend Always Late?


We all know that they take forever to get ready, but even if they don’t spend 2 hours preparing they are inevitably going to be late. The rest of the world is going to wait for them and they don’t care.

Whether it is because they need to try on 6 different outfits (and then settle on the one you knew they would pick all along) or check their Facebook one last time to count their likes they are going to be late for some reason.

Its OK, as a guy we don’t mind sitting in the restaurant or at the mall for an hour waiting for them. Oh we missed the movie? No problem we had a good time sitting on that bench over there doing nothing.

Just smile, pretend they are on time, and try to make them happy.

Your Girlfriend is a Hypocrite

Try not replying to a girls message and see how well she takes it. She will probably either end contact with you right then or flip out and ask why you can’t reply.

Yet if you send them a message they may go days without replying. Maybe they will tell you they were ‘so busy’ even though you know they weren’t doing shit. How hard is it to reply to a message?

But when they want you to be there for them you better be. If not then bye bye. If you go out with a girl in this day and age there is a good chance her head will be in her phone for half the date.

But if you receive one text and take 15 seconds to reply to it she may roll her eyes or have her full mood changed. When you are on a date with her you should only care about her! But she can ignore you and text away all night…… cuz that is fair.

Of course if you do get a text she may call you out for texting with another girl. Yet she can have as many guy friends as she wants and it isn’t an issue.

My Girlfriend Bitches About Everything!

It doesn’t even need to be something bad, she will still complain. Bitching doesn’t necessarily have to be about something you did, or her being mad about something.

It is just the day after day listening to them talk about negative things in their life that drives us mad. Do they really think we care that one of their coworkers gave them a rude look after they said something?

Odds are it wasn’t even a rude look and they misread it, but now their whole day was ruined and you have to hear about it. Whether it is in text or when you sit down to dinner with them they are probably going to talk about boring small problems they have.

And why are they always sick? How often do you get sick? Probably not very often. But if you text with girls you will always be hearing about how they are sick, aren’t feeling well, are so tired.

They claim to be so busy but what are they doing that makes this so? They aren’t working overtime, their job doesn’t take that much mental energy, yet they act like they are leading a country or something.

Even some of the nicest women you will ever meet will still be rude to the waiter. Why do some women feel like they only need to be polite to the people that they know?

They might be super nice to you, their friends, their family, but to the poor girl serving you lunch at Applebee’s? Good luck to her.

The question is why. Why do they feel like just because they aren’t friends with this person they can treat them like a dog?

For Women Everything Has To Be Perfect


For some reason they think every day is some big event and if it doesn’t go perfect then it is all ruined. Who cares, it is a random Tuesday. You will have thousands of them in your life, it isn’t a big deal.

You want to go eat somewhere and there is a long line. Oh god now you have to deal with a whiny little girl for the rest of the night. But she really wanted to eat at Shakey’s and now she can’t eat at Shakey’s and waaaaa waaaa waaaa!

She wanted to go see the movie and now you guys are late and can’t get in. Of course the reason you are late is because of her, but she will find something else to blame.

Now since she has to wait 1 more day to see the movie your night is ruined. If your night with her doesn’t go exactly as she has it planned out in her mind good luck getting her into bed.

Your Girlfriend Breaks Every Word You Say Down


Some women can be like a prosecuting attorney looking any reason to convict. And by convict we mean not sleep with. They will listen to everything you say intently and if there is anything they don’t like then you will go home alone and likely not hear from them again.

Of course you don’t want to hear about anything that they have to say, but you better pretend like you do. If you aren’t paying full attention to her at every second and thinking up perfect replies then you have no chance.

The problem is you can say something completely innocent but they will take it in the wrong way. Once they do that their mind is made up and there is no turning back.

Women Use Men More Than Men Use Women

Why is there so much talk about men using women but never the other way around. Even if you don’t count the gold diggers that use men for dinners, jewelry, and vacations there are still many women that use men.

Here is a scenario that plays out time and time again if you do to much ‘dating’ on Tinder. You and some cute girl will swipe right and start to chat.

You will be texting with her all throughout the day and things are going great. You invest a lot of time and energy on entertaining this girl while she is bored. You are a good textmate, you make her laugh, and you listen to all of her complaints and are there to support her when she needs it.


Of course you are doing this in hopes of getting laid. You don’t really want to listen to her bitch about how bad her day was (that wasn’t that bad) but you do it anyways.

This may go on for a week or two. You invite her to hang out a few times and she is always ‘so busy’ but will let you know when she is free. Then you get ghosted.

She never replies again and now all of that time you invested on her was for nothing. She used you for exactly what she wanted from you, and then it is over just like that.

Was she a prosecutor and you said something wrong? Or was her goal the whole time just to use you to help her pass the boring time at work or on the ride home? Then once she got bored of you she just casts you off.

In modern times that scenario happens 1,000 times as often as guys using girls for sex. Oh ya and women use guys for sex also, we just don’t mind when it happens so don’t complain about it :p.

Some Guys Are Fine Putting Up With Annoying Girlfriends

That just how life is. If you want to get laid you are going to have to deal with some annoying women. Maybe you can get lucky and find a girl with none of those traits or only a few of them.

Unfortunately, you will probably go for the hottest possible girl you can get (like the rest of us) and the hotter ones have so many options they know they can behave like this. They know exactly what we want and what lengths we will go to get it.

Some of them are masters at playing us, so when you finally find that one that doesn’t want to play games anymore you need to hang on to her.  Sometimes it just feels like watching porn is a better use of our time.


Many Guys Are Moving Abroad For Easier Pickings

In the western world the balance of power has shifted over the past 50 years. For the longest time the man was in charge of the house but slowly that has changed.

Now in the majority of the households the women hold all the power and that is because they have learned that they can keep their legs shut until men do what they want. That is one of the main reasons we have to put up with so much crap.

Well it isn’t like that all over there world. There are more and more expats in foreign countries these days and that is because the women don’t have the control there.

Most guys don’t care about being ‘the boss’ of the household or getting the woman to do what he says. They just don’t want to be someones bitch and that is what life is like in the western world for many men.

So instead of putting up with it they fly to Southeast Asia or Latin America where they can find sweet caring girls that still want to please their man, not just use him to do things for them.

Try logging on to an Asian online dating site and see how sweet the girls are. It is a completely different experience from trying to ‘game’ some westernized woman. In fact you don’t have to ‘game’ them at all, you just have to be nice.


Many guys will take trips abroad so that they can let out there sexual frustration. It isn’t necessarily that they can’t get laid at home, they just don’t want to put up with all the BS, particularly as more and more western women keep getting fatter and fatter :p.

If you want to find a woman that is still stuck in the traditional ways, whose goal in life is to make her man happy, then you will most likely need to find her outside of the US or Western Europe. Sorry we don’t have an answer for why your girlfriend is annoying, we just wanted to rant before we logged on to Chaturbate.



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