What Barfine Means And How It Works

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A lot of first time travelers to foreign countries end up reading about these and end up wondering ‘what is a barfine?’ so this post will break down what barfine means and how it works. It is a pretty simple concept that you will understand in no time.

They are pretty common in some parts of the world, particularly in Southeast Asia but not only there. The simplest way to explain it is that some sort of a bar employs girls, and you pay a barfine to allow the girl to leave with you.

So she gets out of her working duties for the rest of the night and can go hang out with you. When you pay a barfine you are not technically paying for sex, but that is pretty much what is going down.

There are all sorts of different types of establishments where you can do this so lets give some examples.

Different Bars With Barfines

There are a variety of different types of bars where you can pay a barfine, the most famous would probably be a Thai Go Go. The type where sexy girls stand on stage in a bikini, you can find these in Thailand, Philippines, and some other places around the world.

Then there are more laid back bars where the girls are just in normal clothes, these are often referred to as ‘beer bars.’ Here you go in, grab a drink, and chat with the girls that work there.

You can find these types of bars all over Southeast Asia, they are the main type of pay for play you will find in Cambodia but are also prevalent in Thailand.

Not All Bar Girls Are Prostitutes

It is important to note that not every girl who works in a bar like this is a prostitute. If you are at Nana Plaza in Bangkok then yes the vast majority the go go girls there are going to be wanting to get barfined and make money.

But at smaller beer bars in other spots they may only be there to entertain customers and drink with them. Girls are never forced to accept a barfine if they don’t want to go with a guy.

Maybe they are on their period, maybe they aren’t in the mood, maybe they don’t like you, or maybe they are just ‘drink sluts.’ That is a term for girls who have you buy them ladies drink after ladies drink leading you on but then not accepting your invitation at the end of the night.

That is why many guys will tell you to ask early whether a girl is available to leave or not. It should be noted that the word barfine is taboo in certain places and you may want to say ‘early work release’ instead.

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Prices For Barfines

This can vary widely depending where you are, it can vary from country to country or even city to city. In Thailand you generally pay somewhere between $10-$30 for the barfine and all of that goes to the bar.

Then on top of that you need to negotiate the girls fee as well. Cambodia is the same way, but the price for the bar will be $10.

The Philippines is a different story. In Manila you pay a barfine of somewhere around $60 and also need to pay the girl on top.

In Angeles City you pay a barfine of $40-$60 and then only give a small tip of $5-$10 if the girl lives up to her end of the bargain. There will always be mamasans (managers of the girls) around to help you figure out how things work.

If you wanted to read about some of the best budget vacation ideas for a single guy check out this eBook guide. Hopefully now you understand the definition of what barfine means and how it works.

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