Best Cities For Partying & Mongering In Thailand

Best cities mongering Thailand partying nightlife hot spots

This post will break down the best cities for partying and mongering in Thailand. If you were looking for talk about temples, food or touristy stuff this isn’t the right spot.

There are three main cities that stand out in the nightlife in this country. There are miniature versions of what you will find in them in plenty of others around the country, but if you are planning your Thailand vacation around mongering and partying there are 3 cities that blow away the competition.

We will try to break down each party place in this post, and if you want to read more about anything there will be plenty of links for further reading along the way. We have covered each in great detail already.

The Bangkok nightlife experience is legendary throughout the world and for good reason. Whether you are looking to pay for some mongering or hook up with single girls it is a city you must visit.

The Pattaya party scene is all about the mongering, Walking Street is loaded with Go Go’s and freelance prostitutes. Then there is Phuket with the best party island and beach resorts in the country.

We will try to give some tips on where to stay, being close to where you will party is always key for many reasons. Its easier, safer, and you are more likely to get girls to come back to your place if it is nearby.

Each city has one main concentrated nightlife area or red light district in some cases. Be as close to that as possible for maximum results.

Lets go ahead and get started with Bangkok. You will likely fly into it and party there first so it is a good jumping off point.

The Bangkok Nightlife Experience

Bangkok best mongering Thailand party red light district

If you only have time to visit one city for nightlife in Thailand make it Bangkok. The experience here might pack the most punch of any city in the world.

Most tourists stay in the lower Sukhumvit area and if you have any interest in prostitutes, Go Go’s, or mongering then that is definitely where to stay. The name for a street in Thailand is ‘soi’ and you should stay somewhere between Sukhumvit Soi 2 and Soi 30.

Or at least stay somewhere that is on the BTS or Metro lines which are the great public transport to avoid traffic. On lower Sukhumvit you have two main red light districts in Soi Cowboy and Nana Plaza plus plenty of blowjob bars, massage parlors, and numerous bars in the party district.

Bangkok red light mongering sex price list infographic

It is hooker central, but even if you don’t want hookers it would not be a bad place to stay. For guys that want to try and pick up non pro girls at nightclubs you will want to party at RCA or in Thonglor around Sukhumvit Soi 55 and 63.

Or you can go the backpacker route and party on Khao San Road. There are just so many ways to find girls for sex in the Bangkok nightlife and that is why it is so famous.

If you want to meet Thai girls without mongering the easiest way will be on dating sites like Thai Friendly and Thai Cupid. There will be escorts on them also, but they are easy to spot and weed out.

Bangkok will definitely be the best city on this list for girls that aren’t hookers. Don’t even bother with them in the city we will talk about next.

Top party places Thailand nightlife experience beaches bars

Great Mongering In Pattaya

Best beaches islands partying mongering Thailand Phuket

If you don’t want anything to do with prostitutes then skip this section as the Pattaya nightlife experience is all about some of the best mongering on the planet. Most foreign men that go here don’t ever get more than a mile or two away from Walking Street which is the main red light district.

If you are only on a short trip then staying near there would be best. If you are going to stay for an extended amount of time then getting an apartment near Jomtien Beach might be better.

It will be cheaper and it is always nice to have a home instead of a hotel room. It is only about 10 or 15 minutes away from the red light action and if you use the baht bus it will have you there for 10 baht which is like 30 cents.

Just like in Bangkok there are many ways to find Pattaya prostitutes and the prices will be a bit cheaper here than in the capital. Not drastically so, but a bit.

It is also a town that is set up for mongering, it has a few hundred thousand people instead of tens of millions. It will be a bit easier and more laid back, but the nightlife is still plenty strong in this party hot spot.

As mentioned don’t come here if you don’t want to try mongering in Thailand. This is a town where you pay for your debauchery. This post has the info you need to plan a trip to this city.

There is a beach here but it is nothing special and pales in comparison to the next city we will get to.

Nightlife partying mongering Pattaya sex price inforgraphic

Beach & Nightlife In Phuket

If you want to combine a good beach and good nightlife then Phuket party island is your answer. The main red light district is Patong on Bangla Road and you probably will want to stay as close to there as possible.

There isn’t as much going on here as in the above two cities, but there will definitely be enough partying to satisfy you on a short trip. There are plenty of Go Go’s and massage spas here so don’t worry about any lack of mongering either.

Thailand party beaches Phuket mongering vacation prices

There is a nice beach to chill out at during the day, plus some good party resorts as well. There are a few downsides to this island though, the locals here are pretty scummy and always try to rip off tourists.

Get a hotel near Patong so you don’t have to bother with taxis and don’t rent any jet skis. If you follow that advice you won’t even realize when you get ripped off because it will just be nickels and dimes.

There will be plenty of tourists on this party island from all over the world on holiday mode who should be pretty easy to hook up with. You could also meet girls on the Thai dating sites and invite them to join you in Phuket, or bring one of the girls you met in Bangkok along with you.

Phuket Pattaya Bangkok Thailand party experience hot girls

Have Fun Mongering In Thailand

There are plenty of other cities worth visiting in this country like Chiang Mai for the great natural beauty or the Ko Samui islands for another good beach. They and the other cities you might go to all have some nightlife but the party experience isn’t on the same level as the above three.

If you want to read more about how to take the perfect first mongering trip to Thailand check out this eBook guide. It covers the above cities in depth, plus gives you tips on a handful of other cities that you might be interested in checking out.

Wherever you choose to go you will definitely have a good time visiting the top party places in Thailand.

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