Ultimate Guide To The Best Strip Clubs In Sydney

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In this ultimate guide to the best strip clubs in Sydney you will find out what you need to know to plan your visit. They can be a lot of fun, but in a city like this are they really enough?

Remember that even though prostitution isn’t legal here it is widely practiced. There are brothels and Asian massage parlors all over the place where you can have sex at any time.

They were definitely not the main focus of our monger’s guide to Sydney, the strip clubs got a mention but not much of one. At the end of the day it comes down to what type of gentlemens club are you looking for?

Do you want to see some sexy topless or nude girls dancing but not have any real fun? Or are you hoping to get laid? If it is the latter then this is not the post for you.

But if seeing naked ladies is enough then these gentlemens clubs can be a good way to spend a night. They are good for group outings like birthday or bachelor parties no doubt.

We will try to tell you about the best strip clubs in town and let you know what to expect when you visit.

The Best Strip Clubs In Sydney

There are some others around but not all gentlemens clubs are created equal. With that said the main thing that makes a strip club good is the quality of the lineup of sexy topless pole dancers they have.

So a club that isn’t mentioned here could have a couple new hot girls show up out of the blue and all of a sudden it could jump to the top of the list. But long term you are probably best sticking with the reliable options.

That means you should visit some of the best strip clubs in Sydney like:

These are all known to have a bunch of sexy topless or fully nude girls dancing on the pole every night for you.

The Prices

Each strip club in Sydney should have an entry fee of around $15-$30. The drinks are where they really get you, don’t expect to find anything for under $10.

If you wanted to get a little bit hands on with one of the sexy strippers you would need to get a lap dance for $20. They have VIP dances which can cost a whole lot more, at minimum expect to spend at least $100 but they will let you spend as much as you want.

Can You Have Sex With The Strippers?

No, do not expect to have sex with the strippers. Sure, some guys have probably got laid or got a blowjob in VIP before, but they surely paid a lot of money to do so and it is out of the norm.

If a girl is telling you that she will have sex if you take her to VIP she very easily could be lying, and if she is what are you going to do about it after you pay? Cause any trouble and there will be a handful of bouncers around you in no time.

These gentlemens clubs are where you go to see sexy naked Sydney girls dancing, not to have sex. If you were hoping to get laid then just visit a brothel or hop on Adult Friend Finder, there are over 1,400 active female users in this city on the site as of early 2018.

Girls only find out about that site when surfing the web for porn or sex, that means they wanna have some fun right now.

Sydney gentlemens strip clubs with sexy naked ladies

Stay Safe At Strip Clubs

Anywhere you go around the globe gentlemens clubs are always a place where you need to be careful. There whole goal is to get you drunk and horny so you spend as much money as possible.

Make sure to follow some simple rules like never pay with a credit card, don’t run up a tab, and confirm prices on everything before you go. The strip clubs near Kings Cross are going to be the most likely to try to rip a tourist off so be even more careful in them.

The prices in this city are pretty high, if you would prefer to take a budget mongering vacation check out this men’s travel book that breaks down some fun cheap places to visit. Hopefully this ultimate guide to the best strip clubs in Sydney was helpful to you.

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