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Tourism in Colombia is booming right now and guys are flocking there by the thousands. When guys travel they always want to meet single women, and this post will break down the best ways to do it.

We will talk about what you will need to do if you want to try to meet single women in Colombia the old fashioned ways before explaining why using Colombian online dating sites are the more efficient option.

This is definitely a great place to visit, but even though it is a whole lot safer now than it was before you still need to be careful. Don’t walk around alone after dark and don’t venture out of the nice areas of the city.

As long as you do those things and use common travel safety tips you are probably going to be alright. Remember that some prostitutes are known to slip things in guys drinks to make them pass out to rob them later.

Always keep your eyes on your drink any time you are out in the nightlife in this country. OK, enough travel safety warnings. Lets talk about the trials and tribulations of trying to pick up single Colombian women the old fashioned ways, then switch it over to online dating.

Meeting Single Colombian Women In Bars Or Day Game

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The safety issues are alive here, but you can work your way around them. Another big issue that many travelers face is not knowing Spanish.

It is one thing to be able to walk up to someone and ask where the bathroom is. It is another to be able to listen to someone say something and have any clue what they just said.

You can try to tighten up your Spanish, but getting to a conversational level with a native speaker is going to be extremely hard. That is one of the main things holding many guys back.

The girls do have an interest in foreigners, it is known as the ‘gringo factor’ and it really can work to your advantage. But at the end of the day they will still want to be able to communicate with you.

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Another major factor is how ‘cliquey’ Colombian women are when they go out. They have their ‘social circles’ and if you aren’t in it that is going to make it pretty hard to have a chance with them.

You may even need to befriend some local guys first and head out with them so you get a solid introduction. General travel safety advice is to avoid the local guys wherever you go, but here it can be beneficial.

If you don’t speak Spanish and you don’t want to butt your way into someone elses social circle your best option will be to learn salsa dancing. The gringo with moves on the dance floor will definitely catch the attention of single Colombian women.

Most of those things probably sound awful to most guys. Who wants to dance? If you are traveling around and only are going to be in places for a few days or a week how are you going to work your way into a cliquey group of friends?

Then comes the last bit of bad news, Colombian women usually don’t give it up on the first date. Plus they are known to be extraordinarily flaky.

Here is a common situation that will play out if you attempt to meet single women in the nightlife. You spend all night working your way into a social circle, get a girls attention and spend a long time chatting (or worse dancing) with her.

Things go great, you invite her back to your place but she declines. Instead she gives you her number and you agree to meet again in the next few days. You only have a few more days in town so it is imperative that you meet soon and she flakes on you.

Why Meeting Single Women On Colombian Cupid Is Better

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Do you see what the problem with the above strategy was? You had put all of your eggs in one basket. You spent an entire night out to get 1 phone number from 1 flaky woman, and then the flaky woman did what flaky women do.

Dating is always a numbers game, and you just got 1 number. Congrats! That is better than some guys will do when they go out on a night, but in the end it means very little.

When dealing with flaky girls you need to get as many numbers as you possibly can get. Are you going to get a lot of numbers cold approaching strange women in malls? You can get some, but not a lot.

Are you going to get a lot of numbers working your way into social circles? Or approaching girls in bars that don’t want strangers approaching them? Again some, but not many.

The truth is that if you can work your way into a social circle then you can have great success, but that is more of a long game type of thing. Who has the time or patience for the long game on a vacation?

How To Meet Women On Colombian Cupid

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Don’t go for just 1 number, go for 100 numbers. Fire up Colombian Cupid a week before you are going to visit a city and start sending out messages.

Colombian women will generally be a bit better at reading/writing English than speaking it, but still keep your messages short and easy to read. Just make a polite introduction and let them know you are coming through their town.

Don’t write out long winded messages with big words that will bore them. Keep it simple, keep it easy. Hi how are you? Do you have any plans for the weekend? Did you have a good weekend?

Things like that, just be a polite gentleman. So many guys are assholes and pervs when talking to Colombian women on dating sites, the fact that you aren’t will earn you brownie points.

Since they don’t generally give it up easily have a quick and easy first date with the women you meet off Colombian Cupid. You should be booking a hotel or AirBnb in a nice area of town, invite them in for a coffee during the day.

Spend some time chatting with them, take a stroll around the touristy area and then have another coffee date lined up later. Get as many of these boring first dates out of the way as quickly as you can.

Now its time for date 2, and this is where you can really try to start scoring. If you have great chemistry with a girl on date 1 you may want to stretch it out to a dinner/drinks date, but that is usually better for date 2.

Take her out, treat her well, maybe even give salsa dancing a shot and then invite her back to your hotel. Some Colombian women take 2 dates to crack, others may take 3.

Since you have messaged hundreds of girls on Colombian Cupid (in less time than it took you to get 1 number moving into a social circle) you can line up multiple dates a day.

Stagger them out and expect some girls to flake, but that is why you got so many numbers.

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Good Luck Meeting Women On Colombian Cupid

Using Colombian Cupid to meet single women online is the best assistance you could ever get in this country. The more messages you send out the more times you will score.